Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (July 20, 2020)

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Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! What’s on tap in Salem for this coming week? The last of the four weddings promised in July will take place, as well as a funeral, and some Sami Brady drama! Learn more about the above storylines (and others) in the DOOL spoilers for the week of July 20, 2020.

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9. Tragic News

According to DOOL spoilers, Gabi is set to deliver some bad news to Jake early on in the week. Could this have to do with the funeral that is set to take place? Maybe it’s about Jake’s memories or an update on his true identity? It potentially could be some bad news about the serum he took and possible side effects.

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8. An “Unexpected” Funeral

DOOL spoilers have been hinting around a July funeral for a while now, and it seems as if the entire thing will unfold this coming week. Teasers also state the funeral will be “unexpected,” so at this point, anyone could meet their demise in the land of Salem. With that said, which Days’ character will be leaving Salem for good (or for now)?

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7. Potential Candidates

As the funeral is “unexpected” this could mean anyone is at risk. While Gwen and Ivan do come to mind (as they aren’t really “staple” characters on the show), there’s also a possibility that Vivian or Dr. Rolf might end up passing on (if the funeral is linked to the tragic news that Gabi relays to Jake).

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6. Added Speculation

There’s also the idea that Hope could be the character that passes away this week. It seems very unlikely, as her daughter Ciara is set to get married (and the wedding will take place this week); however, with actress Kristian Alfonso recently stating she was leaving Days via a social media post, Hope passing away is not that far-fetched.

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5. A Call For Ben

Speaking of the Cin wedding, according to DOOL spoilers, Ben will get a phone call this week leading up to the wedding. While teasers are very cryptic, it appears that Ben will be taken aback by the caller and what they have to say. Could this be more games that Claire is playing or something else?

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4. Belle’s Realization

DOOL spoilers indicate that Belle will have a realization mid-week and it has to do with Claire. Something will unravel that will have Belle realizing that her daughter has lied to her. Could this have to do with Ben and Ciara’s wedding? Will Claire have plans to disrupt the event? Can Belle do anything to stop her?

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3. The Cin Wedding

Fans of Ciara and Ben need to DVR Thursday’s episode, as the big day for Cin will finally arrive! The event marks the last of the four weddings promised in July, and with each ceremony offering its own drama, it seems as if these nuptials will follow suit. But the real question is, will Ben and Ciara get to say their “I do’s” or will something (or someone) stop their happily ever after?

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2. Chaos Erupts

As per DOOL spoilers, chaos will erupt during the Cin wedding. Will this be because of Claire, or potentially something else? It seems as if Claire is scheming to ruin Ben and Ciara’s special day; however, it is hard to predict if she’ll be the reason there is drama at the wedding, and even if the ceremony is stopped altogether.

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1. Baby Momma Drama

Then, there is another spoiler that could add a hint or two around the Cin wedding. DOOL teasers reveal that Allie will be rushed to the hospital on Friday’s episode with Lucas and Sami by her side. Could there be an issue with the baby? Could Allie’s condition (and the need for medical attention) be the reason why there is chaos at the Cin wedding? After all, Allie is related to Ciara and the two are quite close.

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