General Hospital: 5 Most Annoying Storylines


The town of Port Charles has provided some pretty interesting storylines over their 52 years: characters coming back from the dead, incredible tales of romance (Luke and Laura, anyone?), and the daily drama of doctors and nurses at General Hospital (GH) as they work hard to save lives. At times, the GH stories told have been groundbreaking in nature, entertaining, and thought-provoking. However, there have been times the daytime drama has not been able to nail storylines. As such, here are the top five most annoying GH storylines in recent history.

5. Robin’s Alive…Only To Leave Port Charles…

Avid GH fans watched little Robin Scorpio, the offspring of super spies Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio, literally grow up on the small screen, debuting on the daytime soap in September 1985. As an adult, she struggled with becoming HIV positive, became a doctor to make a difference, fell in love, got married, and started a family of her own. Fans loved watching her happy ending until she was killed off in late 2011. Fans were aware that she was just being held captive by Jerry Jacks though. After two years of waiting and hoping that Robin’s loved ones would find her, when she did finally did get back and settled into family life, the story would take another turn, with her exiting once again. It does make sense that she would want to help former love and longtime friend Jason Morgan but at the expense of watching Emma grow up? So annoying!


4. One Life To Live (OLTL) Characters Start New Life In GH…Only To Disappear

It made sense why GH brought actors Kassie DePaiva, Roger Howarth, Michael Easton, and Kristen Alderson into Port Charles to revive their OLTL characters in 2012. With OLTL ending it’s over 40-year run, a new flock of daytime fans could potentially jump on the GH ship for their daily dose of drama and romance. However, in January 2013 GH was informed by Prospects Park (the owners of the OLTL characters and storylines) that the characters would have to leave the show, as they were planning to re-launch OLTL online. GH scrambled with re-casting these actors into new roles on the show. Roger Howarth’s Todd character turned into Franco; Michael Easton’s character of John McBain turned into Dr. Silas Clay; Kristen DeAnn Alderson’s Star Manning turned into Kiki Jerome; and Kassie DePaiva moved to Days of Our Lives. This fast switcheroo left some GH audiences confused and annoyed.

3. Jake’s Alive!

Coming back from the dead is not a new daytime soap storyline. Much like the evil twin or look-alike characters that come out of nowhere, no soap opera character is ever really dead and gone, especially in the land of Port Charles. However, as Jake’s death was finalized quite well in 2011 when he passed on as a result of a hit and run thanks to adopted granddad Luke Spencer and donated his kidneys to Josslyn Jack…bringing him back was annoying. Especially since in some soap cases, kids seem to have a magical growth spurt after four years of absence; however, little Jake doesn’t seem to have aged all that much considering he’s been gone for a considerable amount of time. The storyline ties in well with Jake’s dad, Jason Morgan, coming back from the dead, so this could just be a case of incredible genetics.

2. Jason’s Alive…When Will The Rest Of Port Charles Find Out?

The introduction of Billy Miller as Jason Morgan, after he replaced Steve Burton (the actor who made the character famous) has been a great storyline to watch unfold. Unlike Jake Spencer’s demise, fans questioned whether or not Jason was really dead after he was shot in 2012 and there have been a lot of teasers along the way to indicate Jason was alive. However, the fact that this storyline technically began in early 2014 when Victor Cassadine approached Robin to help him bring Helena and Stavros back to life – in turn saving Jason – it seems that it is time for the rest of Port Charles to find out who Jake Doe really is. While GH is on the cusp of revealing this with Nikolas, Elizabeth, Laura, as well as Hayden knowing the truth, here’s hoping the truth comes out…and soon!

1. Denise Is Ava

Another current GH character that seemingly cannot (or will not) go away is Ava Jerome. While most of Port Charles thought she was a goner in earlier 2015, it was revealed that she wasn’t. Due to pending criminal charges, she came back into the GH fold as a long-lost sister of Ava…Denise. She seems to have everyone fooled, including former lover Morgan Corinthos, who simply cannot stop hopping back and forth between Ava…err Denise…and her daughter (or niece?) Kiki Jerome. It is simply mind-boggling and quite annoying that, while this character faced another death threat (in the form of leukemia), she still can’t change her deceitful ways. Perhaps simply trying to stay away from men her daughter has been with might be a good (and less annoying) step in the right direction.