General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For December 2019

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In some ways, it feels as if 2019 has flown by in the land of Port Charles, with plenty of ups and downs for many characters. In the last month of the year, many fans of General Hospital (GH) might be wondering what will go down during the holidays and end of 2019. Below are some GH plotline predictions for December 2019.

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12. Hayden Flees Town

GH spoilers indicate that actress Rebecca Budig (Hayden Barnes) is set to leave the daytime drama and soon. But, what could happen that would have Hayden exiting Port Charles without Violet? With all that is going on with Valentin (and Nikolas), the little town could be too dangerous for her to be in. She may flee to escape circumstances, and leave Violet behind to protect the child. The little girl could be safer with Finn than with her mom.

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11. Instant Family

And a baby makes three! No Hayden means that Finn will be forced to become a full-time single parent, which might be a roller coaster in itself. That could dramatically change the dynamics for Anna and Finn as a couple. The two have been used to a relationship with very little responsibilities, and having a child around could cause a bit of a kink in their romance.

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10. Violet Creates A Ton Issues

So many things could pop up with Violet once her mom leaves town. First off, the child’s emotional well-being could be a cause for concern. Also, while Violet is clearly a lovely little girl, Anna has already raised a child and is a grandmother; the years of her raising another are far behind her. While she’ll want to support Finn, and Devane has a great heart, she may be “over” the idea of having kids around.

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9. Nikolas Surfaces

Back to the reason why Hayden flees town. What if it is because Valentin finds out Nikolas is really alive, her role in it all,  and threatens her? Nikolas (officially) resurfacing in town could blow up this entire storyline, and his uncle seems pretty hot on the case of finding out why Laura has been so intrigued with that Cassadine painting.

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8. Valentin’s World Crumbles

On the other hand, perhaps Nikolas can stay away for a little while longer, and his entire scheme goes as planned. The holidays may prove to be a blue one for Valentin, if this is the case. Not only will he lose his fortune, but he may also (finally) lose Nina. Perhaps Nikolas’ scheme will blow up in Valentin’s face, and Nina will finally reveal that she knows what he did around the daughter secret.

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7. JaSam’s Blue Christmas

Sad to say, it seems as if Sam may spend the holidays in the slammer, unless Jason can uncover the truth about Peter just in time. This one could go either way, but there is a good chance August could slip up, and JaSam could spend Christmas together with their kiddos, just as it should be.

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6. Brook Lynn’s World

Brook Lynn is back in the land of Port Charles, and is all set to spend the holidays with her Quartermaine family. She may be up to no good in December, potentially causing issues for dad Ned and his new wife Olivia. After all, there is a ton of tension between her and her new stepmom. With that said, could she also dabble in a little romance with Julian, perhaps?

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5. Alexis and Brad

GH spoilers are hinting an accident of sorts in the coming days, and it seems as if Kendra will not back down on her plan to gain some revenge on Davis. Teasers are implying that Brad may get caught in the crossfire, and the accident could happen mere moments after Alexis finds out something startling. Alexis may find out about Baby Wiley’s true parents – somehow getting wrapped into that storyline – but, both she and Brad will be far too injured from whatever Kendra does to them to reveal the truth.

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4. Goodbye Brad?

Seems like GH spoilers are pointing to both Alexis and Brad being out of commission for a long while, potentially weeks. They may both fight for their lives with this. But, what if one of them passes on? Brad passing away could further keep the Baby Wiley secret hidden, especially if Alexis lands in a coma.

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3. Neil’s Status

Neil has a hunch that Kendra was behind Alexis’ poisoning, and while GH spoilers hint that he won’t get to her before the “accident,” he may be able to get to the police after said incident to have Kendra taken away. But, what if someone stops him before then? What if Kendra kidnaps Neil because she is on to what he knows? That would keep her from getting into any trouble, and with Kristina, Sonny, Molly, (and pretty much everyone) more preoccupied with Alexis (and Brad) in the hospital, would anyone really know he was missing?

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2. Julian’s Discovery

GH spoilers hint that Julian will “discover” something in early December. Does he too get wrapped up in Kendra’s web? Could she do something to harm him in order to keep him quiet about what she has done to Brad and Alexis? Kendra is unstable, and she could very well try to hurt him as well so that the truth doesn’t come out.

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1. Franco Fights For His Life Back

It won’t be long before Dranco undergoes his memory procedure, and there may be a long road ahead before the real Franco comes back, not to mention his overall recovery. With all the risks linked to it all, could Franco be fighting for his life during the holidays? Perhaps Liz might regret pushing the idea to begin with.

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