General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (December 5 – 16, 2022)

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What are Britt’s future plans? Will she leave the little town before the holidays hit? Will Cody slowly but surely “move on” to Maxie? Plus, what tragedy will strike Port Charles next? General Hospital (GH) fans love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for December 5th to 16th, 2022.

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12. Britt’s Plans

When Britt reveals her plans to Austin this week, she may decide that traveling is in her near future. She has very little time before her Huntington’s takes over, so she may want to see the world before she’s unable. But will she leave Port Charles before or after the holidays hit? Her name is still sprinkled in GH spoilers for this week and next.

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11. Time To Say Goodbye

With that said, GH spoilers for the week of December 12th suggest that Britt will do something that leaves her bestie Brad “touched” by the sentiment. Could Westbourne be making her rounds over the next two weeks, saying her “goodbyes” to those closest to her, as she exits the little town for good?

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10. Cody And Maxie

With Britt on her way out, will Cody and Maxie become a “thing”? GH spoilers for the week of December 12th suggest that Austin will do something to rub Jones the wrong way, while Cody will be a friend in her time of need. How will Spinelli feel, once he realizes that Maxie’s feelings are moving away from Austin and toward Mr. Bell?

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9. Will Carly Try To Keep The Truth Hidden?

Drew is getting very close to finding out who Willow’s bio parents are. If Carly finds out how close he is, will she sabotage his efforts in order to keep this secret hidden? If he does find out the truth, will Cain question his new girlfriend’s integrity? Drew and Carly are moving at full force with their romance, despite hiding it from people. Will Carly destroy yet another relationship, thanks to her ego and hate for someone else?

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8. What Tragedy Will Strike Next?

GH spoilers for the week of December 12th hint that another tragedy is set to strike Port Charles. Will the Hook Slasher be involved, or could an explosion be caused by Victor? It seems like it may be Hook Slasher related, as cryptic teasers point out that Trina will be distressed that week.

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7. Ava’s On The Warpath

GH spoilers also state that Ava will be on the warpath that same week. So, if the Hook Slasher does strike at someone close to Trina, Ms. Jerome may activate momma bear mode! While Ava is Trina’s mentor, she also sees the young lady as a daughter. If Ms. Robinson is upset about something, then Ava will see red.

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6. More Links To Trina

If the tragedy that takes place during the week of December 12th is about the Hook Slasher, then who could the victim be? It will likely be someone linked to Trina, which makes Portia, Taggert, and Marshall prime targets. Perhaps the young lady herself will get attacked but live to tell the tale. If Trina is attacked, this would certainly send Ava on the warpath!

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5. Could Rory Be The Hook Slasher?

It’s been said that the Hook Slasher is a woman, but things change in storylines all the time, and there may be a massive plot twist when it comes to this. Rory could be the Slasher, and then again, he may be the next victim. It’s hard to say.

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4. Bringing Down Victor

This week’s GH preview video suggests an “all hands on deck” mentality in Port Charles when it comes to bringing down Victor Cassadine. Laura and Robert will collaborate on this, while Mac issues a warning to Valentin that his father is going down. Will Cyrus join the group on this campaign? He seems just as committed to striking back at Cassadine. Still, can he do this “on the inside”?

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3. Why Nina… Why? 

This week, Nina will try to bond with Joss, of all people. There’s a good chance that the young lady will shoot down any attempts Nina makes and tell Carly. Once Ms. Spencer learns what Reeves was up to, she’ll throw a hissy fit. Why does Nina feel the need to bond with her nemesis’ daughter? Sure, they were close at one point (when Reeves dated Jax), but that relationship has been over for a long time. Why would she not just leave Joss alone? It’s like Reeves is looking to stir the pot with Carly, and then she’ll act all innocent — as though she had “good intentions” — once Joss and Carly lose it on her.

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2. Sonny Disapproves

GH spoilers for the week of December 12th reveal that Nina will question Sonny’s allegiances. Carly and her daughter will likely create some major drama over Reeves’ attempt to smooth things over with Joss. Also, Mr. Corinthos may wonder why Nina would try, at this point. Why not steer clear of Josslyn? Why even bother? This small incident will not only cause further friction between Nina and Carly. If Sonny sides with his ex-wife, it could create conflict between him and Nina, as well.

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1. The Girl Who Cried Wolf

It sounds like Esme holds some power, thanks to that little baby she’s carrying. GH spoilers imply that over the next two weeks, she may fake issues with her condition in an attempt to escape. Although Elizabeth and Nik won’t fall for this trick, it could backfire on all parties involved. If Esme does eventually have a problem with the baby, they may fluff it off, because she cried wolf one too many times!

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