Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (January 7, 2019)


Haley’s secret family connection will be revealed this week on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL). Also, Jack will come face to face with a disturbing part of his past, Julie will work her magic to try to reunite Chabby and there’s trouble ahead for Cin. Learn more on what will happen to the residents of Salem in the DOOL spoilers for the week of January 7, 2019.

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9. Family Ties

It looks like Xander will try to get back into Victor’s inner circle this week. Victor hasn’t exactly been a warm, loving uncle to Xander in the past, but could his nephew offer him some sort of deal he can’t refuse? And could that deal have something to do with Eve, since it was Xander and Eve who brought Jack back to Salem?

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8. Family Connection

After JJ saved Haley when she attempted suicide shortly before Christmas, the two have gotten closer and JJ has made it his business to find out more about Haley’s background. He will also ask Haley what she’s been keeping from Kayla. This week, it will be divulged that Haley does have a connection to someone in Salem, specifically Melinda Trask. Melinda and Haley’s link will be uncovered and DOOL spoilers show that the two are related. But will the big reveal be that Haley is Melinda’s daughter?

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7. Rex Returns

As Eric and Sarah’s relationship moves forward, spoilers show they will be in for a surprise when they are interrupted by none other than Eric’s brother Rex! Kyle Lowder (Rex) returns to DOOL on January 11. Last time he was in Salem, Sarah kicked him to the curb when she found out he cheated on her with Mimi and was the father of Mimi’s baby. Spoilers indicate he’s returned to win Sarah’s heart back. But will Rex be back for good this time? All signs point to yes!

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6. Cin Break Up

Ben and Ciara’s relationship will hit the rocks this week. Rumor has it, after Ciara’s mother Hope told her last week about the part Ben played in Gabi’s kidnapping, she will begin to rethink the whole relationship. And a blunt conversation between Ciara and Abby about Ben will also lead to more doubts. She thought he had changed and had even told Ben “you’re a different man now.” But all of this will be too much for Ciara to take and Cin will break up this week.

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5. Love-Struck Leo

It looks like Leo will be infatuated with Xander when he meets him for the first time this week. In a preview, the pair are walking around in swim trunks and Xander will comment to Leo: “let’s see if we can help each other.” Is Xander bisexual, and if so, could these two be headed for a love connection?

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4. Eve’s Evil Plan

Now that Jack has returned and seems to be getting back bits and pieces of his memory, like quoting Oscar Wilde, will he begin to recall his love for Jennifer? Six years is a long time to be apart, but their heartfelt kiss last week seemed very real, despite Jack’s amnesia. “You were the love of my life Jack,” Jennifer told him just before she kissed him. “I want to know you all over again.” Jennifer is committed to helping Jack remember their relationship and their children, JJ and Abigail. And it looks like he’ll start bonding with JJ soon. But rumor has it, Eve will throw a wrench into Jen’s plan this week when she vows that she will get Jack to marry her.

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3. Blast From The Past

Amnesiac Jack will run into Kayla this week and he will find out about a very disturbing part of his past. Will Jack remember raping Kayla all those years ago in a fit of jealous rage when he found out she was having an affair with Steve? Or will finally seeing him again after all these years prompt Kayla to tell him about it?

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2. Chabby Cheerleader

Unwavering in her belief that Chad and Abby should be together, Julie will appeal to Abby to give her ex another shot. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Kate Mansi (Abigail) says: “What Julie does is she can see that Abigail is struggling, so she requests that Abigail goes on the date for her as a favor. She knows that the only way Abigail will go is if it’s not with the pressure of it being an actual date. It’s in those moments where someone’s trying to repair things, you really have to put your ego aside and meet them where they are.” Will Julie’s matchmaking reap the result she’s hoping for?

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1. Chad And Abby Get Closer

After asking Julie for advice last week about regaining Abigail’s affection, Chad will plan a unique evening for he and Abby this week and the two will share a special moment. Now that Gabi’s plotting has been uncovered, Chad will make it his mission to get Abby back in his life for good, with Julie’s help. Viewers have been waiting for about a year for Chabby to make their way back to each other and a reunion could be on the horizon for this couple. Will “Miss Happily Every After” as Gabi referred to her, finally get her happy ending with Chad?

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