Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (December 17, 2018)


Ho! Ho! Ho! Only about one week before the jolly old man in the big red suit arrives in Salem, but he will he be greeted with holiday cheer or intense drama? Learn more about what will happen to Julie, Gabi, Chad, Abigail, Victor, WilSon, and more in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of December 17, 2018.

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9. Chad & Sonny Work Together

While they are on the outs right now, Chad and Sonny will work together this week to try and save Julie’s life. Her fall down those stairs won’t be a pretty one, and the last thing Sonny or Chad will want is to see a friend and loved one hurt right before the holidays.

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8. Julie’s Accident

Sadly, Julie will be in a terrible state right before the holidays, taking an awful tumble down that staircase (thanks to Gabi). DOOL spoilers tease that family and friends will rally around Julie, praying for a miracle. Things will not look good at all for this iconic and legendary DOOL character next week.

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7. Gabi’s Up To No Good

DOOL spoilers also tease that Gabi will do all she can to keep Julie silenced. After all, Julie now knows that Chad is really Charlotte’s bio dad, and the truth coming out is the last thing she wants. It seems she just may try do anything to stop Julie from recovering … but to what extremes? Pillow over the face? Turning off Julie’s life support?

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6. Silver Lining

Only time will tell what measures Gabi will go to, but there is a nice silver lining to all this Julie drama right now. Spoilers tease that Days fans shouldn’t fret too much over the staircase incident. Despite potential attempts from Gabi to silence Julie, she will get better and the truth will eventually come out.

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5. Chad’s Fired

Victor will get clued into Chad’s involvement around Sonny’s betrayal, and fire him from Titan. DOOL spoilers tease that Chad will continue to reel over the unexpected turn his life has taken: losing his wife, family, and now job. Here’s hoping that things start to look up for DiMera soon.

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4. J.J. To The Rescue

He may not have been able to help Julie, but J.J. will be a superman of sorts this week when he saves Haley’s life, a new DOOL character that will debut this week. Actress Thia Megia joins the Days cast as a nurse at the hospital, and DOOL spoilers tease a new romance between J.J. and Haley.

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3. Divorce Plans

Despite Julie being in the hospital, Abigail will start to make divorce plans this week. DOOL spoilers hint that she’ll plan on kicking Stefan to the curb once she feels confident around exposing Gabi’s scheming. But, will Stefan let go of “Gabby” that quickly? He is a DiMera after all!

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2. Newlywed Drama

The honeymoon is clearly over between Sonny and Leo, but did it ever really start? Sonny will try and keep Leo at a distance this week, but this won’t stop his new hubby from trying to solidify their marriage … from all angles. DOOL spoilers tease that Leo will sneak into Sonny’s bed, looking for some marital love!

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1. Custody Drama

DOOL spoilers indicate that Chloe and Sarah will get into it this week, where the confrontation is very heated. Sarah will try to convince Chloe to back off and allow Eric to gain full custody of Holly; however, after the letter Chloe received, it will be hard for anyone to convince her to stop fighting for the right to raise the child she carried for nine months.

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