Days Of Our Lives Characters Who Should’ve Never Been Axed

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In the land of soap operas, even the deceased can come back to life. How many times have Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) fans thought Stefano DiMera passed on, only for him to come back? Roman Brady, Hope Williams, Steve Johnson and others have also miraculously come back from the grave to enjoy life (and romance) in Salem. Still, there are times when characters truly perish, and below are some DOOL characters who should have never been axed.

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6. Stefano DiMera

Speaking of Stefano, the man certainly had nine lives. However, when Hope shot the patriarch of the DiMera clan in early January of 2016, DOOL fans and the internet were buzzing. Unlike other instances in the past, Stefano did not fall off a cliff or presumed deceased; this time, Hope actually shot him, three times, and he fell over. Still, anything can happen in the land of soaps, but can anyone really replace the infamous Stefano DiMera?

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5. Jack Deveraux

The evolution of Jack Deveraux, from zero to hero, throughout the 80s and 90s was a delightful thing to watch. One half of the J&J super couple (along with Jennifer Horton), Jack mixed a bit of slap-stick humor with romance and adventure. Jack and Jen’s relationship was a rollercoaster ride over the years, but at the end of the day, no matter what was thrown at them, they were also a couple who always seemed to find their way back to each other. That is why it was so devastating for fans to see Jack meet his demise in the summer of 2012, when he sacrificed himself to save his daughter Abigail. It seemed like one of those instances where it would be hard to bring such a huge (and popular) character back into storylines, yet DOOL bizarrely pulled it off. The actor who plays Jack, Matthew Ashford, has since returned to the soap.

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4. Will Horton

The Necktie Killer storyline rocked Salem in 2015, with Paige Larson and Serena Mason the first characters to pass away. As DOOL characters without that much history on the show, fans were upset but no one was really devastated. That all changed, and fast. To further intensive the storyline, Days writers opted to nix beloved fan-favorite, Will Horton. So saddening because Will had real roots within Salem, with a connection to the two biggest families on Days: the Bradys and the Hortons. He was also a character that many had fondly watched grow up over the years. Being a victim to the Necktie Killer seemed to seal this character’s fate of never returning to the show. As we now know, however, DOOL jumped through hoops to bring Will back to life.

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3. Dr. Daniel Jonas

It seems that Days was on a killing spree of some of their top characters in 2015, with Dr. Daniel Jonas being one of the surprising victims. While actor Shawn Christian left after his contract was up, axing Daniel in a car accident and then giving his heart to Brady pretty much ensures that DOOL fans won’t see Jonas again — unless he is brought back as a ghost now and again.

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2. Abigail Deveraux

DOOL fans were dismayed in the spring of 2022 when rumors began spreading that Abigail Deveraux was about to perish in a very permanent way. While the details weren’t 100% accurate — she was stabbed, not beheaded — the fact that Abigail was axed (and that Marci Miller departed the soap with a shrug) was an awful event for viewers. Her passing kick-started a mystery over the identity of the assailant, with the eyes of suspicion firmly on Leo Stark and Gwen Rizczech. But in the end, a murder mystery storyline can’t make up for losing such a quality character and actress.

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1. Bo Brady

Many Days fans were excited about the return of legendary soap opera character Bo Brady. The youngest son of the Brady clan and one half of an iconic soap super couple (along with Hope), Bo Brady was a fixture on DOOL for many years and audiences simply couldn’t wait to enjoy him once again. In an ironic twist of fate, Bo fought to return home, then saving “Fancy Face” from Aiden Jennings. The couple reunited… and then Bo passed away — all is the span of mere weeks. While his return provided much-needed closure for his character in terms of storyline, his passing was devastating to fans on so many different levels. The worst part is, bringing him back from the grave will be quite hard, if not impossible, as Bo’s passing was caused by a brain tumor that was inoperable.

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