One Tree Hill: Nathan And Haley’s Memorable Romantic Moments

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Over the course of nine seasons, a lot changed on One Tree Hill, but one thing that stayed the same was the fans’ love for Nathan Scott and Haley James. It didn’t take long for their relationship to overshadow Peyton and Lucas’s, and with good reason, as it endured through the entire show, long after audiences said goodbye to the characters of Peyton and Lucas. The one thing that made Nathan and Haley so great were that they were so believable, and every moment shared seemed incredibly real, which of course was thanks to great acting by James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz. They made our hearts melt again and again, and to show our love for their love, we decided to bring together the 11 most romantic moments between Nathan and Haley on One Tree Hill.

11. When It All Began – S1, E3

A moment that is etched into the minds of all fans are Nathan’s iconic lines, “Don’t say I never gave you anything.” For many who love One Tree Hill, it is hard to remember the early episodes of season one where Nathan Scott was the villain character. It was this moment, however, that we realized he was different with Haley, and there was a different side of him away from the vain jock who treated Peyton and Lucas horribly.

10. The First Kiss – S1, E8

Of course, no one can change overnight, and there were some definite rocky moments between Nathan and Haley before they could form a relationship. Following the note disaster at Nathan’s beach house party, the two went on a date orchestrated by Brooke, which ended badly after Nathan wouldn’t admit to his basketball friends he was on a date with Haley. Just when Haley thought he was the rude, arrogant guy he appeared, Nathan showed up and made one of the most romantic declarations on the show: he wanted to change and wanted to change for her. “I wanna be somebody who’s good enough to be seen with you.” This was not only a huge moment for Nathan’s character development, but a defining moment in starting the Naley storyline.

9. The Rain Kiss – S1, E21

Nathan worked hard to change to be the best person possible for Haley, and that was proven in season one’s “The Leaving Song.” After fighting with Haley, instead of giving up like he probably would have before, Nathan waited for hours in the pouring rain for Haley to get home so he could apologize. It was very romantic.

Nathan: “Because I’m sorry. Because I love you. And because you’re looking really hot standing out here in the rain and I’m thinking, I have to kiss you.”

Haley: “Well, if you have to.”

8. Another Rain Kiss – S3, E13

Kissing in the rain became something strongly associated with the couple and another very important moment between Nathan and Haley occurred in the rain in the episode “The Wind That Blew My Heart Away.” The episode itself is one of the best of the series, with pivotal moments for many of the couples, this episode was essential to Haley and Nathan repairing their relationship after Haley comes back from tour. While trapped together during the bad storm, the two begin to discuss all of the “big issues” in order to get things back to normal. To prove he was proud of her when on tour, Nathan runs out in the rain to show her how even when she left him to go, he never stopped supporting or loving her. All of the mementos and newspaper clippings he collected while she was gone blow away in the storm. They shared one of the cutest, sexiest and most romantic rain kisses on the hood of his car, in a truly great Naley moment.

7. Their Engagement- S2, E1

The theme through all of these moments seems to be that Nathan has all the right words for all the right moments, and that was evident when telling Haley he wanted to marry her. When Haley points out that couples their age don’t get married because “it’s not normal,” Nathan tells her: “So. I’m not normal. And what I’m feeling is definitely not normal, and to be honest with you, Haley, I don’t ever want to be normal. Not with you.” Even being high school, it definitely seemed like they could make it work, and had fans cheering for them all the way.

6. Passing the “Test”- S3, E19

When the pair decided to have a big wedding in front of family and friends and when they visit the place they want to get married, Nathan tells her they have to take a test first to find out how compatible they are before the priest will marry them. When they surprisingly fail the test, Nathan (as per usual) steps up and asks the priest if he can “prove” his belief in God. In saying so proves that it is the same thing with his love, and after his heartfelt speech the priest rips up the tests and tells them they passed the “real test.”

5. Beach Wedding- S2, E1

One Tree Hill really surprised fans when they revealed after the fact that Haley and Nathan were already married, and only showed the beach wedding in flashback moments, and the pair talking about the memories. Although we only got to see snippets of it, it was amazing hearing them give their vows, and of course Nathan included the most important line. “Always and forever. I promise you Haley.”

4. Saving Haley- S3, E16

The season three episode “With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept” is without a doubt the most poignant and memorable of the series, as it deals with a school shooting, a suicide and a murder. With Haley trapped in the tutor center, Nathan runs back into the school with no regard for his own safety in order to get to his wife. They use their “always and forever” as a code, and Nathan even talks Jimmy down when he points the gun at Haley.

3. The Second Proposal- S3, E18

Following the events of the school shooting, the group goes away to Rachel’s cabin where Nathan’s plans to re-propose don’t go smoothly, but still end up being just as romantic as the first time.

Nathan: “Over the past year, I’ve learned so much about life and love, and even if I could, I wouldn’t take back all the bad stuff that happened between us cause it brought us here, this moment, this river. Marry me Haley. Marry me again in front of all our friends and our family.”

Haley: “Always, always and forever.”

2. Haley Saves Nathan- S4, E9

Although Nathan continuously proved his love for Haley time and time again with romantic speeches, cute lines and heroic gestures, Haley turned the tables when she saved his life. After not throwing the championship game, an angry Daunte tries to run over Nathan, but ends up hitting a pregnant Haley instead when she pushes Nathan out of harm’s way. While the moment was horrific and shocking, it was also one of the deepest moments between the two, proving just how far they would go because of their love for each other.

1. Last Scenes Together- S9, E13

The last episode of One Tree Hill was emotional for many fans who had drawn close to the characters over its nine year run, and nothing was more bittersweet than the final scenes of the show’s favorite couple. In a perfect circle, the crackerjack bracelet scene and kissing in the rain is recreated, showing them in a place just as loving as all those years ago. Even through so many obstacles and problems, they went through it together and came out stronger on the other side. Saying goodbye to their fans, and reflecting on a great TV love story, these final scenes were sad, yet perfect for Nathan and Haley.

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