General Hospital: Spoilers For Summer 2021

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The land of Port Charles is about to heat up as the summer months roll in. What should fans expect? Nina has to make a choice, while Carly makes a mob power move, and Dr. Austin seems very interested in a prominent family in town. Learn more about these and other storylines in the below General Hospital (GH) spoilers for summer 2021.

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12. Nina’s Choice

GH’s summer spoilers hint that Nina will have to choose in the weeks ahead. That is, will it be a victory against her enemies in Port Charles or happiness with “Mike” in Nixon Falls? What will she decide to move forward with? Added teasers indicate that Sonny will help a friend in need, too.

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11. Carly’s Power Move

Meanwhile, in Port Chuckles, GH summer spoilers suggest that Carly will make a major move to get rid of Cyrus Renault, once and for all. But it’ll come with a very high risk attached to it. Much like Nina, Carly will have a choice in front of her: pay the price and end Cyrus’s reign for good, or continue battling the mob monster and duck the risk. In related teasers, the feud between Renault and Laura will hit a boiling point in the months ahead, and change these two characters forever.

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10. Jax Worries About Joss

GH’s summer spoilers reveal that Jax will continue to be unsettled by Carly’s new role as mob boss, and feel as if Josslyn is in danger. Speaking of Joss, she and Cameron will get a “blast from the past”. Added teasers state that Trina will be excited about grad, but there’s a question if she’ll make it there alive! Could these teens be in danger?

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9. Austin Is Interested

It’s great to see actor Roger Howarth back on GH, and summer spoilers say that Dr. Austin will play a major role on the show in the months ahead. Teasers note that this new character will have an interest in a prominent family within Port Charles. As the summer months unfold, he’ll shake up storylines in an unexpected way.

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8. Finn and Elizabeth

GH spoilers for the summer imply that Elizabeth will have to go to great lengths to protect her family in the coming months, thanks to her role in Peter’s demise. Meanwhile, as she and Finn continue to work around the clock to save Chase, questions will arise once again around the idea that Hamilton is merely Harrison’s brother, not father.

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7. Millow and Chase

GH’s summer spoilers reveal that Willow and Michael will continue to place their romance and relationship on hold until Chase gets better. But how long can they keep doing this without an “end date” in sight? Meanwhile, added teasers state that Harrison will make a huge decision about his future.

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6. Brason and Sante

GH spoilers for the summer indicate that while Jason and Britt will remain together heading into this new season, their futures will be uncertain. Questions will arise as to whether or not Jason can protect Westbourne when a crime war in the town breaks out. Added teasers reveal that Dante and Sam will not be on the same page and butt heads during the summer; however, there will be continued chemistry between them.

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5. Romances Heat Up

GH summer spoilers state that Valentin and Anna will team up to find a loved one that has gone missing. Could some sparks finally fly between these two, after years of denial? Meanwhile, thanks to Brando’s deceit, he and Sasha will be caught in Cyrus Renault’s crosshairs. Sounds like the mob boss will be quite busy in the weeks ahead.

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4. Maxie and BLQ’s Plan

While we all know that Peter August is gone, Maxie and BLQ don’t. They likely won’t learn about anything this summer, either. GH spoilers hint that the strain of the baby-switch plan will take its toll on Maxie. In addition, Brook Lynn’s new role will have effects on the entire Quartermaine family, plus ELQ.

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3. It’s A Family Affair

GH spoilers for the summer promise a romance in Pentonville, as Shawn and Alexis grow closer. It’ll be a family affair when they try to get to the bottom of Hayden’s shooting, as well. While Butler will not want TJ involved, Alexis will enlist him, as well as Molly, to help uncover the truth and clear Shawn’s name.

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2. Port Charles Love Triangle

GH spoilers hint that exes Curtis and Jordan will work together to help save lives this summer. This will insert some question marks surrounding Curtis’s love life. Will he and Jordan rekindle their romance, or does he decide to dive into something with Portia? Meanwhile, over at Wyndemere, Nik and Ava will find themselves at a crossroads when their stalker “ups” the stakes.

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1. New Character Alert!

Actor Cameron Matheson, an All My Children alum, is heading to Port Charles this summer! At this point, there’s no news on who he’ll play, his storyline, or exact airdate debut. With that said, GH spoilers note that he’ll arrive sometime in August. Fans will have to be patient, and stay tuned to find out what Matheson’s new role will be all about.

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