General Hospital’s 7 Most Unbelievable Plot Twists


General Hospital (GH) fans have come to expect the unexpected when it comes to their favorite soap opera. The town of Port Charles revolves around the hospital, mob scene and super spy action, so there has been plenty of romance and adventure over past the five decades the daytime drama has been on the air. Of course, there has also been many plot twists that occurred (it is a soap opera after all), which has left fans stunned, shocked, and continually wanting to tune in. Below are seven of the most unbelievable GH plot twists that have occurred during the show’s tenure.

7. Dreams Do Come True

Emily was struggling with two things back in 2003, her feelings between Zander Smith and Nikolas Cassadine and the fact that she also had breast cancer. Emily wanted to shelter Zander for the pain he may feel around her illness, so in an effort to push him away, she pretended to be in a relationship with Nikolas. The only problem was, she fell in love with him. Fast forward some months and while she’s with Zander, Emily really wants Nikolas. One fateful night, Emily dreams about Nikolas kissing her. She wakes up and almost instantly starts to get better and beats the disease. What an unbelievable plot twist!

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6. The Most Evil Of The Cassadines Emerges

Kudos to GH writers and creative for pulling from history to create a unique storyline and incredible plot twist. In 2009, Helena Cassadine warned Luke Spencer about the evil of the evil when it comes to Cassadines, Mikkos’ illegitimate son, Valentin. No one ever saw the man or any indication that he may show up in Port Charles. After seven years of wondering if we would ever see him, he pops up in a storyline where he ends up killing his nephew, Nikolas. The cool thing about Valentin is that while he is clearly evil, he does have a heart, and that is evident when you see him dealing with little Charlotte and Anna. How many Cassadines are there out there and why do they keep popping up? Death can’t even hold this family back.


5. Charlotte’s Identity Issues

Speaking of the Cassadines, when sweet little Charlotte strolled into town with mom Claudette, GH fans thought she had more to do with Nathan and Maxie than Lulu and Valentin. The little girl’s ‘mom’ not only exposed the past doings of Nathan and Griffin, but also caused a rift between Naxie and turned the entire town of Port Charles upside down. Charlotte’s parents were originally thought to be Claudette and Nathan – or was it Claudette and Griffin? Turns out it was neither and in an unbelievable plot twist the little girl is actually Lulu Spencer and Valentin Cascading’s child. Or is she? The plot continues to thicken …


4. Maxie Chooses Nathan

Maxie Jones and Nathan West have quite an incredible romance. They’ve shared their ups and down, but it seems the newly married couple might be on their way to a happily ever after … if such a thing exists on a soap. Maxie had more toxic relationships in Port Charles than good ones, but one that challenged her couple status with Nathan was Spinelli. Spinelli’s yin was a perfect match to Maxi’s yang at one point in GH history, and the two share a child together. Maxie and Spinelli also had good chemistry and were fun to watch onscreen. In early 2015, Damien returned to town as his love, Ellie, broke up with him because she thought he carried a torch for Maxie. The Maxie and Spinellie gave it one more go, and surprisingly, decided to break up and stick to co-parenting and friendship. Maxie landed right back in Nathan’s arms and the rest is history.

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3. Olivia Jerome Is Back!

Pretty unbelievable to think that a character who has been gone for over two decades and was shot by her brother could return, but that is just what has happened as of late. When Morgan’s car exploded, people started pointing fingers at the usual suspects. Because it was Julian’s car, Sonny was obviously an easy choice. However, after much digging, it turned out there was a new mob boss in town. In a weird way, it was nice to see Tonja Walker wreaking havoc in Port Charles once again.


2. Paul Hornsby Is The Killer

When patients and staff at General Hospital were dropping dead left, right, and center, it created a classic ‘who dun’ it?’ storyline. Killers end up being the one person no one suspects, but when it was revealed District Attorney Paul Hornsby was at the helm of things, GH audiences were shocked at this unbelievably crazy twist in the plot. Paul was never an angel … but a killer? Most of all, there was no real agenda to it all initially, it’s not like he killed someone to keep them quiet (until he killed Sabrina Santiago, but that was to keep her quiet about him being the killer). It seemed so out of the blue!

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1. Luke and Laura

We all know the story, but after over 35 years later it still can be considered one of the most shocking plot twists of all time. Luke rapes Laura in 1979 while the two were working at a Campus Disco and then about two years later, they get hitched and become the soap world’s ultimate super couple? Quite an unbelievable plot twist for a victim to not only come to terms with forgiving her assaulter, but becoming friends and then eventually falling in love? Alas, this was the case and for some reason, while it seems baffling to anyone who doesn’t watch the show, it did work well.

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