General Hospital: Spoilers For November 2022

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s set to unfold in the land of Port Charles over the next month? Anna will get by with a little help from her friends, while Valentin is saved by Laura. Also, is Holly a friend or a foe? Learn more about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for November 2022.

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15. Help Is On The Way!

GH spoilers for November sweeps indicate that Anna will continue to be in a heap of trouble over Lucy Coe’s shooting. However, the good news is that Felicia, Mac and Robert will all be on a mission to help Devane. The trio will work hard to try and prove the super spy’s innocence, but will time be on their side?

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14. Laura Rescues Valentin

Over to Valentin, GH spoilers suggest that Cassadine will find trouble when he’s visiting Charlotte at boarding school. Added teasers imply that Laura will return to the canvas in November and rescue Valentin in the nick of time. In other news, Ms. Mayor and Cassadine will return to Port Chuckles to join the fight to clear Anna’s name.

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13. Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?

Holly Sutton has always been an honorable character; even so, GH spoilers for next month hint that there will be doubts as to whether she is an ally or foe. Added teasers note that Robert will be quite smitten with Sutton, which may cloud his judgment. Sounds like Holly can’t be trusted, and as her storyline progresses, fans will see reasons why this is the case.

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12. Drew And Carly Hit Some Snags

GH spoilers indicate that Drew and Carly will continue with their budding romance, but fans should expect to see the couple hit some snags. Added teasers suggest the major “snag” could be Nina. It sounds like Ms. Reeves will find Carly in a compromising position, raising suspicions that the former Mrs. Corinthos is hiding something. (Spoiler alert, Nina, she is!)

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11. Willow Admits The Truth

Nina currently believes there’s something sketchy going on between Willow and TJ. As such, GH spoilers note that Reeves’ suspicions over their so-called “affair” will force Ms. Tait into admitting she has leukemia. This will likely further the animosity between Willow and Nina, moving forward. Will these ladies ever find out that they are mother and daughter?

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10. Not Stopping Yet

Over to Michael, GH spoilers state that he’ll continue to focus on bringing Sonny down. Added teasers hint that this plan will collide with something that’s happening in his personal life. Could it have to do with Willow, or possibly his relationship with Joss? Fans will have to tune in to find out.

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9. Sonny’s World

GH spoilers for November reveal that Sonny will continue to try and help Anna. In fact, added teasers state that he’ll give Dex a major task. Could Mr. Heller turn this against Corinthos in an attempt to bring him down? There’s a good chance this could happen. Sounds like Sonny may be in for a rude awakening!

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8. Keeping Esme Under Wraps

Looks like Esme will continue to remain a hostage at Wyndemere, as GH spoilers indicate that Nik will struggle over keeping her hidden. Related teasers state that Spence will still be rolling on with prison life, while it looks like Trina may come to a decision about her romance with Rory. She’ll nicely end things, but will she tell Spencer about the feelings she has for him?

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7. Sam Digs For Information

Over to Sam, GH spoilers hint that she’ll look for information on Cody’s past. As she does this, teasers reveal that Sam will find something stunning about Dante’s history! It sounds like Falconeri hasn’t told her some things about his friendship with Mr. Bell. Will this be the beginning of the end for “Sante”?

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6. Britt’s Past

Meanwhile, GH spoilers suggest that Britt’s past will also come back to haunt her. Whatever surfaces will cause issues when it comes to her budding relationship with Cody. Actress Kelly Thiebaud is on her way out of the show, so it’s also likely that Westbourne exits the soap this month.

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5. Things Get Complicated For Couples

It’s been great seeing BLQ and Chase finally hook up. Sadly, GH spoilers for November indicate that these two will deal with complications, thanks to different “goals” they have about Harrison’s next chapter. They won’t be the only couple facing issues, as Maxie and Dr. Austin will also have their fair share of problems, because of Mason.

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4. It’s Not You… It’s Me

Oh, young love! GH spoilers suggest that Cam and Joss’ relationship will fall apart as they outgrow each other. Plus, Ms. Jacks will realize that her feelings for Dex are stronger than she thought. Lastly, now that Gladys is Sasha’s guardian, these two women will have some challenges, as their relationship shifts.

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3. A Hook Slasher Update

While it’s been quiet on the hook-slasher front, GH spoilers imply that another victim will be targeted in November. Added teasers note that Alexis will be on a mission to figure out who’s behind these incidents, but will her sobriety get jeopardized along the way? In other news, Portia and Curtis may not make it to the altar, thanks to Jordan. Sounds like she’ll continue to be uncomfortable when it comes to Trina’s true paternity.

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2. Mom…? Dad?!

GH fans have been wondering when Elizabeth’s parents would return to the little town for a while now, and spoilers confirm that Jeff and Carolyn Webber will come back this November. Actor William Moses and actress Denise Crosby will appear on screen soon, and finally spill the truth about Liz’s traumatic memories.

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1. It Doesn’t End There…

GH spoilers for November note that after Liz chats with her parents, she will tell Finn a secret that rocks the both of them to their cores. In other news, actress Alley Mills (Pam Douglas from The Bold and the Beautiful) is set to debut on the soap in November. The daytime drama had been hush-hush around her new role, but she’s just revealed herself as a recast of Heather Webber! What kind of mischief can we expect from her this November?

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