10 Things You Didn’t Know About DOOL’s Kristian Alfonso

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8. Small, But Fierce

Many fans who meet Alfonso in person are sometimes shocked at just how petite the beautiful actress is. At 5’4” one would think that this could’ve affected her modeling career. As you can read from the above, it didn’t affect her one bit. Judging from her career highlights, it did not affect her when it came to acting jobs as well.

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7. DOOL Wanted Her Before 1983

As many Days‘ fans are aware, Alfonso began playing Hope Williams in 1983. What some may not be aware is that the soap had asked her to audition for the show two years earlier in 1981. Unfortunately, Alfonso was not ready to move to LA at that time and leave her parents behind. As she was modeling at that point in time, she decided to continue on that career path. As such, Tammy Taylor moved into the role, playing Hope as a teenage girl. Two years later, Kristian took on the part and turned it into an iconic DOOL character.