Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (August 19, 2019)


As summer winds down in the land of Salem, the excitement and drama will continue to roll on. One character makes a confession, another agrees to scheme, while “Nicole’s” true identity is on the cusp of (finally) being exposed. Learn about these storylines and others in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of August 19, 2019.

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9. Brady Confesses

DOOL spoilers tease that early on in the week, Brady will head over to brother Eric to confess that he and “Nicole” are back together. Who knows how Eric will take this news, especially now that he is with Sarah? Still, who knows how dumb Brady will feel once the truth about “Nicole” is exposed. In other related spoilers, Sarah will be taken aback by Eric’s past.

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8. Will Is Hooked On A Feeling

Meanwhile, Will Horton heads to Brady this week and suggests that Kristen DiMera might be alive. How could he come up with such a crazy notion? Well, DOOL spoilers indicate that he and Sonny will do some snooping and go through Xander’s stuff. What they find will shock them, at least enough to believe that Kristen may not be dead after all.

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7. Gabi And “Nicole” Go At

On the other side of town, Gabi and “Nicole” will be at it again, except this time, DOOL spoilers suggest that the two will have a bona fide fight. In fact, teasers seem to hint that Gabi will try and de-mask Kristen, where DiMera may knock her enemy out cold. Perhaps Gabi finally figures out the truth about “Nicole” after all.

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6. Stefan In The Mix

That’s not all! There may be a very good chance that Stefan is in the mix during the “Nicole”/Gabi fight, as it seems he’ll be knocked out as well. Stabi may also find themselves in a situation where they are held captive and thus forced with some one-on-one time, as DOOL spoilers state that they both will reveal their true feelings for each other this coming week.

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5. Jarlena Anniversary Bash

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since John and Marlena tied the knot (once again), and it seems as if the lovebirds will be in the mood to celebrate! DOOL spoilers relay that a huge party will be organized for the milestone; however, fans should also expect a ton of drama to unfold during the event as well!

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4. Secret Revealed

DOOL spoilers are promising a huge secret to be revealed at the Jarlena bash, and one can’t help but wonder if the truth about “Nicole” will finally come out. With WilSon’s discovery and Stabi locked up, apparently even Brady will question “Nicole” this week. Will Kristen let the beans spill at the party this week? Teasers seem to hint that an old face will appear and shock everyone.

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3. Shooting In Salem

Interestingly enough, as the town celebrates the one-year anniversary of Jarlena, it was also about year ago when Kristen pulled a gun on Marlena at the first (stopped) wedding between here and John last August. Will history repeat itself, 12 months later? DOOL spoilers indicate that Kristen will feel desperate as the days go by, and she will aim a gun at Marlena this week.

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2. Roman Says Yes

DOOL spoilers tease that Anna will approach Roman with a plan of sorts, and this may all have to do with Tony. It seems as if he’ll resist helping her out at first, but after some convincing, he’ll agree to lend a hand. But, with “Nicole” on the cusp of being exposed, perhaps Anna and Roman won’t have to go through with their “plan” after all?

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1. Kate’s New Ally

DOOL spoilers hint that not only will Kate have some hope when it comes to DiMera Enterprises and the future, but she’ll also have a new friend in Mr. Shin. Teasers seem to suggest that Kate will have an ally in Shin this week, and he may be able to help her gain some footing when it comes to controlling the company.

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