General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (March 29 to April 9, 2021)

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Will Carly and Jason make a deal with Cyrus? Will Nina continue to bond with “Mike”? Are Peter August’s days numbered? Any new couples that might begin to form in the next couple of weeks? Fans of General Hospital (GH) just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for March 29 to April 9, 2021.

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12. Jason Refuses To Comply

GH weekly preview video indicates that Carly will update Jason on Cyrus’s offer. His mom, for Gladys’s testimony in Franco’s case. Sounds as if Jason will be unwilling to cooperate with Renault. Carly seems open to the idea; however, “Stone Cold” knows he innocent and he’s not willing to budge. What will Carly’s next step be?

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11. Time To Team Up

GH spoilers imply that Carly and Anna will team up this coming week. They’ve got similar goals, as they both need to find a way to link Peter August to Franco’s shooting. It seems as if Carly will reject Cyrus’s offer and try to straighten Jason’s charges out on her own. With the help of Anna Devane that is. Robert will probably be brought into the loop, too.

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10. Carly Threatens Gladys

GH spoilers tease that Carly will confront Gladys this week. There’s a good chance she may threaten her. Corbin is playing a dangerous game, and if she thinks that she’s got the full protection of Cyrus, she may be delusional. She’s simply a pawn in his game. Can Carly get through to her? She’ll try to. If she can get Gladys to go back on what she said and saw, this could be the key to Jason’s charges being dropped.

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9. Jason Gets Out On Bail

Meanwhile, GH spoilers reveal that Elizabeth won’t be able to shake the feeling of disappointment. Could Jason get out on bail? Could his charges get dropped if Gladys goes back to the police and withdraws her statement? Carly and Diane will hit the courthouse this week, and with the plethora of money that Mrs. Corinthos has access to, anything is possible. Liz wants Jason to pay because she *thinks* he’s behind Franco’s shooting. If he’s released on bail or if his charges dropped, she could feel as if the “little” guy never wins.

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8. Anna and Valentin

Back to Anna, she’ll be crossing paths quite a bit with Valentin over the next couple of weeks. Could these two be GH’s next big super couple? They’ve got history, and fans can tell that he not only still holds feelings for her, but there are also some sparks between them. Viewers should expect Anna and Cassadine to continue to be in each other’s orbit, with chemistry flying everywhere.

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7. Valentin Is Taken Aback

Anna will help calm a situation down for Cassadine the week of April 5th. What could have him riled up? Sounds like Brook Lynn might announce the “plan” she has in store for him and their baby. Could BLQ propose that Valentin get full custody of the baby if he gives her back her shares or gives up ELQ altogether?

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6. Nina and Sonny Get Closer

Speaking of chemistry, while Sonny and Carly make a great pair, there’s something about “Mike” and Nina. With Reeves staying with Phyllis for a little while longer, these two will continue to bond over the next couple of weeks. “Mike” is clearly smitten with Nina, but will she start to reciprocate these feelings?

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5. Willow and Chase

GH spoilers hint that one of these two may “back out” on the idea of a reunion in the coming weeks ahead. Meanwhile, added teasers for the week of April 5th note that Sasha will interrupt a moment of intimacy between two people. Could Willow and Michael get caught up in emotion? Could Sasha walk in on them? That could ruin reunion plans for both Chillow, as well as Sasha and Michael.

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4. Sasha and Brando

The good news is that *if* Chillow breaks up and Willow and Michael solidify their romance, Sasha always has her friendship with Brando. The two will continue to bond the week of April 5th, so perhaps Corbin offers a shoulder for her to cry on. But what about Chase? Well, there seems to be something brewing between him and BLQ? Even if it’s just friendship!

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3. Kevin Provides Insight

Ava and Nikolas will be put on notice the week of April 5th, and Kevin will provide some insight. Could this be about Ryan? If Ava receives another cryptic message, like the one she got on Valentine’s Day, she may continue to believe that Ryan is behind it. How could he be? Plus, will Kevin help assure the couple that Ryan couldn’t have done such a thing?

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2. Cyrus and Nikolas

GH spoilers for the week of April 5th hint that Cyrus will approach Nikolas Cassadine. Seems like an odd alliance; however, Renault is his new-found half-uncle. What does Cyrus want with Nik? It’s hard to say, but perhaps he’s approaching Laura’s only child in Port Charles right now for a way to get “closer” to his sister?

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1. Cam and Josslyn

Could Cam’s new behavior place a wedge between his budding romance with Josslyn? Sure, they are friends, but they’ve both wanted to be a little more to each other in the past. Between Dev’s and Sonny’s passing, not to mention Franco’s shooting, these two have left any possible relationship on the back burner. Could they continue to drift apart over the next couple of weeks, or will some friction bring them closer together when all is said and done?

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