General Hospital: Spoilers For Fall 2018

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While summer winds down to an end, the drama will continue to heat up in the land of General Hospital (GH). Will JaSam ever get back together? Will Drew and Margaux hook up? What will happen to the Corinthos clan? Learn more about these stories and others in the 15 crazy and shocking GH fall spoilers for fall 2018.

15. JaSam Reunion

While there were teases in the summer around a JaSam reunion, it seemed like the storyline came to a halt. GH spoilers indicate that the JaSam reunion storyline will start to re-emerge come the fall, and the entire tension of Drew being Jason brother (and Sam’s ex) will also linger. There is far more to come with these two (plus Drew) as autumn approaches and progresses.

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14. Margaux and Drew

Speaking of Drew, expect his romance with Margaux is expected to heat up. GH’s executive producer Frank Valentini recently revealed in an interview that Margaux was brought in to be romantically linked to Drew, and her flash drive discovery will be a huge part of his story come the fall. GH spoilers indicate that Drew will learn very soon about Margaux having the flash drive. Things between these two are sure to heat up as the weeks progress.

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13. Margaux and Sonny

While Margaux has taken an interest in bringing Sonny down as of late, it seems Port Charles’ new district attorney will get a little personal as she continues to try and bring the mobster down. GH spoilers tease that Margaux will cross the line of her professional boundaries, and remain committed to taking Sonny out.

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12. Sonny Struggles

As if he doesn’t have enough on his plate with Margaux, Sonny will continue to struggle with his dad and the condition he is suffering from. GH spoilers indicate his hands will be tied when he makes a decision that not only affects his father, but the entire Corinthos clan. He will also still worry about the body that is buried under Charlie’s Pub.

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11. Laura’s Return

Laura is set to return to Port Charles soon, and GH fall spoilers indicate she’ll be involved in two big storylines. Of course, it’s undeniable she’ll be wrapped into the Kevin/Ryan twin drama, as she is married to Kevin. But what else could be happening with Laura, once she returns to GH?

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10. Valentin’s Family Secret

Will Laura be brought into the family secret Valentin is set to learn about soon? It’s possible as she is quite connected to the Cassadines. One big connection she has is her son Nikolas, who is dead, but could always return (this is a soap opera after all). If Nikolas is brought back from the dead, this would not only rock Laura’s world, but all of Port Charles.

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9. Valentin and Nina

For fans of this GH super couple, there seems to be some good news headed down the road for them. While Valentin knows the truth about Nina and the child she has, it seems as if they will connect at some point in the fall when some surprising information is revealed to her. How long will this reunion last? Hard not to see she’ll find out she’s a mom, but when she finds out that Valentin kept this secret from her for a bit, she may be furious with him!

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8. Kevin/Ryan Twin Twist

The fact that Ryan is alive has turned GH fans upside down. Soap opera twin storylines can always be intriguing, and this one seems to be an incredible watch so far. GH spoilers indicate that Kevin will desperately want to rehabilitate his evil twin brother. Having said that, Ryan feels he has some unfinished business in Port Charles that will need tending to. Perhaps, this might mean fans will see more of GH veteran Felicia Scorpio as she has had issues with Ryan in the past.

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7. Liz and Franco’s Wedding

Their first one ended in disaster and it seems that the next Liz and Franco wedding won’t go as planned either. Having said that, the interesting news is these two lovebirds will, in fact, give another wedding ago come the fall. Will they actually get hitched? Now, there’s an interesting question. GH spoilers indicate that Liz and Franco will have a wedding, but nothing is said about whether they’ll make it to their ‘I Dos’ or not.

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6. Peter Rejects Anna

Anna will try to bond with son Peter come the fall months, and he will continue to reject her attempts. There is a silver lining to this story, as Robin is set to visit Port Charles sometime on the horizon. She wants to meet Peter, and GH spoilers indicate that this will help to turn a corner for Peter and Anna.

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5. Maxie’s Jealous

As Maxie will continue to question her feelings for Peter, she’ll also get bit by the jealousy bug come the fall. She’ll watch Lulu and Peter bond over their work together and she won’t like it one bit. With Dante out of the picture, could we be headed for a BFF love triangle? Sounds like it!

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4. Bromance On The Horizon

GH spoilers indicate that Michael will continue to struggle emotionally. The good news is that he and Chase will become really good friends over the coming weeks and into the fall. Seems like a bromance is on the horizon for GH fans! Nothing like bonding over a woman you hate. At least Nelle’s destructive path created something positive.

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3. Ava, Kiki, and Griffin

In the aftermath of their one-night stand being exposed, Griffin and Kiki will start to question their friendship. Meanwhile, Ava will continue to be bitter about the entire situation. Sounds like Ava is not letting go of this betrayal in the least come the fall. It definitely hurts knowing your boyfriend cheated on you with your daughter, but that is karma for you.

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2. Kim and Julian

With Oscar’s unknown illness looming, GH fall spoilers indicate Kim will take center stage when it comes to storylines this fall, which is a great thing, considering there is so much more to learn about her. Spoilers also hint that a case will have Alexis interacting with Julian and Kim on a regular basis. Lastly, Terry will be brought into the loop as Oscar’s condition shakes things up for many in Port Charles.

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1. More Fall Spoilers!

Brad will continue to feel guilty over his baby-switch with Wiley, and GH spoilers indicate this will affect his relationship with Lucas. It seems Anna and Finn will fall into a huge mystery as they look for answers about Cassandra. Lastly, those fans of Dr. Liesl Obrecht will be happy to learn that she set to return to Port Chuckles, sometime later this fall.

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