General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (May 10 – 21, 2021)

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What kind of obstacles will Maxie and BLQ face in the coming weeks? What will have Jax and Carly at odds? Will “Mike” and Nina finally solidify their romance? General Hospital (GH) fans love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for May 10 to May 21, 2021.

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12. Maxie Gets Fooled

Maxie will get fooled in the coming days. It sounds as if Peter will either influence the private nurse that Jones has chosen, or get someone to infiltrate her position. Could Peter convince the nurse to steal the child once the baby is born, or will he simply hire someone to do so? Sounds like August is trying to keep all bases covered on this one.

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11. Kimberly J. Brown’s New Role

GH spoilers hint that former Guiding Light alum actress Kimberly J. Brown will be entering the land of Port Chuckles in a mystery role. Could she be playing Maxie’s new private nurse? Will she be just as deceptive as Peter August, or will she be a victim in his web of lies? Brown is set to debut the week of May 10, so fans will find out some of the answers to these questions soon.

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10. Valentin Blindsides Brook Lynn

Brook Lynn has some issues of her own when it comes to her baby daddy. GH spoilers hint that Cassadine will blindside BLQ this week, and make an unexpected suggestion the week of May 17. What if Valentin learns the truth about what Brook Lynn is up to? Could he decide to play her game and relinquish his rights? This would leave her in a pickle. She’d still help Maxie, though.


9. Chase Continues To Struggle

Sounds like Michael and Willow will continue their charade, as Chase struggles to recover. GH spoilers indicate that Finn will be concerned over Harrison’s well-being during the week of May 17. As Anna tries to find an antidote and Finn works on one, he may believe that time is running out. Will the two be able to save Chase before it is too late? Harrison will struggle over the next couple of weeks.

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8. Mourning The Loss Of Sean Donely

It’s hard for fans to ignore that Sean Donely’s passing could be linked to the above storyline. After all, he had a condition similar to Chase’s many years ago and viewers know that a special episode is on the horizon to honor the character (played by John Reilly). Plus, Devane mentioned his name this past week. Anna will get some sad news the week of May 17. Sounds like she’ll hear her former colleague and friend has passed away. This will all lead up to the special show in Reilly’s memory, taking place on Friday, May 21.

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7. Annie Could Be The Key

Anna, along with Mac, Felicia and Laura, will come together to mourn the passing of Donely, but they’ll also embark on a mission to solve a mystery. They’ll be looking for Annie Donely, Sean’s daughter, played by Reilly’s real-life daughter, Caitlin. Could Annie hold the key to Chase’s antidote? Could she become the person who helps nab Peter in the end? Or, is she working with August?

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6. Special Guests For Sean Donely Tribute

The May 21 episode honoring Donely and Reilly sounds like it’ll be interesting. GH is teasing some special guest appearances. Actress/director Kimberly McCollough teased an appearance on the show via a social media post, so Robin Scorpio-Drake is sure to make a return. Will she bring her daughter Emma in tow? Will fans finally get to meet Noah Scorpio-Drake? Then there’s the idea that Sean’s wife Tiffany, played by actress Sharon Wyatt, could make a comeback.

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5. Carly and Jax

Carly and Jax will butt heads this week and next, as they argue about Josslyn’s safety. Jax will probably feel that Joss is safer with him, while momma bear won’t be pleased with his opinion. Carly is fiercely independent and will feel like she’s doing a stellar job to keep her daughter safe. As Nina gets closer to “Mike”, it only seems fitting that Carly and Jax will gravitate towards each other. Nothing adds heat to a relationship like disagreeing on something, so could friction add fuel to the fire for a romantic reunion?

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4. Gladys Decides To Work With Carly

Speaking of Ms. Corinthos, she’s established some sort of dominance after the meeting with the five families. Her moves were bold. GH spoilers reveal that Gladys will overhear something in the coming days. As the week of May 17 approaches, she’ll meet up with Carly. Could Gladys have a change of heart with helping Cyrus? Could she overhear that Carly is the alpha female in Port Charles now? She may decide her loyalties should lay with the Corinthos clan.

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3. Nina and “Mike”

A weekly preview video shows Nina and “Mike” getting closer. While Reeves is set to go on a date with Elijah this week, depending on how it unfolds, she might be further drawn to Sonny. The two are very attracted to each other, and if something goes wrong on her date, she may find herself falling into “Mike’s” arms. She won’t even be able to hold back.

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2. Sasha Tries But Fails

Sasha is going to try to place some distance between her and Brando this week. Sounds like she’ll get into a major fight with Cyrus, too. She may either feel threatened by continuing a relationship with Corbin (considering who his boss is), or she will want to stay away to protect him. Regardless, Brando will help Sasha out of a sticky situation the week of May 17. Seems as if she’ll try to break up with him, but she’ll fail.

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1. Britt Tells Jason About Her Condition

Britt will likely tell Jason about her condition this week. GH spoilers reveal she’ll open up to Stone Cold. As they are spending a lot of time alone on the run, he may be able to press her enough so that she’ll confide in him. In the past, she’s been able to brush off her shakiness; however, now that they have the time and it’s just the two of them, she could finally tell him the truth.

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