Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (December 10, 2018)


The holidays are mere weeks away, and things continue to get crazier and crazier in the land of Days of Our Lives (DOOL). Gabi and Abby have a huge faceoff this week; a wedding takes place; a Salemite bids adieu; and Chloe gets a life-changing letter. Learn about these storylines and more in the DOOL spoilers for the week of December 10, 2018.

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9. Julie Doesn’t Approve

Kicking off DOOL spoilers, Ciara will have to deal with Julie’s backlash around Ben. Julie will outright let her disapproval be known, hoping she can sway Ciara when it comes to Ben, but she’ll have no such luck. Days spoilers indicate Ciara will stand by her decision to be with Ben.

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8. Rope Drama

Hope won’t be too pleased with Rafe this week over the “punch” that was heard across Salem. She’ll be upset that he thought the worst, attacking Ted; however, let’s face it, these two are still up to no good. Scheming behind Rafe’s back, and DOOL spoilers tease that Ted will have zero issues around Rafe thinking that Hope is falling for him.

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7. Goodbye Lucas

Days fans will be bidding adieu to Lucas and the actor who has played him for years now, Bryan Dattilo, this week and for good. Lucas will say goodbye to friends, family, and Chloe, as he heads to be in Italy with daughter Allie. He’ll let Chloe know that she can move on without him.

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6. Elani Is On

Elani is officially on, and DOOL spoilers indicate that Lani and Eli will update all of their loved ones around their new relationship status. They are starting their coupledom off on a high note, and they want the support of all those closest to them. Seems like these two are gearing up for a special holiday season.

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5. Gabi Versus Abby

It’s on! DOOL spoilers state that Gabi and Abby will have an epic faceoff this week, with Abigail letting it be known that Gabi needs to gear up for a battle. In other spoilers regarding this storyline, Abby will secure Julie in her corner and, by the week’s end, Julie will embark on a mission to find the goods on Gabi. This leads her to her room, and it doesn’t take Julie long to find Baby Charlotte’s true paternity tests. Julie will learn this truth on Friday.

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4. Custody Gamer Changer

Speaking of babies, Justin delivers something quite special to Chloe this week that changes Holly’s custody battle. DOOL spoilers state that Justin will have a letter from Nicole that states she wanted Chloe to be Holly’s caregiver if anything should happen to her. While Nicole clearly changed her mind before she passed on, the letter changes everything in terms of Holly’s guardianship.

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3. Eric Loses It

Cracking under pressure this week, DOOL spoilers hint that Eric will lose it on Brady once again. It seems that Brady is not the only one he lashes out on this week, as Chloe will hear it from him as well. Eric is frustrated and wants to honor Nicole’s final wishes by being the legal guardian of Holly. The little girl means so much to him, and the thought of losing her is hurting Eric right now.

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2. White Wedding

Actually, sounds like more of a forced wedding, really. While Will and Sonny try some last-ditch attempts to change their circumstances, DOOL spoilers state their efforts will fail, and with Sheila officiating, Sonny and Leo will get hitched this week. Victor will also try and stop the wedding, but Sonny will remain firm with him on it.

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1. More Spoilers

On Tuesday’s episode, Julie will remember her Salem return, taking place about 50 years ago. Meanwhile, Kayla will finally confide in Tripp and tell him about what really happened to Steve. Thankfully, Tripp will be there to comfort his step-mom, who needs someone to lean on since her husband was taken out of town.

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