Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (November 5, 2018)


With the chaos of Halloween behind, Salem still has some scary and dramatic moments for the first official week of November. One character has a premonition; one couple breaks things off, while another ties the knot; and someone gets kidnapped this week! Learn about these stories and more in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of November 5, 2018.

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9. Susan’s Premonition

Susan will have another one of her infamous premonitions, and get extremely caught off guard by it since it involves E.J. While she generally has a hard time with understanding these visions, she’ll be a little more tuned into what she sees with this one, and she’ll be looking for more information.

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8. DNA Test Confirmed

Over on the other side of Salem, Sami will be very happy to learn that E.J. is, in fact, the mystery patient; however, DOOL spoilers tease that trouble will be on the horizon. Susan will (actually) put two and two together, find her son, and try to hide him from Sami!

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7. Susan Threatens Sami

DOOL spoilers hint that Sami does eventually find both E.J. and Susan this week and things get sorted out, but not without a little drama along the way. In typical Susan fashion, she will use a scalpel to threaten Sami with, and while things will be scary for a bit there, they do get resolved. In fact, Susan, Sami, and E.J. will leave town together in hopes they can get him back to his old self if he’s away from Salem.

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6. Jarlena Says, ‘I Do’

DOOL spoilers tease that Sami, Susan, and E.J. leave Salem after Jarlena’s wedding this week, so the good news is that this super couple will finally tie the knot. Abe will conduct the ceremony, and the gathering is a lot smaller than the original wedding, but John and Marlena will definitely say their vows and make it official, and everything will go off without a hitch.

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5. Rex and Sarah

As one Salem couple has a wedding, the other one will be calling it quits! After their engagement party chaos where Chloe dropped the bombshell that Rex and Mimi were little baby Bonnie’s real parents, Sarah will unleash a rage like no other. Rex will admit to his affair with Mimi, thus resulting in her pregnancy, and he will ask Sarah to forgive him, stay together, and move on. Meanwhile, Sarah won’t be able to simply forgive and forget.

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4. Goodbye Hattie and Bonnie

DOOL spoilers indicate that both Bonnie and Hattie will exit the canvas this week. Bonnie says her goodbyes to Mimi and the baby before she heads out of Salem; the last thing she wants is to run into Lucas at this point. Meanwhile, Hattie will head back to Pentonville in some sort of fashion. It seems that prison life sucks, but is better than having to pretend to be Marlena.

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3. Chad Kidnaps Abigail

Desperate to get Abby the help she needs, Chad will kidnap her this week, but that isn’t even the real shocking part of this entire storyline. Abigail will go into labor while she’s locked up with Chad. He’ll panic and not exactly know what to do, so here’s hoping that the baby comes out healthy and happy.

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2. Stefan Finds Out

As Chad panics, back in Salem Stephan will find out about Gabi’s scheme against Abigail. DOOL spoilers tease that Stefan will stumble across actual evidence surrounding Gabi’s little revenge plot and question her about this. He’ll be undeniably upset, and one has to wonder how she’ll weasel her way out of this one.

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1. More Spoilers!

Eric takes care of Holly but gets some help from Sarah, the baby’s aunt. Claire continues to push Trip button’s when it comes to framing Ben, and he eventually admits it to her. This could be the beginning of the end for him, as Ben admits to something himself this week: he’s fallen for Ciara.

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