Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (March 9, 2020)

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March is in full swing in the land of Days of Our Lives (DOOL)! What’s on tap for next week? Someone survives the grave; a super couple officially reunites; and Stefano DiMera continues his scheming and plotting. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for the week of March 9, 2020.

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9. Ben Thanks Ciara

It seems as if Ben will end up being okay, as DOOL spoilers hint that he’ll extend a “thanks” to Ciara this coming week for saving his life. She truly never gave up on him throughout this entire ordeal and went above and beyond to stop his execution. There seems to be one happy ending in Salem this month!

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8. WilSon Reunion

Actually, there are two happy endings! According to DOOL spoilers, WilSon will recommit to their marriage by week’s end. Perhaps a ceremony and party will be in order? In other related teasers, Will gives Victor a good piece of his mind in the coming days, most likely for his involvement in helping “cover-up” what Maggie did.

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7. Evan’s World

Seems as if Evan may not be going away, anytime soon. DOOL spoilers relay that Evan will gain a legal victory of sorts, much to the dismay of Rafe. As the week goes by, Evan will not only get confronted by Hernandez but Sonny too. Seems as if this storyline will truly heat up come Friday, as teasers note that Evan will meet up with someone unexpected.

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6. Nicole Starts To Dig

Fans know that once something gets placed in Nicole’s brain, it is impossible for her to ignore it until she gets to the bottom of things! DOOL spoilers suggest that Walker will start to ask Xander about Dr. Raynor (the one who helped with the baby switch), and as the days go by, she’ll start to put two-and-two together when it comes to Rachel and Mickey.

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5. Brady and Kristen

DOOL spoilers state that Kristen and Brady will reminisce about Baby Rachel this week. They most likely will continue to bond over feelings of loss, and it’s nice that they have each other to lean on now. In other related teasers, Kristen will ask to hold Baby Mickey in the coming days. How awkward will that request be if Xander and Victor are in the room?

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4. Stefano’s Plan

DOOL spoilers hint that things might not be looking too good for Marlena. Early on in the week, she’ll try to convince Rolf against his procedure … but will she be successful? As the days go by, it seems like Rolf will go through with the plan, as teasers hint that Stefano will try and reconnect with Evans post-procedure.

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3. John, Justin, and Kayla

DOOL spoilers state that the trio finds themselves in a dire situation this week. At some point, John will turn to Gina to help him find Marlena (and Stefano). By week’s end, Rolf will be apprehended by John. In other related teasers, Justin will tell Jack he’s worried about losing Kayla.

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2 Gina’s World

Speaking of Princess Gina, DOOL spoilers relay that she’ll taunt Ciara and Shawn this week, letting them know their mother is long gone. In other related news, Roman and Hattie will embark on a mission to help save their friends. Will they succeed, or just get wrapped up in the situation?

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1. Chad’s Behavior

Chad will continue his odd behavior, as DOOL spoilers suggest that he tries to smother Gabi. As the week continues, he’ll get some orders (from Stefano, most likely) to get rid of Kate. Sadly, Kate will be completely clueless around Chad’s intentions. Can he be stopped before something awful happens?

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