Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (March 4, 2019)


A brand new week in a brand new month may have audiences wondering what’s next in the land of Salem! Well, one character stalls on a question, while another will start plotting a plan to eliminate the competition! Learn about these storylines and others in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of March 4, 2019.

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9. Sarah Stalls

While Rex popped another wedding proposal recently, he’ll be waiting for an answer to his question this week. DOOL spoilers tease that Sarah may leave him hanging, so his question could continue to hang in the balance. She can’t seem to shake those thoughts about his brother Eric, which may leave Rex wondering what’s up with his finance.

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8. WilSon Looking For Ammo

Will and Sonny will be out on bail this coming week, and looking for revenge! Days spoilers indicate that the duo will decide to snoop around in Diana’s room, looking for something to nail Leo with. Will they find anything? Moreover, will they get caught? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

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7. Diana Plots

Speaking of, DOOL spoilers suggest that Diana will be up to no good this week. She’ll believe that if she can get Marlena out of the way, she could potentially score John for herself. Therefore, Days fans will see her try and come up with a scheme to eliminate Marlena and get her out of John’s life for good.

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6. John Snoops

Hopefully, Diana’s plan doesn’t work. While she clearly has feelings for Black, he can see right through her ways (for the most part). DOOL spoilers hint that John will do some snooping this week, and will actually crack Diana’s safe open. While this is great news, seems like he won’t find anything concrete or suspicious.

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5. Marlena Questions John

DOOL spoilers also indicate that Marlena will find out that not only is Leo John’s son, but that Black hid it from her as well. Thanks to Diana and Leo, the cracks are starting to pop up between Jarlena, and it might only be a matter of time until the couple splits. Here’s hoping they don’t!

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4. Ted’s Secret

Seems like this week is all about secrets being exposed! This time around it affects Hope and Ted. Days spoilers reveal that Hope will be quite upset about yet another secret that pops up from Ted’s past. Seems as if the two will argue about what has been revealed; however, some feelings will emerge from the confrontation as well.

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3. Someone Is Stalking Chloe

Days spoilers suggest that Chloe will get a sneaking suspicion that someone is watching her every move. Some evidence will surface that she is right about the feeling, and she’ll worry about who is stalking her. In the end, this entire ordeal may draw her that much closer to Stefan.

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2. Rex Notices

Rex can’t figure out the heat going on between Sarah and Eric, but he does pick up on something else! DOOL spoilers tease that he notices a man spying on Chloe. In fact, the guy will have a gun as well, which won’t stop Rex from confronting him about the situation.

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1. Gabi and Brady

Are these two becoming a thing? If not, they just might be soon enough! Brady will add a little pressure on Gabi to join an alliance with him. He believes if the two of them come together, they have what it takes to bring Stefan DiMera down. Gabi is never one to shy away from a good scheme, so Brady is sure to get her to agree at some point.

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