Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (September 3, 2018)


Program notice for Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans this week! The soap won’t be airing on Monday, September 3rd; however, the rest of the week will be filled with the drama, intrigue, and romance that audiences are used to! Learn more about what will happen this week on the soap by checking out the below DOOL spoilers for the week of September 3, 2018.

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10. Marlena’s Condition

The Jarlena wedding (gone wrong) caused quite the chaos last week. While John continues to remain hopeful around Marlena’s condition, waiting for her to recover so they can go back to living their (somewhat) normal lives, things take a turn for the worse this week. It seems as if Doc’s life will hang in the balance, and many won’t be sure if she will make it through

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9. Marlena’s Will

To add some drama fuel to this already disastrous situation, Belle will discover a living will that leaves everyone shocked. As per the will, Marlena doesn’t want extreme measures taken when it comes to certain health condition cases, and as Belle reviews her mom’s will, she comes to realize that the situation her mom is in right now lines up to how she doesn’t want to be taken care of.

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8. Father and Daughter Fight

As Marlena sits in the hospital declining, John and Belle will have a battle over the next steps. How should they handle her care moving forward? How exactly does one honor Marlena’s living will and to what extremes? This is going to be a huge storyline for the Black family moving forward.

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7. Gabi Gets Into Chad’s Ear

In her on-going plot to get back at Abigail, Gabi will start hinting to Chad about divorce. DOOL spoilers indicate he’s nowhere near the idea, and Gabi will have to work a lot harder than simply hinting at it. Gabi will reach into her bag of schemes and devise a plan where she tries to make Abigail believe that “Laura” and “Gabby” have surfaced again.

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6. Abigail On To Gabi

Despite all this scheming, Abigail will start to be on to Gabi. She’ll begin to think that Gabi is scheming against her, so much so that she reaches out to brother J.J. Sadly, J.J. isn’t overly convinced that Gabi is up to no good, but at least Abigail has let someone else know what she thinks.

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5. Lani and Eli

Eli and Lani will be placed on a case together. Watch their bond bloom even more this week as they work together closely. Sadly, DOOL fans can also expect a few complications with them getting closer at work. As they teeter between friends and lovers, problems will start to pop out of nowhere.

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4. Brady Chews Out Will

Brady will be shocked to find out that Will and Sonny are thinking about a reunion, as Will now remembers everything. After all, his brother Paul is suffering in the hospital thanks to Kristen DiMera. As Will contemplates a break up with Paul, he’ll get an earful from Brady. Brady will tell Will that despite his memory coming back, he needs to push these feelings aside and suck it up for Paul. After all, Paul is injured and suffering in the hospital.

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3. Will Talks To Paul

As such, Will tells Paul this week that he’s regained his memory, and lets him know that he’s not breaking up with him. This undoubtedly will launch a huge wedge into the WilSon reunion, as Will and Sonny won’t officially reunite, but will most likely continue to see each other behind Paul’s back.

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2. Kayla’s Shocked

Kayla will receive some terrible news about her hubby Steve this week when Roman approaches her letting her know that he has been arrested for espionage. Sadly, this is the last time DOOL fans will hear from Steve for a while, as Stephen Nichols, the actor in the role, has officially left Days.

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1. More Spoilers

Bonnie will drop a bomb on Lucas this week, claiming their fling from earlier this year has resulted in a baby together. Meanwhile, Hope is a little disgusted when she sees Rafe and Sami together. While Sami is a thorn in her side right now, DOOL spoilers indicate that Hope will have bigger issues to worry about on the horizon. Stay tuned Days’ fans!

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