General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (October 24 – November 4, 2022)

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That video of Lucy’s shooting looks bad, but will Anna suffer any repercussions? Is Lucy still alive? Will Drew and Carly finally solidify their romance? General Hospital (GH) fans just love to speculate on storylines. As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for October 24th to November 4th, 2022.

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12. Will Jordan Arrest Anna?

If this week’s GH spoilers and preview video are any indications, then there’s a good chance Anna will get hauled into Port Charles’ police station and get booked for Lucy Coe’s shooting. It’s a harsh reality, but the video of Lucy getting shot is quite incriminating. Fans know that Anna wasn’t behind it — and that Victor was — but Jordan’s hands might be tied.

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11. The Evil Twin Factor

Victor is behind all of this, but how did he manage to put Anna’s face on the shooter? There are likely only two explanations: either the shooter is wearing a face mask that looks like Devane, or her evil twin Alex is back in the land of the living! Since Alex has nine lives, she may be working with Victor to bring her sister down.

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10. Could She Be The Hook Slasher, Too?

Is Victor behind the hook-slashing incidents? Could Alex be the one committing these horrifying acts? If she’s still alive, there’s a good chance she’s the one responsible. Then again, could Holly be brainwashed by Victor and his goons to slash away? Sutton is set to slap Cassadine this week, as profiled by the GH weekly preview video. There’s a chance Holly’s been brainwashed throughout the past two years, and she’s been unknowingly doing his bidding.

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9. Animosity Between Holly And Anna

Could Holly knowingly be in cahoots with Victor? She’s always been a heroine on the canvas, but she may have changed during her time away from Port Charles. That slap on the video could be for appearances sake. She and Anna weren’t exactly the best of friends back in the ‘80s when Devane showed up with Robin and essentially stole Robert from Sutton. Could her return be one that is focused on revenge?

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8. Robert Reveals His Feelings

Speaking of Holly, GH spoilers for the week of October 31st suggest that Robert will be honest with Ms. Sutton. Sounds like he’s probably going to reveal that he still has feelings for her, after all these years. How will she react? Is there a Holly-Robert reunion on the horizon? They made an incredible couple back in the day.


7. Is Lucy Still Alive?

That’s the major question of the moment. There’s a good chance that Lucy is still alive, and Victor is hiding her somewhere. She may have gotten shot by fake bullets, but because of her shock, she fell into the water. One of Vic’s goons likely saved her and is holding her hostage somewhere. Here’s hoping that wherever she is, Ms. Coe is okay.

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6. Carly And Drew Finally Get It On

GH spoilers for this week hint that Drew and Carly will look forward to the future in the days ahead. Carly’s closed many a-chapter in her life recently, and she may finally be ready to move on. Will “moving on” include a romance with Drew? Will the two finally do the deed? They do make an interesting couple.

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5. Dex And Joss Come Close To Kissing

There are sparks every time Dex and Joss come across each other, so it’s only a matter of time until these two share a kiss. But will that happen in the next two weeks? Anything is possible. Plus, if they do share a moment, will Joss realize that it’s time to end things with Cam?

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4. Trina’s Got Spence On The Brain

GH spoilers for this week reveal that Trina will be distracted. She’ll likely be on her trip with Rory, so what’s on her mind? Could it be that she can’t stop thinking about Spence? Will things pop up during her vacation that remind her of the young Cassadine? Will she realize that she has unresolved feelings for Spencer? Could she break up with Rory during their time away from Port Charles?

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3. Laura Returns! 

Speaking of Spencer, GH spoilers state that he’ll receive a welcome visitor at Pentonville this week. This could mean that Cam, Joss or Alexis will visit him, as Trina’s not around. However, his grandmother Laura is set to return very soon. Will she be the one who swings by to say “hello”?

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2. DNA Test Results

Cody has agreed to a DNA test, so when will this test happen? And will the results come in within the next two weeks? It’s likely. Soap opera storylines either move at the pace of a turtle or go by like a race car. GH spoilers imply that Mac will have some stunning news for Robert during the week of October 31st. Could he tell his brother that he’s an uncle?

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1. Will Ryan Hunt Nik Down?

Esme warned Nikolas last week that her dad knew she was in Port Charles. Could this statement foreshadow the idea that Ryan will go AWOL? Chamberlain is not stable in the least, especially now that his daughter is expecting Nikolas’ baby. Plus, given Nik’s history with Ava, Ryan might hunt Cassadine down and torture him over the next couple of weeks. By keeping Esme locked in a room, Nik is really testing his luck!

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