General Hospital: Spoilers For December 2022

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s set to unfold in the land of Port Charles over the next month? Britt will have plans for the future, while Mason screws with Austin’s life. Also, Drew and Carly will hit a bump in the road. Learn more about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for December 2022.

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12. Britt’s Future

GH spoilers for December reveal that Britt will talk about her future plans with Austin. It’s interesting that Westbourne is still in the picture, considering that actress Kelly Thiebaud has left the soap. However, it’s clear that her days are numbered in the little town. What will the good doctor decide to do: leave Port Charles for a facility that can help her with her condition, or possibly travel to make the most of her final days?

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11. Mason Screws Things Up For Austin

Speaking of Austin, GH spoilers suggest that Mason will continue to place pressure on the doctor. Will it be more of the same old antics next month? Will Maxie (or Spinelli) catch on to what Austin is doing? And could this affect their romance, with the holidays around the corner?

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10. Drew And Carly Hit A Snag

While they are keeping their relationship a secret, things are heating up between Carly and Drew. With that said, GH spoilers imply that their romance will hit a bump in December. Will Drew find out the truth about Willow’s bio mom? Could he learn that Carly knew all along and kept her mouth shut?

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9. A Serious Discussion

GH spoilers for early December hint that Michael and Willow will sit down for a serious chat about something. Given everything that is going on, will they talk about “what if” scenarios around Willow’s health? Is there hope that both she and the baby will end up being fine? That all depends on how quickly they can find her bio mom. Will Carly fess up at any point?

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8. A Plot Twist For Sasha

GH spoilers indicate that after a very hard year, Sasha will experience another “twist” in her storyline. Here’s hoping it’s a good plot twist and not a bad one. Could the young woman find out she’s expecting? It may be the silver lining after losing both Brando and Liam over the past 12 months.

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7. A New Romance?

It may be too soon for Sasha, but could someone walk into her life who can help ease the pain she’s suffered in 2022? Gladys might not be overly pleased if her daughter-in-law meets someone, and since she’s her official guardian, could Brando’s mom make Sasha’s life difficult in the weeks and months ahead?

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6. Finn Pleads His Case

Do Finn and Elizabeth stand a chance during this holiday season? GH spoilers suggest that Hamilton will “plead” his case with Liz in December, but will she listen to him with an open heart? In other teasers, he’ll also “grill” Nikolas about something. Is he noticing that these two are spending more time together?

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5. Is A Reunion On The Horizon?

Elizabeth and Nik have always had a complicated friendship. For those longtime fans who recall, they were also intimate at one point. Nik was quite adamant about pursuing a romance with the nurse, even though she pushed him away. Now that Nik’s relationship with Ava is over — and keeping in mind their newfound alliance to keep Esme locked up — he and Liz could get that much closer during the holidays.

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4. Can Ryan Help The Police Find Esme?

GH spoilers hint that Ava will pay Ryan a visit in early December, which means he’ll be ready to “help” the police with their search for Esme. With that said, Chamberlain is a master manipulator, so he’s about five steps ahead of everyone. What kind of games will he play this holiday season? On one hand, he’ll want to keep Ava visiting him; on the other hand, he won’t want the police to have any success with their search.

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3. Is Heather Esme’s Mom?

After the recent encounter Heather had with Ryan, it’s hard not to speculate that Ms. Webber could be Esme’s mom. Fans have been sitting on the edge of their seats trying to figure out who could’ve birthed the insanely manipulative young lady. When it comes to the type of offspring that could come from Chamberlain and Heather, Esme certainly fits the bill. Will fans find out more about this in December?

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2. Spencer Receives A Gift

‘Tis the season to give and receive; however, when it comes to gifts in prison, anybody would raise an eyebrow. GH spoilers for early December state that Spencer will be given a present. But who’s behind the gift, and what exactly will the young Cassadine receive? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

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1. Expect The Unexpected

GH spoilers imply that Victor will deliver something unexpected in December. Could this be linked to Spencer’s gift or is it something else? Will he finally release Lucy from her hostage situation? Could this be about Ethan Lovett? In other news, there is cause for Felicia to be worried. Is this about Mac, or possibly Anna?

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