General Hospital: Spoilers For September 2021

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What should General Hospital (GH) fans expect to see over the next month? A regular character exits the canvas, while a new character emerges; plus, more romance, Nixon Falls drama, and adventure! Port Charles will never be the same! Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for September 2021.

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13. Laura Says Goodbye…

But only for a little bit! The actress who plays Laura (Genie Francis) recently revealed during an interview with TV Insider that she decided to take the summer off. As soaps are taped weeks in advance, expect to see Laura leave the land of Port Charles for a short while in September, as Francis enjoys the warmer weather and some vacation time!

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12. Charles Shaughnessy Enters Port Charles

Many GH fans will be familiar with actor Charles Shaughnessy. A soap opera veteran, the English actor played the iconic Days character Shane Donovan for decades! Plus, he starred in the primetime comedy The Nanny, which ran for six seasons. Shaughnessy is set to enter the land of Port Charles sometime in September.

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11. Who Could He Play?

GH has yet to release the official role Shaughnessy will be playing; however, he was on the soap back in the early 1980s. At that point in time, he played Holly Sutton’s cousin, Alistair Durban, who also happened to be a con artist. Will Charles reprise this role? Will his storyline center around Holly’s current captivity or rescue efforts?

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10. Drew Returns To Port Charles

While Drew has returned to GH, he has yet to come back to the little town. Search efforts will ramp up in September, as spoilers for the show indicate that Curtis, Anna and possibly Jordan will get involved to help Sam locate her ex. So there’s a good chance Drew will be reunited with his family next month.

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9. Jarly Wedding Plans

GH fans know that the Carly and Jason wedding has been inked for Friday, September 17th! No guarantee the nuptials will go off without a hitch; however, the planning and festivities leading up to the event will fill up the first half of the month. Added teasers hint that Jason will even have a bachelor party.

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8. The Fun Is Interrupted

With that said, it wouldn’t be a soap opera without some drama leading up to the event (or on the wedding day). GH spoilers for September hint that Jason’s bachelor party will get interrupted. Will it be interrupted by something mob-related? This is “Stone Cold”, so probably. Will it be Cyrus-related? Fans will have to tune in to find out.

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7. Carly’s World

Leading up to her wedding, GH spoilers indicate that Carly will be surrounded by a ton of drama. First thing’s first, she’ll reach out to Brando for some help. Corbin’s made it clear he doesn’t want to dive into the mob world, so it’ll be interesting to see what this request is all about. As September progresses, Bobbie will be there for her daughter to lend some support.

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6. Sasha’s Caught Off Guard

Speaking of Brando, GH spoilers for September note that his baby momma, Sasha, will be caught off guard. Meanwhile, Gladys will continue to act as a thorn in the couple’s side. Added teasers reveal that she’ll find a way to manipulate a situation, in order to further her agenda. What does she have planned now?

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5. Nixon Falls September Update

Things will likely explode in Nixon Falls, come September. Sonny has been having flashbacks, and it won’t be long until someone from Port Charles recognizes him, or Nina fesses up. GH spoilers for September offer some insights. It seems as though things will continue to “heat up” between Reeves and “Mike”; however, added teasers imply that Nina will have to face some consequences for her actions, too. Perhaps Sonny will remember something close to, or after, the Jarly wedding.

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4. Liesl Goes Missing

Across town, GH spoilers indicate that Britt will worry when she realizes her mom has gone missing. Where could Obrecht be? In added teasers, Westbourne will be worried about a patient at the hospital. Who could this be, and what will Britt be treating them for? This spoiler is extremely cryptic.

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3. Jax Turns To Alexis

GH spoilers imply that Jax will have a lot on his mind over the next month. Added teasers hint he’ll visit Alexis in jail for some advice. Will his long-time friend offer some good insights? In other news, Joss and Jax will enjoy some daddy-daughter time in the coming weeks. Just what the doctor ordered!

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2. Nikolas and Spencer

Over at Wyndemere, Spencer and Nikolas have had their fair share of issues lately, and it doesn’t seem as if things will calm down in September. There’s a good chance that Spence will continue to hide his stalker behavior. GH spoilers note that the two will sit down for a conversation sometime next month. Can they make amends and move forward?

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1. Ava and Trina

Both women have been duped by Spencer; however, only one knows about it. GH spoilers indicate Trina and Ava’s bond will strengthen in September and the two will engage in a highly emotional conversation. Who will be the one who needs to talk, and who will be listening? Maybe both ladies will have a small breakdown!?

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