8 Days Of Our Lives Couples Who Are Better Off As Friends

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Romance rules daytime drama and there is no better place to find a solid love story than Days of Our Lives (DOOL). Salem has produced some pretty amazing super couples over the years in the likes of Bo and Hope, Chad and Abigail, Marlena and John, and of course, Steve and Kayla. There are also those couples out there who weren’t quite as successful. Below is a list of eight DOOL couples that make better friends than lovers.

8. Eric Brady and Jennifer Horton

These two bonded over their substance abuse problems last year and seemed to have a little bit of chemistry between them, but since they cleaned up their act, there has not been many sparks between them. It is so clear to everyone that Eric and Nicole Walker still have some unfinished business in the love department and an unwavering romantic bond.



7. Chad DiMera and Melanie Jonas

These two were friends before any kind of romance occurred between them. Alas, they were young at the time they hooked up. Chad was with current-love Abigail when he began developing feelings for Melanie. When he and Abby broke up, Melanie entered the picture. The two dabbled in a relationship, but trust was the underlying reason the two broke up. They made much better friends anyway!

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