10 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (August 6, 2018)


August is in full swing in Salem, and as summer starts to wind down, the drama and intensity within the little town are cranked up a notch. Learn more about what will happen to Chad, Abby, Stefan, Kayla, Jennifer, Steve, and others, in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of August 6, 2018.

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10. Conflict With Abigail And Chad

In recent weeks, Chad has been desperately trying to move past the fact that Abigail is pregnant with Stefan’s child and he’s been desperate to fight for his marriage. DOOL spoilers indicate that Chad will struggle with Abby’s pregnancy this week and the couple will have to deal with additional conflict.

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9. Chad Moves Out

Sadly, Chad comes to the conclusions that he can’t get past Stefan fathering Abby’s unborn child and he’ll decide that enough is enough. He’ll move out of the DiMera mansion and into the Kiriakis home. Oddly enough, Gabi will figure out a way to get into the Kiriakis mansion too, and the two will be living under the same roof by week’s end.

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8. Stefan Has A Heart-To-Heart With Chloe

Stefan will have a chat with Chloe and confide to her that this baby and fatherhood is on his mind. He will tell Chloe that even though the baby is not born yet, he’s quite attached to the child and is desperate to be very involved in the baby’s life. Chloe advises him to tell Abigail about his fatherhood feelings.

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7. Stefan And Abigail

Stefan takes a leap of faith and does indeed talk to Abby about their baby this week. DOOL spoilers indicate that he’ll ask her if he can a hands-on father to their child and be more involved. What will her response be? With Chad out of the DiMera mansion, it is anyone’s guess. She just may take him up on the offer. While fans know the baby is really Chad’s, she believes it is Stefan’s and knowing Abigail, she’ll do the right thing and give him an opportunity to be a real dad to his child.

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6. A Kiss

While Lani and Eli have been mourning the death of their newborn, they have also been getting closer and closer over the past few weeks. DOOL spoilers indicate that Eli won’t be able to resist much longer, and he’ll pull her in for a kiss this week. For those who are fans of this couple, this is the moment you have been waiting for!

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5. Jenn and Kayla Talk, Steve Listens In

Jenn and Kayla will have a chat this week, where Kay will reveal her big secret. Unfortunately, Steve will overhear some of the conversation between the two. While he doesn’t get all the details, he does get the point that Kayla is up to something that she is hiding from him. Kayla will have a very hard time keeping her secret under wraps now.

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4. Eve Makes A Deal With Victor

Across town, another woman will bury herself in secrets from her lover. While Victor agrees to keep quiet about her involvement in the drug-planting scheme, he will ask for something in return. Being in an agreement with Victor Kiriakis can turn into a mess for anyone in Salem, and Eve could end up digger herself into a hole she can’t get out of.

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3. Ben Asks Marlena For Help

Ben will reach out to Marlena this week for some help. He’ll ask her to hypnotize him in an effort to see if he can remember anything else. He does not remember setting the cabin ablaze but believes that hypnosis might help him figure out who did so that he can clear his name.

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2. Hope Tries To Get Ben Recommitted

As Ben tries to figure out who really set the cabin on fire, Hope will be trying to get him recommitted and she’ll reach out to Marlena. The request won’t be granted, and Hope will then cross a line by giving Ben an ultimatum. DOOL spoilers indicate that Ciara will beg Ben to stay in Salem, so this week should promise to be very interesting when it comes to this storyline.

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1. More Spoilers

Chloe will turn to Eric to talk about the concerns she has about her romance with Lucas. Will and Sonny are blackmailed this week when it comes to their role in Leo’s death. Abigail’s baby will kick for the first time, and when Steve turns to John about Kayla’s secret, he’ll advise him to go straight to Kayla and confront her on it.

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