General Hospital Couples That Fans Didn’t Like

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Soap opera fans are a passionate bunch when it comes to their favorite show and super couples! While some characters go together like peanut and jelly in a relationship, other romantic pairs can rub audiences the wrong way. Below is an overview of some General Hospital (GH) couples over the years that viewers weren’t overly fond of.

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12. Tony Jones and Carly Roberts

While she’s known as Carly Corinthos these days, when the character first arrived in the little town, she wasn’t the nicest. In fact, she was bent on causing some damage to her bio mom, Bobbie, and her first order of business was to steal Spencer’s husband Tony away. Carly succeeded, but she and Tony never made a good couple and it wasn’t too long before Corinthos’ eyes wandered to Jason and A.J.

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11. Silas Clay and Sam McCall

Actor Michael Easton has played so many different characters on GH (and its sister soap Port Charles) that sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but back in 2013, he strolled into town as a Dr. Silas Clay. Perhaps it’s because he was the first official relationship for McCall after Jason “passed away,” but the couple just didn’t have that “it” factor.

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10. Luke Spencer and Skye Quartermaine

One would think a pairing like this would equal out to super couple, but it didn’t. Despite Luke Spencer’s charm, and Skye Quartermaine’s smarts and beauty, the coupling was not really favored by GH fans in the least. Whether it was lack of chemistry or the fact that (most) viewers were still hung up on Luke being with Laura, these two parted ways and it didn’t last too long.

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9. Morgan Corinthos and Ava Jerome

There were sparks in the bedroom between these two; however, most GH viewers didn’t like seeing these two together. Perhaps it is because Ava was Kiki’s mother, and boyfriend-stealing should never really happen between a mom and daughter; or maybe it was simply because Ava was always up to no good schemes. Regardless, Ava and Morgan were not fan favorites.

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8. T.J. Ashford and Molly Lansing-Davis

Young love can be really endearing on soap operas, especially when characters are experiencing “firsts.” Alas, sometimes young love can also be intense, and in some ways, teen couples can be annoying too. In Molly and T.J.’s case, these two consistently come off as irritating. Both are in desperate need of new, and more adult, relationships.

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7. Patrick Drake and Sabrina Santiago

When Patrick and Sabrina came together, it felt like GH fans were caught in a typical 1990’s high school movie where the nerdy girl likes the cool guy, and after she gets a makeover and takes her glasses off, he digs her too. It was just overall cheesy, and didn’t feel like the two had legitimate chemistry together.

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6. Lucky Spencer and Maxie Jones

Simply put, Lucky and Maxie were toxic together. They had an affair during a time when Spencer was struggling with an injury, painkiller addiction, and the passing of his partner Jesse. While cheating is enough to turn audiences off, Maxie was also quite manipulative during this time, doing all she could to keep Lucky caught up in her web of lies.

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5. Nikolas Cassadine and Rebecca Shaw

Nikolas had a tremendous relationship with Emily Quartermaine, and when she passed away in 2007, his world came crashing down. Enter Emily look-alike! Rebecca Shaw strolled into Port Charles in 2009 and immediately got Nikolas’ attention. The two would date, have zero chemistry, and it would turn out that Rebecca was actually Emily’s missing twin (and up to no good). The entire storyline, and coupling, was lame.

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4. Michael Corinthos and Nelle Benson

No one likes an obsessed woman who lies and schemes to keep her man, while also trying to ruin his family and their lives, which is exactly why fans disapproved (so strongly) of the Michael and Nelle coupling. That old saying, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me,” applies so strongly to why GH viewers were so annoyed that Michael believed Nelle for so long.

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3. Franco Baldwin and Carly Corinthos

Franco and Carly should’ve worked, but there was no spark between the two. Considering their history together, Franco’s obsession with Jason, and all the creepy things he did along the way, the fact that he was reformed and the two were interested in each other added an interesting layer to their romance. When all that was put aside, these two had nothing, and GH fans simply were bored with the relationship that unfolded.

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2. Luke Spencer and Anna Devane

Much like Carly and Franco, Luke and Anna in a romantic relationship probably looked good on paper. They share a connection to Robert, they both love super spy adventures, and both are smart and quick-witted. Having said that, on daytime screens, this romance fizzled and fast. Thankfully, both moved on pretty quick.

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1. Sonny Corinthos and Emily Quartermaine

Speaking of fizzling fast, the relationship between Emily and Sonny was something that was tried, and something that failed. The two were not a good fit in the least, and thankfully their romance didn’t last too long, as it was not only awkward for them but also very painful for GH fans to watch.

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