General Hospital: Spoilers For October 2022

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s set to unfold in the land of Port Charles over the next month? A character will say goodbye, while the hook slasher continues to wreak havoc. Plus, there are some major character returns! Learn more about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for October 2022.

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12. Britt’s Exit Storyline

It’s official! Actress Kelly Thiebaud has wrapped up her time on GH. The actress will return to her prime-time role as Eva Vasquez on Station 19 by October 6th. With this said, it sounds like Britt Westbourne is headed out of Port Charles. It’s reported that the good doctor’s exit will take place in November, but her exit storyline will likely start next month. What will cause Britt to leave town?

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11. Hello Holly!

Some good news for fans of Holly Sutton! GH spoilers suggest that the legendary character is making her way back to the little town, as actress Emma Samms will reprise the role. Added teasers reveal that a new adventure will immediately arise for one Port Chuckles resident as soon as Holly returns. Will she and Robert rekindle their romance?

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10. Port Charles Needs Their Mayor

In other character returns for the soap opera, GH spoilers hint that mayor Laura Collins will finally make her way back to town. Actress Genie Francis will reprise her legendary role over the coming weeks. Added teasers note she’ll return to Port Charles in the midst of chaos. Sounds like this has something to do with the hook slasher case!

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9. The Hook Slasher Attacks Again

No rest for the wicked in Port Charles! As of this writing, Ava, Brando and Diane have all fallen victim to the hook slasher. And whoever is behind these attacks won’t slow down one bit come October. GH spoilers indicate that the menace to society will attack (at least) once more next month. Who will they target next?

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8. Ryan’s Shocked

GH spoilers imply that Ryan will be stunned by something he sees in early October. Will Esme return? Is she alive? In added teasers, Ava will pay Chamberlain a visit at the facility. Does she believe that he’s the hook slasher? She just might, and there’s a good chance she’s not wrong.

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7. New Couple Alert?

With Britt slowly exiting the GH picture, the soap’s writers will have to find someone else to occupy Cody’s time. Will that “someone else” be Maxie? They seem to be in each other’s orbits quite a bit lately, and spoilers for next month have them interacting as well. Austin and Jones lack chemistry, so perhaps it’s time for her to dabble in another romance.

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6. The Mason Mystery Continues To Unfold

GH spoilers for October note that fans will get more insight into Mason, as well as his link to Austin. Added teasers suggest that as this unfolds, Maxie’s relationship with the good doctor will hit a bump. If and when the truth is revealed, will Jones break up with Austin? Could this open a door for her to enter a romance with Cody?

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5. Drew And Carly Continue To Bond

Over to Carly, GH spoilers state that she and Drew will continue to bond in October. In fact, it sounds like the former Mrs. Corinthos will confide in her “friend”. Will these two finally move forward and jump into a romance? Will she allow it? In other Carly news, she’ll reflect upon some past regrets.

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4. Sonny And Nina Hit More Obstacles

Meanwhile, over to Carly’s ex, GH spoilers suggest that Nina and Sonny could hit some more obstacles next month. It sounds as if Ms. Reeves will worry about something in Corinthos’ life. Is this about the hook slasher? Added teasers note that she’ll hold back from saying anything as she won’t want to rock the boat, but is she making a huge mistake?

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3. Dex Remains A Threat…

… to Joss and Cam, that is! GH spoilers suggest that Dex will continue to be a threat to Josslyn and Cameron’s romance. Dex will continue to watch over Joss, not only because his boss, Sonny, wants him to, but because he’s clearly interested in her. There are sparks between the two, so will Ms. Jacks remain faithful to Cam, or could she cross a line?

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2. Alexis Struggles

Now that Diane has fallen victim to the hook slasher, Alexis may be more determined than ever to get to the bottom of things. However, could this affect her sobriety? GH spoilers note that Davis’ busy schedule in October — from work and family, to her love life — will take a toll on her. Will she turn to the bottle to relieve her stress?

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out October GH spoilers, Victor will continue to visit Spencer at Pentonville, while Chase focuses on his singing career with Brook Lynn by his side. Lastly, fans will be excited to learn that they’ll see more of Terry and Yuri next month, as they bond with fellow Port Charles super couple, Liz and Finn.

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