General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (April 12 – 23, 2021)

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What do Anna and Valentin have in store for Peter? Will BLQ be able to keep her “secret” hidden for much longer? Will “Mike” start to get flashbacks? Will Nina come clean? So many questions, so few answers! As such, below are some General Hospital (GH) plotline predictions for April 12 to April 23, 2021.

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12. Don’t Mess With Anna and Valentin

The GH weekly preview video suggests that Anna and Valentin will lock Peter up. They’ll tie him to a chair (with duct tape) in Devane’s basement, and August will plead with them to let him go. Since Finn stops by early on in the week and added spoilers indicate that he and Anna will see “eye-to-eye” on something, there’s a small chance that Hamilton is brought into the loop.

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11. Peter’s Threat

Peter will issue a threat to Anna and Cassadine this week as he’s held hostage. It sounds like he could continue to push her buttons, in spite of his predicament. August will tell Anna and Valentin that “someone they care for will get hurt” if he stays locked up. As the days go by, Devane will be horrified by something. Could Peter escape? Could he move on to hurt someone they are close to?

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10. Peter’s Gone

Not only could Peter escape and hurt someone in Port Charles, but he could also vanish into thin air. GH spoilers for the week of April 19th hint that Anna will have a “confession” for Maxie; she’s also set to visit Jason in prison. With Peter gone, she may warn Maxie that he could be “anywhere” and to keep her guard up, especially where her baby girl is concerned. Anna could let Jason know that August is gone, which would also place a snag on his current legal case.

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9. BLQ Needs Help

Brook Lynn is not expecting, and with everything that Valentin’s preoccupied with as of late, she might be able to get away with the unthinkable – for now. Cassadine might be looking to nail Peter, but he can’t stop thinking of his new baby. GH spoilers reveal that BLQ will reach out for some assistance the week of April 19th. The walls could be closing in on her by then, with regards to her baby fib. Who could she turn to?

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8. Britt Needs Help

You can’t con a con artist, and Britt could sniff BLQ’s plan from a mile away. With Peter possibly on the run (or in hiding), Westbourne and Maxie may feel like they need to go through with their plan — now, more than ever. The logic will be that August is lurking in the shadows, so until he’s found and locked up, they need to pretend Maxie’s baby is stillborn.

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7. They Need Each Other

Britt may realize that she and Maxie need BLQ; Brook Lynn may realize that she needs them, too. If Olivia catches on that her stepdaughter is lying, it’s only a matter of time before Cassadine does. But, with Valentin wanting to be a part of his baby’s life, it seems as if the ELQ scheme might have to take the back-burner. Brook Lynn could decide to help Maxie in order to keep her baby safe and forget about ELQ. After all, she and Jones are friends and BLQ does have a conscience when all is said and done.

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6. Denouncing Valentin As The Father

Brook Lynn will also realize that she’ll be able to denounce Cassadine as her baby’s father. If Valentin is pressuring BLQ about the baby, she may want to abandon this scheme altogether. A DNA test on Maxie’s baby will prove that he’s not the father, so partnering up with Britt and Jones could be mutually beneficial. Valentin will be upset to learn he’s not adding to his family, but plotting with Anna to bring down Peter might be a consolation prize.

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5. BLQ and Dante

While GH has been teasing the idea of Sam and Dante hooking up, could the show be pivoting? BLQ and Dante are set to reconnect this week. With the friction between her and Olivia (Dante’s mom), plus the history that she shares with Falconeri; a Dante/Brook Lynn relationship makes sense. There could be sparks, plus drama!

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4. “Mike” Turns Aggressive

Elijah is set to take Nina out on a tour of Nixon Falls this week, which won’t sit right with “Mike”. After all, it’s clear he has feelings for Reeves; plus, he’ll get the feeling that Elijah is up to no good. GH spoilers imply that things get aggressive between the two men the week of April 19th, and it seems as if Sonny’s characteristics could start to seep out a bit. Could he start to have flashbacks?

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3. Jax Heads To Nixon Falls

Jax will reach out to Nina and there’s a good chance she accidentally spills that she’s visiting Phyllis. GH spoilers reveal that Jax will have “poor timing” the week of April 19th. Could Jax pay a visit to Nixon Falls? Could he also learn that Sonny Corinthos is really alive?

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2. Nina Begs Jax To Keep “Mike” A Secret

If Jax finds out that Sonny is alive, he might keep it to himself. It’s the wrong thing to do; however, Corinthos has always been a thorn in his side. Plus, Nina may turn the tables on Jax. After all, he kept secrets from her to protect Carly. Why won’t he do the same for her? She may dangle a reconciliation if he “proves” himself.

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1. New Character Alert

Actress Sydney Walsh is set to join GH this week as Maggie, a prison-mate that Alexis befriends. Will Maggie be someone that Davis can truly trust, or is she a pawn that Cyrus has purposely planted in Alexis’s orbit? Either way, Davis will become close to Maggie in the coming weeks, and may even confide in her.

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