10 Facts Every Days Of Our Lives Fan Should Know

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Debuting in November 1965, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is one of the most popular daytime dramas of all time and the longest-running soap opera that has been broadcasted on NBC. DOOL fans tune in faithfully each day to see the trials and tribulations of their favorite Salemites, as they struggle with love, adventure, and drama. Think you are a devoted fan of the show? Below are 10 facts that every DOOL fan should know.

10. The Ins And Outs Of Salem

Days of Our Lives centers around the little town of Salem, and for years fans have struggled to figure out its exact whereabouts. In the past, DOOL characters have referenced Chicago as being located close by and have dialed a 312-area code, pointing to the idea that the town is located in the state of Illinois. In addition to that, some characters are Bears and Cubs fans which further indicates the location of Salem’s state. Interestingly enough, the Today show would confirm that Salem was in fact in Illinois in the fall of 2015. Longtime fans will also note that the town was established in 1802, as DOOL took the opportunity to celebrate Salem’s birthday (200 years young) in 2002.

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9. How Patch And Kayla Hooked Up

After three decades, Steve and Kayla continue to be one of soap opera’s most popular super couples. DOOL fans adore them and have watched the two go through their romantic ups and downs. Fans may remember their first wedding, or the love triangle the couple endured with Steve’s brother Jack Deveraux, but does anyone recall how these two hooked up in the first place? Steve entered the land of Salem in 1985 to seek revenge against former best friend Bo, who was the reason that he wore an eye patch in the first place (thanks to a fight they had where Bo gouged his eye out). Steve would rescue Kayla from a street gang one night, and the rest was history. The two would fall in love and create a soap opera super couple legacy.

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