Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (February 24, 2020)

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Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Time to gear up for another week of incredible drama. Maggie will start to have some flashbacks; a super couple will reunite; and two parents will make a difficult decision. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for the week of February 24, 2020.

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9. Maggie’s Struggles

DOOL spoilers tease that Maggie will struggle with some memories that are rather unsettling. It seems as if she’ll start to remember the night of Adrienne’s accident. In fact, as mid-week approaches, she’ll confront Victor and Xander about what really happened, and she may start to ask questions. Will the truth finally come out?

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8. Victor Goes To Will

Days spoilers suggest that Victor will approach Will early on in the week and try to pressure him. He’ll be desperate to keep things as they are, and not expose Maggie’s involvement in Adrienne’s accident. But it seems as if Will spilling the truth is the last of Victor’s worries.

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7. Maggie Comes Forward

Nearing the end of the week, DOOL spoilers indicate that Maggie will confess something to Sonny. Will she realize that she was responsible for Adrienne’s accident and tell Sonny the truth? Seems like this may be the case as a day later, Days teasers state that she’ll offer a heartfelt apology to Justin. In other related spoilers, Will has a surprise for Sonny this week; meanwhile, Rafe will confront Evan about his lies.

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6. Eric and Sarah

Could there be more drama on the horizon for Mickey? DOOL spoilers suggest that Eric and Sarah will have to make a difficult decision this coming week. It’s undeniable that this has to do with (who they think) is their daughter, and perhaps they decide that the baby goes through a difficult procedure (or experimental one) to ensure she is cancer-free.

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5. Elani News!

After Lani crashed the Eli/Gabi wedding this week, it seems as if good news is on the horizon! First off, DOOL spoilers hint that both Julie and Valerie will encourage Eli to work things out with Lani. As the week progresses, everyone’s favorite super couple will officially reunite! How long before fans get another wedding?

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4. Gabi’s World

Speaking of Gabi, as per DOOL spoilers, she’ll use an unexpected revelation as leverage. She’ll do all she can this week to avoid prison, and it seems she may pull a stunt of sorts to do so. As the days go by, Chad will happily inform her that she’s been canned from DiMera Enterprises; however, the real interesting teaser is that as the weekend approaches, Stefano will attack Gabi. Is this how she gets out of jail time?

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3. Stevano Continues

Speaking of, Stefano will continue to be up to no good this week. First off, DOOL spoilers relay that he’ll show up on Justin’s doorstep, pretending to be “Steve.” Still, as the days go by, Stefano may show his true colors as he’ll offer up Kayla to Justin in exchange for Marlena that is. What will Justin do?

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2. Cin Separates … Again

DOOL spoilers suggest that Ciara and Ben are separated again, as he’ll get escorted back to jail early on in the week. While Ciara is sure to be devastated, she will most likely turn her attention to proving Ben’s innocence. She’s got zero time, and can hear the clock ticking in her ear.

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1. Ben Says Goodbye

Once Ben is sent back to prison, DOOL spoilers indicate that he’ll prepare for his execution. In fact, he’ll ensure he gets to see Clyde before it all goes down to say a proper goodbye. From DOOL teasers it seems that Friday’s cliffhanger will revolve around Ben and Ciara, as his execution begins, she’ll get a hold of important information around Jordan’s demise.

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