Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (November 26, 2018)

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Two shocking returns, with an explosive confrontation, add in a new alliance formed this week, and it all equals out to some incredible Days of Our Lives (DOOL) episodes this week. Learn more about will happen to WilSon, Kate, Roman, Kayla, Abby, Chad, and more in the DOOL spoilers for the week of November 26, 2018.

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9. Leo Returns

Turns out that Leo isn’t as dead as we all thought he was, as actor Greg Rikaart makes an explosive return on DOOL this week. WilSon fans better brace themselves, as Leo will place a huge wedge on the super couple’s reunion. He’ll want to get his hands on the Kiriakis fortune, and demand that Sonny marry him. Since he can apparently use his “murder” against the two, Sonny may have no choice around the matter.

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8. Ted Returns

It’s a week of returns on DOOL as Ted comes back to the little town of Salem as well. He’ll somehow convince Hope to help him hide from Kate and Stefan; however, DOOL spoilers tease that she could end up regretting it. Seems like Ted just may place a wedge between her and Rafe in the long run.

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7. Ben and Ciara

Get geared up Cin fans! DOOL spoilers indicate that the two will share some tender moments this week. They’ll also do a little sneaking around as they try and navigate through their feelings. The two will share a kiss, and wonder where they move on from there. Clearly, Ben and Ciara will be getting cozier and cozier come the holiday season.

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6. Ben Scores A Job

DOOL spoilers tease that Ben will land a job this week, and it turns out that he will turn to Chad (of all people) for employment. After all, he was hired by DiMera for Abby’s kidnapping, and Ben will point out to Chad that they make a pretty good team. It seems as if Ben is hoping Chad can use him in other ways, and it turns out there may be something for him.

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5. Abby Vs. Chad

Get ready for an explosive scene between Chad and Abigail this week on DOOL, later on in the week. Abby will rip into her ex, blaming him for the situation she is currently in. While Gabi is still responsible for the entire ordeal, Chad has had his role in this too, and he’ll hear about it come Friday.

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4. Gabi In The Hot Seat

Speaking of, Gabi will find herself in some sticky situations this week, when both Rafe and Kayla throw some difficult questions her way. DOOL spoilers tease that Gabi will struggle to keep all her scheming under wraps. But will she be successful? She may be able to talk her way out of Kayla’s questions, but Rafe is a cop after all.

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3. Stefan Reaches Out

Speaking of schemes and Kayla, Stefan will reach out to her this week, claiming he might be able to help Steve get released. He’ll state that he just wants to help, but we all know that DiMera ultimately (always) has an agenda. Sadly, Kayla is desperate to get Steve his freedom back, will she cooperate?

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2. Could Kayla Turn To Someone Else?

We all know that Kayla doesn’t trust Stefan as far as she can throw him, and after Kate confronts Kayla for her role in Stefan’s scheme against her, the two women soon realize they have a common enemy. At some point in the week, Roman gets pulled into it all, as he is ready to pounce on the man who’s brought so much pain to his loved ones.

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1. The Battle For Baby Holly

It’s going to get ugly this week, as Eric makes a decision about what to do with Holly. While he has Sarah on his side when it comes to custody, Maggie believes she should be the baby’s primary caregiver, while Chloe thinks she may have some rights to raising the child as well.

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