10 Things You Didn’t Know About Days Of Our Lives Star Marci Miller


When Kate Mansi left the coveted Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) Abigail Deveraux role last year, fans were shocked and saddened by her exit. Even though fans would miss her, life goes on in the land of Salem and it wasn’t long before Marci Miller would step in to fill her shoes. Miller is talented, beautiful, and has done a tremendous job jumping right into DOOL. She mixes in with the cast very well, but that’s not all there is to know about this incredible soap opera actress. Below are 10 things you may not know about DOOL’s Marci Miller.

10. Her Mom Is A DOOL Fan Through And Through

Marci Miller’s mom was surely over the moon when her daughter got recast into the Deveraux role. She’s a huge fan of the show and Marci said she remembers watching the soap with her mom when she was a little girl. How big of a fan is Marci’s mom? Her little sister was named after popular character, Kayla Brady. If that doesn’t scream DOOL super fan, we’re not sure what would!

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9. Her Name

While her younger sister was named after DOOL’s Kayla character, Marci’s name paid homage to someone who was closer to her family. Miller got her name from her grandma, Marcia Jo Scurlock. This is why her name is spelled ending in ‘i’ versus ‘y.’

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8. Small-Town Girl

Miller has had no problem mixing in well with the good folks of Salem, and that’s probably because she is used to small-town living! Coming from the farming town of North Liberty, Indiana, with an approximate population of about 1,900, Miller was born and raised a small-town girl. No wonder she’s been able to play Abigail Deveraux like a pro from the get-go!

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7. She Has A Voice

Growing up, Miller practiced ballet and also dived into productions. While she was shy, it wasn’t until she took part in her high school play Godspell that her mom really noticed a greater talent she possessed — singing. When it was time for college, Marci headed to the Bethel College close to her hometown, to study Vocal Arts, and minored in Musical Theatre.

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6. Back Up Plan

When Miller first attended Bethel College, she did have a back plan: nursing. She enrolled in some nursing courses, but all the other classes she took were in music and theater. About a year and a bit into college, a professor who she took private voice lessons with advised her that she could make a career out of singing and acting. She would move to Kentucky for a brief moment and then head to L.A. The rest is history.

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5. Wedded Bliss

After College, she and boyfriend (at the time) Ryan Matteson got married. While Marci may have been considered quite young to tie the knot by today’s standards, it’s clear the two have a very special relationship, one that can be followed on Marci’s social media. She constantly posts pictures of her and her hubby together, engaging in fun and cuddly activities, sometimes referring to Ryan as her ‘favorite human.’

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4. Lover Of All Things Organic

It’s no secret, Marci has an incredible figure, and much of that may have to do with her diet and what she puts into her body. It doesn’t hurt that hubby Ryan is the owner of KaleCart, a service that delivers organic produce in Los Angeles from local farms within Southern California. Marci also helps Ryan out with the family business, whenever her DOOL schedule allows her to do so.

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3. Marathon Runner

Miller’s great physique can’t only be attributed to the way she eats, but also by remaining active! Turns out she likes to run. She likes it so much that she adds ‘endurance runner’ to her list of personal hobbies. In total, the DOOL actress has finished four marathons. Wonder how Abigail Deveraux would fare in a long-distance run …?

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2. DOOL Colleagues

Marci seems to get along well with all her DOOL castmates. During a December 2016 SoapOperaDigest.com interview, she revealed that her dressing room neighbors are Greg Vaughan (Eric) on one side, and Jordi Vilasuso (Dario) on the other. She also stated that she hangs out with Camila (Gabi) and Sal (Lani) the most outside of the set.

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1. Spelling Bee Champ

She sings, acts, eats organically, and she’s a runner! What else could shock a DOOL fan about Marci Miller? Well, she’s pretty good with words, too. One would have to be incredible memorizing words to work on a soap and perhaps her years as spelling bee champ in school helped with her now hectic DOOL schedule of learning lines in a pinch. During her younger school years, Marci was the state spelling champ…four times. Clearly, she’s not only talented, but a smarty pants too!

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