Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (January 14, 2019)


Chad and Abby will continue to reconnect this week on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL). Also, Xander will be pressured by Leo and will then be confronted by an angry Eric, and Haley’s big secret will be divulged. Plus, a sneak peek at the following week. Learn more about what will happen to the residents of Salem below in the DOOL spoilers for the week of January 14, 2019.

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10. Cordial Chabby

Chad and Abigail will renew their strong bond this week. Rumor has it, a heartfelt moment will take place between them. They seemed to be enjoying each other’s company once again during the dinner Chad set up for them last week. But will their special evening together lead to a Chabby kiss and possibly a reunion? All signs point to yes!

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9. Indecent Proposal

Enamored with Xander, Leo is hoping he will consider his indecent proposition. But will Xander be tempted to hook up with him? One thing’s for sure – viewers can expect his Uncle Victor to weigh in on any potential deals he may make. Now that Xander has returned to Salem, Victor admitted to his nephew last week that he wondered if he’d ever see him again. “Deep down, I knew you’d survive,” Victor told him. “Cockroaches always do.”

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8. Eric Confronts Xander

Speaking of Xander, Eli and Lani are still trying to build a case against him but spoilers point to a major hurdle getting in their way. Then Sarah will tell Eric that Xander is indeed still alive and has returned to Salem and Eric will head over to Victor’s house to confront him. He believes Xander is responsible for Nicole’s death and he plans on unleashing all of his fury on him. Spoilers say the two will get into a fierce fist fight. Sarah races over to intercede, but will she make it in time?

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7. Awful Admission

Sarah will go out with both brothers this week and will hear a surprising admission from Rex. Rex will ask for her forgiveness and will tell her he wants her back. Sarah already knows Rex cheated on her with Mimi and is the father of Mimi’s baby, but she’ll tell him she wants to know who the other woman was that he slept with when they were together. Eric will tell her the other woman his brother cheated on her with was her sister Noel. When Rex admits it’s true, all hell will break loose! Sarah will then turn to Eric for support and rumor has it the pair may end up sleeping together.

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6. Rex And Chloe Catch Up

Another pair who are going to reconnect this week are Rex and Chloe. Spoilers say the two will run into each other this week and catch up on what’s been happening in their lives. Of course, Chloe was the one who blew up his relationship to Sarah in the fall, revealing to everyone at the engagement party that he was the father of Mimi’s baby. Rumor has it, the two may even begin to relate to each other. But could a romance be in their future?

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5. Jail Bird Ben?

It looks like Ciara and Ben are done and Hope should be happy, but she won’t be satisfied until Ben’s out of her daughter’s life for good and sitting in a prison cell. But now that Rafe has left town to help Sami, who will Hope look to for help? Rumor has it, she will turn to Ted for his assistance this week. Clearly, she doesn’t have a lot of faith in Ted but maybe he’s the one person who can help her take down Ben and, in turn, Stefan.

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4. Gabi And Stefan Butt Heads

Wanting to punish Gabi for keeping the truth about Charlotte’s paternity from him, spoilers say that Stefan plans to put Gabi Chic out of business. This, and the fact that it looks like Stefan will suffer no consequences for his part in her kidnapping, will anger Gabi. Spoilers say there will be a huge argument between the two of them and Stefan and Gabi will face off over the future of Gabi Chic this week.

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3. Jack and JJ Bond

Jack will spend a lot of time with his son JJ this week. JJ is hoping his father will get his memory back and reunite with their mother, but Eve has other plans. Will bonding with his son cause Jack to have more memory flashbacks and if so, will he begin to remember his relationships with his children and his love for Jennifer?

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2. Haley’s Big Secret

Rumor has it, JJ will won’t be able to keep his nose out of Haley’s personal life this week. He’ll walk in on a chat between her and District Attorney Melinda Trask. Viewers found out last week that Melinda is Haley’s sister. JJ is worried about Haley and how tense she’s been and will feel responsible for her since he saved her life when she recently attempted suicide. But Haley is also harboring another big secret that will be revealed – she’s an undocumented immigrant. Melinda will tell Haley to do anything she has to in order to keep JJ off her trail. Spoilers also indicate that Melinda is considering running for Mayor, so she doesn’t want Haley’s secret coming to light.

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1. Sneak Peek – Week of January 21, 2019

Spoilers point to Leo and Xander getting even closer next week, but how close? Will they have an affair, and could it finally put a nail in the coffin of Leo and Sonny’s sham marriage? Also, Ted is going to surprise Kate and Victor will make an offer to Brady. But will Brady accept or refuse the offer? Stay tuned to find out!

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