Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (April 29, 2019)

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Hold on to your hats Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans because we are headed into the most wonderful time of the year for soap opera audiences: May Sweeps! A returned character will cause quite a stir, while a reunion of sorts is cut short due to tragic news. Learn about these stories and others in the  DOOL spoilers for the week of April 29, 2019.

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9. Nicole & Eric’s Emotional Reunion

It’s a good news/bad news situation for Eric when he realizes that Nicole is very much alive and well this week. He’ll be happy she’s okay, but he also knows that this means heartbreak for Sarah. While Sarah will rely on Marlena for support, tragedy will strike Nicole and Eric before they can truly enjoy being back in each other’s arms.

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8. Nicole Learns About Holly

Talking about bubbles being burst! DOOL spoilers indicate that Sarah will approach Nicole and Eric with the bad news that Holly’s been kidnapped. Nicole will be outraged and rip into Chloe for allowing this to happen. Rafe and Hope will be on the case to find the missing little girl, and both Chloe and Nicole will lose their minds in worry.

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7. Ted’s Involvements

While Rope searches for Holly, they’ll have zero clue that Ted is involved in her disappearance. DOOL spoilers indicate that Ted’s true intentions will be revealed to the audience this week, and what his real plans in Salem are all about. It won’t be too long before he’s exposed, and Hope should feel rather stupid for falling for his antics.

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6. Valerie’s Back

Valerie Grant returns to DOOL next week, and spoilers say that she’ll surprise Abe by coming to his mayoral debate; however, it seems she’ll get the real shock when all is said and done. Days teasers suggest Jack will score some information on Abe, and he’ll expose it during the event, in hopes he’ll make Carver look bad.

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5. What Could It Be?

DOOL spoilers seem to be hinting Jack’s information on Abe might have to do with Sheila. Jack may catch Abe and Sheila in a moment, and exploit it to make Carver look bad during the debate. Regardless, Valerie will not be too pleased with the entire situation, and she could very well ditch the idea of having a long-distance relationship with Carver. Might be good news for Sheila in the long run if Abe is officially single.

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4. J.J. Does His Own Damage

With that said, Abe won’t be the only feeling the mayoral campaign heat. Days spoilers suggest that J.J. will mention something to journalists this week about Jack that will be quite damaging. It could be the fact that he once raped Kayla Brady? There’s a slew of things in Jack’s past that could make him look bad.

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3. Tripp & Haley

Days spoilers indicate things will be looking up for Haley and Tripp this coming week since the one prior was such a disaster. Good news for this couple, but not-so-good news for Claire, as she will need to pack up her stuff and find a new place to live. This should set her off even more.

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2. Lani & Rafe Get A Little Closer

While Rafe will be busy looking for Holly, he also has a baby of his own to take of at home. DOOL spoilers say that Rafe will find himself getting closer and closer to Lani this week, thanks to her helping care for Baby David. Meanwhile, Hope will come to the realization that Ciara has taken her relationship with Ben to the next level.

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1. Gabi & Stefan

Chloe will be losing her mind this week trying to find Holly. Plus, Nicole being back in the picture will keep her preoccupied as well. Perhaps this will offer Gabi a window of opportunity to keep Stefan’s attention? DOOL spoilers indicate that Gabi will continue to try and seduce DiMera next week. This storyline is truly “heating up.”

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