General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (October 11 – 22, 2021)

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Will Sonny continue to hide his one-time relationship with Nina from Carly? Will Jason and Carly come clean to Sonny? What will go down in Greece over the next two weeks? It’s hard for General Hospital (GH) fans to refrain from speculating. As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for October 11th to October 22nd, 2021.

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12. Sonny Tries To Cover His “Mike” Life

GH spoilers for this coming week note that Jax and Sonny will form an alliance, while Corinthos will “lay out” some ground rules for Nina, so they can move forward. Sounds like Sonny will do everything he can to “cover-up” what he did as “Mike”, so as not to hurt Carly. He really should come clean; however, for the time being, this will work for all parties involved.

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11. Jason and Carly Try To Cover Up, Too

The weekly GH preview video reveals a conversation between Carly and Jason. Sounds like Jason will justify their *almost* relationship and the real reason behind their wedding. They did believe Sonny had passed, so why come clean about their feelings when they didn’t act upon them? After all, a kiss is just a kiss.

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10. Carly Lies To Britt

The weekly GH preview video also shows a scene between Carly and Britt. Seems like Mrs. Corinthos will tell Westbourne that her wedding and “relationship” to Jason was a lie for mob-related reasons. Carly must feel bad about what’s happened and she’ll want to see “Stone Cold” happy with someone else. He was quite content with Britt before he “had” to get engaged, so Carly will likely manipulate Westbourne into giving Jason another chance.

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9. Britt Digs Her Heels In… For Now

After her conversation with Carly, Britt won’t “run” to Jason, but she’ll probably take some time to digest the information Mrs. Corinthos relayed. Westbourne has a lot going on right now, with the most important issue being her missing mom. From GH spoilers, it sounds like she’ll turn to Jason for help in finding Liesl.

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8. An Adventure Leads To Romance

GH spoilers for the week of October 18th suggest that Jason and Britt will head to Greece. Their mission is to find Obrecht; however, as most soap fans know, “adventure missions” often lead to romance. The two will probably rekindle their relationship while searching for Liesl. After a long day of looking for Westbourne’s mom, a kiss could lead to something more.

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7. Two Weeks Of Dangerous Super Sleuthing

With half of Port Charles in Greece right now, things are bound to heat up when it comes to this storyline. There will be action, adventure, bullets flying everywhere, and hopefully some prisoners rescued. But will fans see anyone perish when all is said and done?

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6. Robert’s Stunning Discovery

GH spoilers for the week of October 11th indicate that Robert will make an unexpected discovery. This could mean multiple things. He may find either Liesl or Valentin locked up in the Cassadine compound. He could stumble upon Drew, as a masked shooter. Then again, he could run into Victor Cassadine, or maybe Britt and Jason.

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5. Victor’s Diabolical Orders

Meanwhile, GH spoilers for the week of October 18th suggest that Victor Cassadine will place some “diabolical” orders. Will he and Peter end up aligning once again? Could Victor ask Peter to order Drew to “ax” Anna? Perhaps he’ll target Robert, Valentin and possibly Britt or Jason? It’s unlikely he’ll order any harm done to Liesl, as he seems quite infatuated with her.

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4. Anna’s Choice

GH spoilers for the week of October 18th state that Anna will have to make a hard decision. In fact, it’ll be a “forced” choice. Could she, along with the other “heroes” in Greece, attempt to escape? Will she be “forced” to leave someone behind? What if it’s Liesl? This would further complicate their budding friendship.

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3. She Has To Pull The Trigger

What if Anna has a stand-off with Peter and Drew? Drew’s brainwashed so August (who might not be armed) could issue deadly orders to Cain, telling him to shoot Anna. That would “force” Devane to shoot at Drew, even though she may not want to. Hurting Drew Cain, considering his circumstances, would crush Anna.

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2. Relationships Progress

GH spoilers hint at more scenes between Maxie and Austin, which means their budding friendship will likely continue to grow (maybe even into something “more”). Meanwhile, added teasers note that BLQ will decide to take things to another level. Could this be about her friendship with Chase? Will the two share a kiss over the coming weeks?

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1. BLQ Tries To Get Through To Olivia

BLQ may also try to take things to the next level as it relates to Leo. Will she attempt to get through to Olivia? She did have a good conversation about Leo with Austin. She now sees the doctor only has the boy’s best interests at heart. Will Olivia listen to BLQ?

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