General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 30 – September 10, 2021)

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Nina needs help, and Liesl comes to the rescue … or will she? What kind of drama will unfold between Maxie and Brook Lynn over the next two weeks? Is Jarly headed for a romance? General Hospital (GH) fans just love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for August 30th to September 10th, 2021.

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12. What Will Happen With Peter?

GH spoilers hint that Liesl and Nina will team up together to rid the world of Peter August; however, teasers don’t offer much around whether or not they’ll be successful. In fact, Britt won’t be able to locate her mom during the week of August 30th (shortly after Obrecht deals with the Nixon Falls situation), so could Peter find a way to outsmart Liesl?

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11. Mike and Nina Get Hot and Heavy

One GH spoiler that makes it seem as if things might be okay is the fact that “Mike” and Nina will continue to bond, and fans should expect some steamy scenes between the two this week. Perhaps Liesl will “promise” to take care of the August situation for Nina, but things fall to the wayside during the plan. This would explain why Nina wouldn’t have a care in the world, and still romance Sonny. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Reeves, Liesl is struggling with Peter. The tables could turn where Orbrecht has August in a vulnerable position, and Peter overtakes her.

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10. Not So Fast…

Even if Nina and Liesl “take care” of Peter, he’s bound to somehow slip through their fingers. He’s Peter August, after all! They may think they’ve handled the situation, only to have him escape. He was able to come back to life after Finn and Elizabeth thought he was a goner. Regardless, Peter *might* drift into the shadows this week, or he may kidnap Liesl, but he’s not exiting the canvas again.

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9. St. Lucia, Drew and the Real Nurse Chloe

All things seem to be intertwined as of late! Fans met the “real” Nurse Chloe last week. Plus, viewers may also learn a connection between Naomi (Hayden’s mom) and Drew during the week of September 6th. Will all roads lead to St. Lucia? That’s where Liesl’s convention is. Can she lure Peter there? Will Drew end up being in a prison in that area? It all seems far-fetched, but if Nurse Chloe, Naomi and Cain are linked, then anything is possible!

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8. Nina’s Next Hurdle

She may (or may not) take care of the Peter August situation this week; however, GH spoilers indicate that Nina will get an unexpected visitor the week of September 6th. Sounds like her ex, Jax, will show up in Nixon Falls. Added teasers seem to imply that he’ll not only find Nina, but “Mike” as well.

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7. Jax Won’t Let Go

Jax has been walking a fine line when it comes to “good” and “evil” lately. After all, he did blackmail Michael into allowing Reeves visitations, and he did try to entrap Carly. Will he hang Sonny over Nina’s head? What will he force her to do, so that he stays quiet? Jax has never been a huge fan of Corinthos. Will he decide that keeping “Mike” in Nixon Falls is what’s best?

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6. Josslyn’s Safety

As Sonny was the head honcho in his mob organization, Carly never dabbled in the business. With Corinthos gone, this has placed Carly and Joss in the line of fire. Jax may not listen to anything that Nina says. He may be ready to head back to Port Charles and tell Carly and Jason the truth. This would stop the Jarly wedding, and create a safer environment for Josslyn… well, in Jax’s mind, anyways.

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5. Things Heat Up Between Jarly

With Jason and Carly’s wedding only a few weeks away, it sounds like sparks could fly between old friends. They’ve always had a strong bond in the past. In many ways, their intimacy as friends resembled that of lovers. But will these two cross a line in the next two weeks? They likely will, at the very least, share a kiss. Maybe more?

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4. Carly Admits Her Feelings

The lines are blurred right now for Carly, especially since she believes Sonny is “gone”. GH spoilers for the week of September 6th reveal that she’ll “admit” her feelings to Jason. Could she “admit” that she’s always had an attraction to him, but also loved Sonny? As a woman dedicated to her hubby (and the father of her children), she would’ve kept things on a “friendship” level with Jason all these years. Plus, she’d never want to put him in a position where he had to choose, or cross a line against his “boss” and best friend. If Carly admits to having an attraction to Jason, she’ll hit a point where she can’t return. Will Stone Cold reciprocate those feelings? He’s always put her first, after all.

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3. Maxie Wants To End The Charade

It’s got to be hard knowing that your baby is in town, but not being able to take care of her. While GH spoilers for this week imply that BLQ will organize some time for Louise and Maxie, this may not be “enough” for Jones. Added teasers indicate that tensions will arise between the two ladies during the week of September 6th. Will Jones demand that she wants her baby back? Will Brook Lynn refuse?

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2. Is Esme Related To Ryan?

Esme seems rather fascinated with Ryan Chamberlain. Could they be related? Is she his daughter? There is certainly some sort of connection between Ryan and the young lady. There’s also a chance that Esme could be Kevin’s daughter. This would still link her and Ryan together on some level. Could she be Lucy and Kevin’s child? Seems outrageous, but this is a soap opera after all; if GH convinced fans that Charlotte was Lulu and Valentin’s, they could write around history for this, too!

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1. Does Leo Have Autism?

The GH fan boards have been buzzing with comments around the idea that little Leo could have autism. He’s been the focus of some scenes recently, and spoilers imply that Britt will be concerned with a patient in the coming days. Leo had an accident last week or so, and Dr. Austin urged Olivia to have a doctor do a follow-up. Some of the things Leo has done lately indicate he could be autistic. Since many children deal with various symptoms of autism, a storyline to raise awareness would be incredible.

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