General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (March 29 to April 9, 2021)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap for the next couple of weeks in the land of Port Chuckles? Finn and Anna come together, while Carly is headed to the courthouse, and Nina believes she is doing the right thing. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for March 29 to April 9, 2021.

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12. Finn and Anna

Could these two be headed for a reunion? GH spoilers imply that Finn will reach out to Anna, early on the week of March 29th. They’ll chat about what went wrong in the relationship, so could they try and make amends to move forward? Meanwhile, as the days progress, Finn and Diane will come together and act as a support system to Alexis. Lastly, Hamilton will have an awkward encounter with Chase as the weekend hits.

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11. Carly’s World

Carly will be busy in the coming days! She and Jason will have a meeting about Cyrus. Sounds as if Mrs. Corinthos will bring him into the loop about what Renault had to say last week. As the week progresses, Carly will confront Gladys. She’s not too happy about her role in Franco’s case and it sounds as if she’ll let her know.

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10. Brando’s Warning

Speaking of Gladys, GH spoilers for the week of March 29th hint that Brando will tell his mom to stay away from Renault. He knows all too well that Gladys is getting in way over her head. Will she heed his warning? Mrs. Corbin is very cocky and seems to think there will be zero repercussions for her actions. She’s in for quite a stunner.

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9. Anna and Carly Team Up

Meanwhile, GH spoilers also hint that Anna and Carly will team up. Anna’s looking to nab Peter, while Carly wants to clear Jason’s name. Both of these actions are connected to Franco’s shooting, so perhaps they can come together to finally uncover the truth. Robert will be curious about what Devane is up to in the coming days, but will Anna fill him in? Lastly, added teasers for the week of April 5th state that Anna will be able to “get through” to Valentin. What could this be about, now?

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8. More On Carly

Back to Carly, added GH spoilers state that she and Diane will head to the courthouse at some point in the coming days. This probably has to do with Jason. Meanwhile, Jax hopes that Carly will stay on the sidelines, but fans know all too well that this will never happen. She’s an “action” kind of girl!

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7. Cameron’s Behavior

Cameron’s current behavior will have some within Port Charles raising an eyebrow. GH spoilers indicate that he and his mom will clash this week. Meanwhile, BFF Joss won’t be overly happy with how Cam is acting in the coming days. Added teasers for the week of April 5th state that Josslyn will turn to her dad Jax about something. Could this be about her concern for Cameron?

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6. Jason Versus Scott

GH spoilers promise a confrontation between Scotty and Jason in the coming days; however, with “Stone Cold” locked up, how much could really go down between these two? In related teasers, Elizabeth won’t be able to shake her disappointment. Speaking of being locked up, Portia will get to have a chat with Taggert.

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5. Curtis In The Mix

GH spoilers imply that TJ will have some questions about Jordan that he’ll aim in Curtis’s direction. As the days go by, TJ will comfort Molly, and Curtis will witness something he wishes he hadn’t. In other related news, Laura will personally thank Curtis for everything he’s done. Speaking of Laura, she’ll start to question Martin’s true intentions, early on this week.


4. Maxie and Britt Team Up

Major girl power the week of March 29th! Not only will Anna and Carly team up, but so will Britt and Maxie. GH spoilers state that the two will meet up, and Jones will confide in Westbourne about something. Added teasers hint that they’ll bring their heads together and discuss steps moving forward on how to deal with August. Four women, all looking to bring Peter down? He better watch his step!

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3. Jackie Not Happy

Across town, GH spoilers imply that Jackie will confront Peter August this week. Add another female who isn’t thrilled with what he’s been up to as of late. This must be about his article exposing her affair with Finn, and the questions around Chase’s paternity. Peter is racking up the enemies in Port Charles.

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2. Another Message For Ava

Looking forward to the week of April 5th, GH spoilers reveal that Ava will get another veiled message. How will she react? Added teasers indicate that Kevin will provide insight into a situation. Will Kevin be able to help Ava with all these odd messages she’s getting, or is this about something else?

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out GH spoilers for this week and next, Liesl Obrecht will be skeptical about something. Could this have to do with Maxie and Britt’s plan? Lastly, Nina will feel a bit conflicted about her situation; however, she’ll convince herself she’s doing what’s right. She may feel bad that she does hold the key to helping “Mike”, but with all the danger that surrounds Sonny’s life, maybe he’s safer where he is?


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