Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (November 12, 2018)

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Get ready for an explosive week in Salem! Claire works hard to protect Tripp; a new DiMera enters the picture; Gabi continues to taunt Abigail; and Brady reveals some shocking news to Paul. Learn about these storylines and more in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of November 12, 2018.

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10. Claire Tries To Protect Tripp

DOOL spoilers tease that Claire will make a bold move this week, as she crosses the line to protect Tripp’s and his scheme of planting that evidence against Ben. In fact, she’ll go as far as finding Wyatt to somehow convince him to take the fall for what Tripp did.

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9. Wyatt Returns

Fans can expect to see Wyatt return to the DOOL canvas Tuesday and Friday of this week, as he gets pulled into this storyline. Wyatt will agree to take the fall for Tripp, but he will get something in return. As the story progresses, Ben will catch wind of it all and confront Wyatt. Placed under Ben’s pressure, Wyatt will tattle on Claire, which will send Ben reeling

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8. Ben Tells Ciara

To add to this all, not only will Ben find out the truth behind Tripp planting the evidence, but he heads straight to Ciara and spill the beans to her. He’ll make it clear that Tripp was behind setting him up, and he’ll tell her that she chose the wrong guy.

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7. Rex Continues To Beg

DOOL spoilers indicate that Ciara won’t be the only one mulling over her bad choice in men this week, as Sarah will also be sulking about Rex and how he did her wrong. Despite this, Rex will beg his ex-fiance for another chance and even propose to her again; however, she shuts him down. Sarah will let Rex outright know that they are done … and for good!

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6. Eric and Sarah

Won’t take that long for Sarah to move on, though. DOOL spoilers tease that she and Eric will hang out this week, and form a bond together, as they spend time with baby Holly. New couple alert on the horizon? Is it too soon for both Eric and Sarah, with one mourning a death of a loved one, and the other jumping into something after being cheated on? Only time will tell.

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5. Abby Gives Birth

DOOL spoilers indicate that Abby will give birth to a little baby girl at the Horton cabin this week. Baby Charlotte will be delivered by Chad, and while he has kidnapped her, the two will share some tender moments together. Unfortunately, the bonding between these two will quickly turn sour when Chad cracks a deal with Stefan to get Abigail committed.

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4. The Deal

Chad will agree to give Stefan the baby if he has Abby committed. Stefan will say yes to it all, and sign the papers so he can get his daughter. DOOL spoilers state that Jenn will be very upset about all that has gone down, which will launch a bit of a war between Charlotte’s dad and grandmother.

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3. Gabi Taunts Abby

Not only will Jenn be upset with Stefan, but Abigail will be furious with Chad and feel utterly betrayed. These feelings will only grow that much stronger when Gabi visits Abby at the facility she’s been placed in. Things are about to hit a boiling point in this storyline, especially since DOOL spoilers indicate that Stefan will find out exactly what Gabi has been up to. Will he save Abigail in the long run?

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2. Goodbye Lucas

Sadly, DOOL fans will say goodbye to actor Bryan Dattilo, as the character Lucas Roberts decides to leave Salem. He’s dealt with a ton of drama recently, and wants to put Bonnie and the baby fiasco behind him. He’ll tell Chloe he loves her, but that he needs to leave town.

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1. Paul Is Shocked

Lastly, Paul gets some shocking news from half-brother Brady this week. DOOL spoilers state that Brady will give him a heads up about Will and Sonny, which has Paul demanding answers from the both of them. He will really want to know where Will’s head and heart is at this point.

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