General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (November 21 – December 2, 2022)

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Is Britt on her way out of Port Charles? How will Carly react when she finds out about Willow’s condition? Will Holly finally confess all to Robert? General Hospital (GH) fans just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for November 21st to December 2nd, 2022.

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12. How Will Britt Exit Port Charles?

Britt’s about to get some bad news this week, and if GH’s preview is any indication, she’ll be devastated about what she finds out. Could her health be failing? Will she leave town before her Huntington’s disease fully takes over? Will this be Britt’s exit out of Port Charles? If she leaves before things get bad, this could provide an easy way for her to return at some point.

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11. Peter’s Necklace

As she exits, she may pay Cody a visit and give him Peter’s necklace. Mr. Bell is clearly interested in it. Then again, Westbourne may hand the necklace over to her mom. GH spoilers for the week of November 28th suggest that Cody will try to strike a deal with Liesl. Is this about the necklace or something else?

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10. Will Holly Tell Robert The Truth?

Holly’s been up to no good and it seems that Robert is finally on to her. This week’s GH preview hints that Ms. Sutton could fess up to her ex about her alliance with Victor. But how much will she tell Robert? It’s clear that she’s being blackmailed into doing his bidding, much like Valentin was. Victor is holding someone near and dear to Holly’s heart. Will she tell Scorpio who that is? Could it be her son, Ethan?

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9. Is Holly The Key?

Robert could assure Holly that he’ll protect her. If she decides to jump teams, which she wants to, could she be the key to bringing Victor down? GH spoilers for the week of November 28th note that Ms. Sutton will be “desperate” and at one point, she’ll be in the “hot seat”. Will she get grilled by Robert, or will she join the heroes in helping Anna, only to get questioned by Victor?

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8. Will Lucy Re-Emerge?

Yes, Lucy got shot weeks ago, but it’s highly likely that she’s alive and simply being held captive by Victor. After all, it’s what he loves to do to people. Will the plot around Lucy’s shooting thicken over the next two weeks, revealing that Coe’s alive and well? Could she try to escape her captors and actually be successful in this endeavor? Will Lucy find her way back to Port Chuckles?

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7. Will Elizabeth Help Nikolas?

Now that her last storyline has wrapped up, it’s time for Elizabeth to get into new trouble. Of course, she’ll help Nikolas with the Esme situation. After all, she’s got a soft spot in her heart for Cassadine, and he’s helped her out so many times before. His relationship with Ava is done, while her relationship with Finn has crumbled. Will these two BFFs and former lovers bond over this sticky Esme situation?

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6. The Ryan Chamberlain Factor

GH spoilers for the week of November 28th imply that Mac and Kevin will turn to Ava for help. This is an interesting teaser since these three characters don’t generally have scenes together, but they all have links to Ryan Chamberlain. Has Ryan escaped the facility? Could Mac and Kevin believe that Ava’s a target? Could this be connected to the hook slasher incidents?

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5. Carly’s Lie Will Catch Up To Her

With Drew deciding to help Willow find her bio parents, Carly’s whole world is about to crash. GH spoilers for this week suggest that Michael will fill his mom in on everything that is going on. Meanwhile, teasers for the week of November 28th note that Drew will come close to solving a mystery. Carly’s on the cusp of getting caught up in this massive lie!

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4. Will Carly Act Fast?

But what will Carly do when she finds out that Willow needs a bone marrow transplant from a parent to survive? Will she tell the truth, or keep her lie hidden? Time is of the essence, so whatever Carly decides to do could not only determine the fate of Willow’s existence but her baby’s, too.

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3. More Lies

Will Carly allow her ego to overrun her judgment? If the truth comes out — and everyone realizes that she’s known Nina is Willow’s bio mom all along — Michael, Willow and Drew could all turn on her. Let’s not forget the backlash she’d get from Reeves for hiding yet another child from her. Will she try to convince Nina and Sonny (and everyone else) to test and see if they are a bone marrow match for Willow?

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2. Drew Finds Out The Truth

Drew will also find out that Nina is Willow’s mom; however, Carly will manage to hide the fact that she knew all along. Tests are wrong all the time, so she’ll likely cover up her lie. The truth will come out soon, especially since Willow desperately needs that bone marrow, but Carly’s role in it will not.

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1. More “Sprina” Moments To Come?

How great was it to see Trina and Spencer together this past week? Will “Sprina” fans get more and more of this, as the days and weeks go by? How long will Spencer remain locked up in prison? Could something happen in the next two weeks which secures his release from Pentonville? This is the land of soap operas, so anything is possible!

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