Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (May 27, 2019)


Time to get geared up for another crazy week in the land of Salem! John will turn to Eve for some help, while Jennifer gains some hope that the real Jack may surface soon. Learn about these storylines and others in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of May 27, 2019.

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9. No New Episode On Monday

First and foremost, fans should note that there is no new DOOL episode set for Monday thanks to the Memorial Day holiday in the United States. Don’t worry too much about this Days fans, as the following four days of the week will offer plenty of drama to make up for this.

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8. “Nicole” Explained

DOOL spoilers tease that Xander and “Nicole” will provide a nice good explanation around what their scheme is about come early on in the week. There is much speculation around the idea that “Nicole” is really Kristen DiMera, as she’s taken such a liking to Brady and really not acting like herself.

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7. Maggie Tells A Tale

Will Maggie be on to “Nicole?” There’s a good possibility. DOOL spoilers tease that Maggie will offer Brady a shocking story this week; however, will he believe her? She’s back on the bottle again, and Maggie too isn’t acting like herself as of late. Here’s hoping someone catches on to “Nicole” and Xander.

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6. Maggie Vs. Kate

Speaking of, DOOL spoilers hint that Maggie will get into a confrontation of sorts with Kate, and the two women will lock horns. Teasers also state that Brady will take Maggie’s side, so perhaps the story she relays to Brady has to do with Kate and any plans she’s up to. Maggie doesn’t like Kate back in the Titan fold one bit, and is trying to do all she can to get her booted out.

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5. Sarah & Rex Find Answers?

DOOL spoilers suggest that Sarah and Rex will go hunting for answers in Dr. Rolf’s notes this week. This could very well lead to something big or a potential breakthrough for Will’s medical condition, as after they find something, they’ll be turning to Eve for more answers. But, will she provide them?

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4. John Pleads With Eve

As mentioned above, somehow Team Will will put two-and-two together, figuring out that Eve may somehow be able to assist them in regard to helping Will out. It seems that Eve once knew where Dr. Rolf’s diary was, and John will approach her this week begging to tell him where they can find it. In other Eve related spoilers, she’ll share a secret with Jack … does she have the diary in her possession right now?

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3. Jenn Has Hope

DOOL spoilers imply that Jenn will be given a glimmer of hope this week when Jack is able to recall a small piece of their past together. While it will be minor, the memory will be heartwarming. In other Jack news, Xander will try and help out Salem’s new mayor with something.

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2. Ben Turns To Marlena

DOOL spoilers state that Ben will turn to Marlena this week, requesting to be placed under hypnosis again. He’ll want to see if doing so will help him remember anything more from the cabin blaze. Seems as if Eve is hot on the trail to try and pin him for something, anything, and perhaps Ben is looking for some more clues to keep is name clean.

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1. More Spoilers!

Getting back to Jack and Jenn (sort of), Horton will come to the rescue for Tripp, as she’ll be able to help him escape from Jack; spoilers suggest some crazy scenes this week around the above storyline, so fans need to stay tuned. In other DOOL teasers, J.J. reunites with Rory and is happy to see his old friend, while more romance will spark between Hope and Ted.

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