General Hospital: Spoilers For February 2022

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Say goodbye to January, and hello to February sweeps! What will unfold in the land of General Hospital (GH) over the next month? The Louise/Bailey storyline will hit fever pitch, while secrets about Marshall unfold. Also, Laura will stand her ground against Victor! Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for February 2022.

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12. A Dangerous Situation On The Horizon

GH spoilers for February promise a “dangerous” situation on the horizon for Louise and all those involved in this storyline. With Victor and Peter’s knowledge about Bailey being Louise, added teasers imply that Valentin won’t learn the truth in time to prevent what is about to happen next. Will Peter try to kidnap his daughter?

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11. More On The Bailey/Louise Storyline

GH spoilers for next month hint that Valentin may put his own family at risk, and Anna will be brought into the loop, too. Added teasers indicate that Chase and BLQ will not only lose control over this scheme, but sparks will fly between them during the aftermath of it all. In other news, Maxie will make some difficult choices to protect her baby from Peter, and a “final” confrontation between the two exes could erupt.

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10. Victor’s Mistakes

GH spoilers for February also note that Victor will make some major mistakes, which will inevitably cause drama. Added teasers reveal that Cassadine’s connection to Dr. Austin will create an obstacle for the doctor’s budding romance with Maxie. In other news, Laura will stand up to Victor; however, it sounds like the senior Cassadine will do everything he can to influence Nik and Spencer over to his side.

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9. Spence Starts To See The Light

Speaking of Spencer Cassadine, GH spoilers for next month state that he’ll start to see Esme’s true colors. He’ll begin to see her manipulative side and choose to “keep her close” to see what her agenda is truly about. Could Esme be focused on a scheme against Trina, Joss and Cam, or does it have to do with Ryan?

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8. Marshall’s Issues

GH spoilers indicate there will be “issues” where Curtis and Marshall are concerned. Added teasers suggest that Auntie Stella will wriggle her way into the drama, and more of Marshall’s secrets will be exposed. Will this put anyone in danger? Should Curtis be worried? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

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7. Will Sasha And Brando Make It?

GH spoilers suggest that Sasha and Brando will deal with a “defining” moment in their romance, come February. It sounds as if the two might be headed for a break-up unless something changes. Was baby Liam the “glue” that held these two together? Will they end up going their separate ways this month?

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6. Terry’s Love Connection

It’s great that Terry finally has a bonafide storyline, and GH spoilers for February suggest that she’ll deal with some mistaken identity issues this month. There’s no exact information on what will go down; however, the good news is, while the first match from the dating app will be a dud, the next one will be better. Sounds like some romance is headed Terry’s way soon!

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5. Liz And Finn Are Put To The Test

GH spoilers reveal that Finn and Liz’s budding relationship will be tested this month. They’ll try to learn more about what’s going on with Franco’s art studio being burned down, not to mention the wedding ring drama. Added teasers note that the couple will have to deal with a new challenge as they find out more.

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4. The Quartermaine Family

GH spoilers state that Olivia and Ned will renew their vows in early February, and the ceremony will provide some unexpected things. Will it be the typical Quartermaine drama? In other news, Luke’s history may come back to haunt Tracy. This could mean that Ned’s mom will have to exit the town in order to address some conflict.

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3. Carly, Sonny and Nina Love Triangle

Over to the Corinthos compound, GH spoilers indicate that something very unexpected will occur in this love triangle. Added teasers suggest that Sonny could do something that will “seal the deal” when it comes to his marriage with Carly. Will he cross a line with Nina during a mental health episode? In other news, there could be another GH love triangle on the horizon as Sam deals with conflicted feelings. While she loves Dante, some old sparks could arise between her and Drew.

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2. Britt’s World

Speaking of Carly, GH spoilers imply that she and Britt will help each other in an unexpected way this month. Nice to see these ladies are getting along; Jason would approve! In other Britt news, she won’t be optimistic about what the future holds, but her mom Liesl will do all she can to convince the good doctor otherwise.

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out GH spoilers for February, Alexis and Harmony will take their friendship to another level. In fact, their loved ones will take notice and a few heads will turn! Meanwhile, Willow and Michael will gear up for a trip to Paris and have to deal with some unexpected hiccups. Added teasers imply some secrets will surface while “Millow” is away, possibly affecting their future.

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