One Tree Hill’s 11 Best Couples

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Over the course of nine seasons, One Tree Hill saw its fair share of hook-ups, break-ups, and make-ups. While there were many relationships we couldn’t get behind (Lucas and Lindsey), there were so many good ones that it was hard to watch them break up and, in some cases, even harder to know who to root for. The chemistry between these couples was truly amazing, making their relationships believable and lovable. Not all of them lasted, but for the time they did, it was awesome. Check out One Tree Hill’s 11 Best Couples!

11. Alex and Chase

Alex Dupre and Chase Adams went through some hard times before they were finally able to be together; however, when they were together, they were adorable. Unlike some couples on the show, the two did have really good chemistry and it was nice to see both happy for once, especially with how long it took Chase to get over Mia.

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10. Skills and Bevin

Through all of the “major” relationships in the show, some forget about the show’s seriously underrated couple, Skills and Bevin, in the early seasons. Each character was funny in their own right, but together they were hilarious and always made fans smile, not often straying into the drama that all of the other couples went through. Whether Bevin was “Notebooking” Skills or “teaching him how to swim” or they were getting lost in the woods together, they truly had great chemistry and will always remain one of the favorites.

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9. Karen and Andy

Even though fans desperately wanted Keith and Karen to get together, it was hard not to love Andy as well. He was cute, charming, caring, funny and loved Karen so much that the two made an adorable match. Karen deserved happiness after everything with Dan, and even though it was tragic she couldn’t raise her daughter with Keith, there is definitely no better step-father than Andy.

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8. Peyton and Jake

In all kinds of ways Jake Jaglieski was a much better match for Peyton than Lucas, and there were times when fans really believed that Lucas and Brooke, and Peyton and Jake was the way it should be. The two were really believable together, and there seemed was so much chemistry between them, it truly was surprising that Peyton still loved Lucas.

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7. Quinn and Clay

When both Quinn and Clay entered the show they were great additions both individually and as a couple. The two may not have been the longest running couple on the show, but they managed to cram a ton of drama into their young relationship and cement a place for themselves in the hearts of viewers. Even better, the two have remained close friends, but never got together in real life like so many hoped.

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6. Mouth and Millie

Right from the start, Mouth has always been the guy over-looked for guys like Lucas, Nathan and of course the dreaded “new guy” whether it be Felix or Derek. Millie was the perfect match for Mouth though and it was quite sad to see them fall apart for a bit because if anyone deserved happily ever after it was Marvin McFadden. Luckily everything did work out for the pair, and rightfully so, because they went together so well.

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5. Keith and Karen

Keith and Karen really only had a brief moment of happiness as a couple before he was killed by Dan, but even that short time proved they were meant to be together. They both loved each other and Lucas so much and had some of the cutest moments that there was no way fans wouldn’t be rooting for them to get together. Keith’s death was without a doubt the most shocking and saddest scene in the show.


4. Lucas and Brooke

Although One Tree Hill’s main couple was supposed to be Peyton and Lucas, there were quite a few people who were Team Brooke. In fact, a lot of the time it seemed that Peyton was getting in the way of the true love that was between Lucas and Brooke. While they had quite a bit of drama with the love triangle, they also had some of the show’s most romantic moments, including Luke’s rain speech in “The Wind that Blew My Heart Away.”

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3. Peyton and Lucas

Through it all, we always knew that Peyton and Lucas would end up together and, while Brooke didn’t make rooting for them easy, when they ended high school together, it seemed like the perfect set-up for their future. When the show skipped four years and Lucas was with Lindsey and came frighteningly close to marrying her, it was finally clear that he belonged with no one except Peyton. Sadly they left the show after welcoming little Sawyer, but their wedding was one of the best moments of the show after so many ups and downs for the star-crossed couple.

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2. Brooke and Julian

Julian Baker stole our hearts as well as Brooke’s and it didn’t take long to forget all about Brucas when these two got together. Not only was his character a perfect fit for the show, but he also gave Brooke the family she always wanted, while loving her like no one else could. Everything about these two together made sense, and their chemistry makes it not surprising that the two actors dated off and on in real life for several years.

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1. Nathan and Haley

There was never any question about who was going to be at the top spot. When it comes to amazing TV couples, Nathan Scott and Haley James definitely make the top of the list. Not only were they the only ones to stick it out all the way through, but audiences got to watch their characters grow together and change and start a family. There was a lot of drama and a few rough patches, but there were so many moments of the sweetest things said and done for each other that they stole the spot of One Tree Hill‘s “main couple” without question. Sorry Leyton.

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