General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (October 10 – 21, 2022)

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Esme’s back and all arrows are pointing to the idea that she is the hook slasher… but is she? Will Jordan suspect her? Will Holly and Robert feel instant chemistry when Ms. Sutton returns to town? General Hospital (GH) fans just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for October 10th to 21st, 2022.

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12. Who Could The Hook Slasher Be?

All arrows were seemingly pointing towards Esme, but is Ms. Prince really the one behind these hook slashings? There’s a 50/50 chance at this point; Esme has claimed it’s not her, but she’s also been known to lie. Could it be an old female character returning to the land of the living, like Helena Cassadine? Perhaps it’s Sonny’s old ex-wife, Lily?

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11. Esme’s Return 

Esme stated “Who says you can’t come home?” in the GH weekly preview video, so it looks like she won’t be hiding under that hooded cloak for long. She’ll eventually expose herself to Nik, Ava and possibly everyone else in Port Charles. People will be stunned to see her, but will anyone point a finger at her as being the one behind all these gruesome events in town? Diane claimed that the slasher was a woman, so it’s very possible!

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10. Will Jordan Suspect Esme?

GH spoilers for the week of October 10th note that Jordan will have an epiphany, while teasers for the week of October 17th state that Esme will have to fight back. Could Jordan believe that Ms. Prince is the hook slasher? Will Esme have to “fight” to defend herself in this regard?

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9. Ms. Prince Slides By

Regardless of whether or not she’ll have to defend herself against accusations of being the hook slasher, Esme will have to talk to the authorities about the Cam/Joss viral video. There’s a good chance Oz will perish from his slashing, unlike Ava and Diane who were able to survive their incidents. Without Oz’s testimony, Jordan and Robert may not have a case, and Esme could end up a free woman. But she’ll need some help.


8. Who Will Protect Ms. Prince Now?

Victor will likely step up to keep Esme quiet about the entire Ava/parapet incident. He’ll recruit Nik to help the young woman as well. Will Ms. Prince stay at Wyndemere again? She does have the upper hand, returning to Port Charles alive and well. Victor will want to avoid trouble at all costs, so he’ll do everything he can to get the viral video charges dropped. He’ll also offer the young woman a place to stay.

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7. Will Nina Embarrass Herself… Again?

Nina has a way of jumping to conclusions and embarrassing herself. She saw Willow and TJ hugging last week and immediately jumped to the conclusion that the two were having an affair. GH spoilers suggest that TJ will confront Ms. Reeves during the week of October 10th. Will Nina make a comment about the young doctor hugging the nurse, and will TJ put her in her place? Things are about to get mighty awkward!

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6. Dex And Josslyn Bond

Dex has been ordered to stay away from Josslyn. On top of that, Ms. Jacks has a boyfriend. Yet these two will wind up in each other’s orbits over the next two weeks and bond in the process. Looks like her romance with Cam will wither, as fans have seen Joss in more scenes with Dex than Cameron, as of late.

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5. Will Nik Leave Ava?

What Victor wants, Victor gets! The likelihood of Nikolas and Ava getting formally separated is a good one. GH spoilers for the week of October 17th note that Ms. Jerome will demand answers from Nik, while Victor celebrates a victory. A quick separation is likely on the horizon for these two, and that Cassadine cash will push it through as quickly as possible.

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4. Trina Confides In Ava

GH spoilers for this week indicate that Trina will confide in Ava about something. Will Ms. Robinson reveal that she still has feelings for Spencer? Could Ms. Jerome advise the young woman to go to Pentonville and tell the young Cassadine how she feels? Spencer is in rough shape right now, so a visit from Trina may not end well. Will love ever be in the cards for these two youngsters?

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3. Will Holly And Robert Reunite?

Speaking of couples with bad timing! Holly and Robert made a fantastic super couple back in the day, but it always seemed as if fate pulled them apart. Ms. Sutton is set to return to the land of Port Chuckles during the week of October 17th. Longtime fans can’t help but hope that these two will have a romantic reunion, after all these years! Will there be instant sparks?

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2. Britt And Cody 

Britt and Cody look cute together, but how long can things last given actress Kelly Thiebaud’s imminent exit? It’s possible that the Britt Westbourne character will be recast, but there also seems to be something brewing between Maxie and Mr. Bell. Over the next two weeks, the pseudo-couple will come to some sort of resolution, as Westbourne heads out of town.

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1. Can Scotty Help Mac With His Questions?

When Scotty returns to Port Chuckles this coming week, Mac and Felicia will be eager to sit the attorney down for a “catch-up” session. Can Scotty help answer any Dominique-related questions Mac may have? Could he confirm that Cody is a Scorpio, after all? Why don’t they just have a paternity test and get it over with, already?!

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