General Hospital: Spoilers For January 2020

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While all the festive fun of the holidays are behind everyone, it’s time for General Hospital (GH) fans to gear up for all the drama that awaits in this new year! You’ll see two unexpected characters partner up to help a common loved one, Nik creating some unexpected chaos for a couple, CarSon dealing with issues on all ends, and the Quartermaines fight to keep their legacy alive. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for January 2020.

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12. Nik’s Return

There will be a fight between Nik and Ava to get the best of Valentin, so Cassadine will need to watch his back as the new year unfolds. In other related teasers, Nik’s comeback to the little town will have an unexpected impact on Franco and Liz in the coming weeks. Will Friz crack thanks to Nik’s return?

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11. Anna and Finn

GH spoilers suggest that Finn and Anna will have some issues in January, as she tries to find out the real truth about Peter. Teasers hint that Robert and Finn may team up to help Anna see what her son is really about. Spoilers also relay that when all is said and done, it may be Jason and Anna who reveal what Peter has been up to. It sounds like it will get very complicated for Anna this January.

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10. The Quartermaines

Port Charles’ wealthiest family will have to fight for their legacy in early 2020, as GH spoilers state that the clan will come together to battle someone (or potentially a group of people) looking to bring the Quartermaines down. While there’s no information about who is threatening them, it seems like if they don’t create a united front, it could mean the ultimate downfall for this legendary GH family.

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9. Port Charles Faces A Crisis

The little town all GH fans love will face a crisis of sorts this January. No other information is provided; however, spoilers do indicate that Laura will take on the role of leader when it comes to progressive efforts around whatever rolls down the pipe in Port Charles. Perhaps a natural disaster unfolds, or maybe a terrorist threat is on the horizon.

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8. CarSon Deals With Issues

Carly and Sonny will have to deal with a couple of issues this January 2020. First off, GH spoilers state that Carly’s secrets will continue to create a strain on the super couple. Teasers also relay that Sonny’s desperate actions to help his father with his Alzheimer’s symptoms might cause some huge implications when all are said and done.

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7. Nelle’s Release

Then, CarSon will also have to deal with Nelle in the new year, and the couple won’t be the only two that will feel the pain from Benson. According to GH spoilers, Nelle will be released from Pentonville, where Chase, Willow, Michael, Sasha, and others will feel the repercussions around Nelle’s release, and her actions following her new-found freedom. In potentially related spoilers, Shiloh will continue to loom over JaSam in January, beyond the grave.

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6. Wiley’s Secret

GH spoilers state that Wiley’s paternity secret will finally come to the surface and explode. Perhaps Nelle gets released from Pentonville and finally reveals the truth about her and Michael’s child. This will undoubtedly have an impact on all the people mentioned above, plus Brad and Lucas. It should make for an interesting January in Port Charles. In potentially related spoilers, while Liesl will work hard to turn over a new leaf this new year, her past will continue to haunt her in January.

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5. Julian’s World

Julian’s love life will take a turn for the better in January. Teasers reveal that some sparks will fly between him and someone that viewers may not expect. Could it be Brook Lynn Ashton, or someone else introduced into his orbit come the new year? GH fans will have to tune in to find out!

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4. Neil and Alexis

While things have been progressing nicely between Alexis and Neil these past few months, this couple may hit a bump in the road come January. GH spoilers tease that some unexpected news coming from Neil could affect this couple’s future in the coming weeks. Could his health be in jeopardy, or will something spring up from his past?

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3. Jordan On The Case

Jordan will move on to another case come January 2020, but it seems like something she’ll work on outside of her duties at PCPD. According to teasers, she’ll find out that a former colleague has passed, and she’ll have some suspicions around his/her demise. Will this be enough for her to want to dig into an investigation?

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2. Blast From The Past

Lulu and Dustin’s relationship will continue to progress nicely, and just as the two decide to move to the next step, a person from the past will return. Is it a person from Lulu’s past, or Dustin’s? No more information has been provided; however, this will likely cause a wedge in their relationship.

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1. Teen Drama

GH spoilers relay that the Port Charles teen scene will be in for some heartbreak this new year, but the teaser does not indicate who will be feeling it between the four friends. With that said, another GH spoiler reveals that Trina will learn about a mystery relative that lives in the little town. Does this mean a new character will emerge on the scene, or will she be linked to an existing one?

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