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One Tree Hill may have ended in 2012, but its fanbase has not gone anywhere. The series is widely regarded as one of the best teen series of the decade, and with gripping storylines and an amazing cast, it isn’t hard to see why. While much of the series focused on drama and romantic relationships, other relationships including family and friendships were just as important to storylines and character development. Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer quickly became fans’ favorite part of the series and the two went through a lot of highs and lows over the years. From the good to the bad and everything in between, here are the most memorable moments between Brooke and Peyton on One Tree Hill.

10. Their Bantering

Everything about Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer, expertly portrayed by Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton, seemed real. Their friendship struck a chord with so many friends because of its realness and one of the best qualities of their friendship was the way they spoke only to each other. They of course called each other B. Davis and P. Sawyer, but had no issue calling each other out, in a friendly way when needed like in season two’s ‘The Leavers Dance.”

Brooke: First, Lucas, then Jake, now Nathan. I guess ‘slutty’ is in season.
Peyton: And why is b-tch being a Brooke?”
Brooke: Because! I’m leaving tomorrow for the summer, maybe forever, and my best friend is having pseudo-innocent foreplay with kind-of married guys!

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9. Clothes Over Bros

Brooke and Peyton’s friendship had a lot of iconic moments and while “hoes over bros” was definitely a big part of it, so was Clothes over Bros. In season three’s “The Worst Day Since Yesterday” Peyton knew Brooke was hurting after Lucas found her in bed with Chris Keller and the store Brooke worked at, Suburban Filth, had stolen her clothing designs. Peyton proved she really would do anything for her best friend when she took Brooke to the store and helped her steal all of the clothes back. It may have landed the pair and Haley behind bars, but there are no regrets when it comes to the duo helping each other.

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8. Always Supporting Each Other

Going to jail for your best friend is a big gesture, but time and time again Brooke and Peyton proved they would always defend and support each other. Even when they were fighting, they had each others’ backs and always told each other they would always be the shoulder the other could cry on no matter what. They also supported each other through gestures like when Peyton found Brooke’s mirror of insecurities following her attack and changed the insecurities to positives: “Kind, worthy, creative, beautiful, strong, selfless, and graceful.” They never stopped lifting each other up through their lowest and darkest moments.

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7. Beer Commercial

One of the best qualities of Peyton and Brooke’s friendship was how different they were, and Brooke’s optimism and quirky personality always made things fun. One of their funniest best friend moments was in season two’s first episode when Brooke convinces Peyton to go out for the day on her dad’s boat. The scene showed Brooke and Peyton at one of their happiest times as friends, that is of course until Lucas drama ruined it all.

Peyton: Brooke, what are you up to?
Brooke: You’ve been on my dad’s boat before.
Peyton: Yeah! With you and your dad!
Brooke: Details! It’s like driving a car but into water, without a speed limit.
Peyton: Brooke!
Brooke: Peyton. Look at us. Look at this day. We are practically a beer commercial! It would be wrong not to take it! So let’s go. Hop on, bestest friend.

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6. Love Triangle Plus One

It’s hard to imagine One Tree Hill without Brooke Davis, and her character was only supposed to be a few episodes until fans fell in love with her too. By the sixth episode of the first season, Brooke had proved to be a boy-crazy and hilarious addition to the series as Peyton’s best friend, and it was never on better display than when she tried to figure out who was going to date who.

Brooke: You wanna know what I think? I think Nathan likes tutor girl, tutor girl likes Lucas, and I know I like Lucas, and I have no idea who the hell you like any more so this has been turned into one big love…rectangle plus one…whatever that is.

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5. The Phone Call

Through a lot of ups and downs and drama, their friendship was tested many times, and following the 4 year hiatus between seasons four and five, there was no telling where everyone had ended up. The first episode includes Peyton on the phone telling someone, “Hi, it’s Peyton. Yeah, I’m sorry, I know it’s late there, I just…what happened to us? You know? I don’t know who I am anymore, or I got here. I miss who I used to be. I wanna have a home again, you know? And real friends, you know, the kind of friendships we used to believe in. I miss that, and I miss you.” The call was made to make fans believe Peyton was talking to someone else, probably Lucas, but it eventually turned out to be Brooke which just solidified that after all that time, she was still the person Peyton turned to her in time of need. Despite her success in the fashion industry, Brooke still took the time to listen and to help Peyton as best as she could, making their bond as strong as ever despite all the changes that they had gone through in the four years fans didn’t see.

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4. Back to Tree Hill

Brooke’s dedication to Peyton and their friendship was never more clear than when after that phone call Brooke leaves behind her celebrity lifestyle in New York to help Peyton try to find her happiness back in Tree Hill. It was an amazing moment for the two friends when they not only found happiness by going back home but happiness with each other after both decided to stay and move in together.

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3. Sawyer Brooke Scott

One of the most emotional and biggest displays of love between the Brooke and Peyton was when Peyton named her daughter Sawyer Brooke Scott in honor of her best friend. Prior to Sawyer’s birth and with her possibly fatal condition, Peyton left a video for her unborn daughter in case anything were to happen and had the sweetest words about Brooke. “My best friend –OK this one is so important; choose wisely, I got really lucky with mine. My best friend is funny, intelligent, creative, beautiful, and successful, and very kind. She’s also impulsive, frustrating, um… complicated, childish, but I would not have her any other way. And the best part about Brooke Davis is that she always puts her friends first. So, if you are ever in any kind of trouble now you know who to call. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have watching over you.” This speech from Peyton was emotional and showed that they really had a true friendship where they appreciated absolutely everything about each other and all their qualities, even the bad.

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2. The Big Fight

Through all of their amazing moments, there is one that was definitely not their best, but one of the most significant in their friendship. Season four’s “Prom Night at Hater High” saw the biggest fight, verbally and physically, between Brooke and Peyton after Peyton found out that years ago Brooke had slept with Nathan and they had made a sex tape. The disagreement between the two results in the pair physically fighting on Peyton’s front lawn and she declares, “You made fun of my mom’s death Brooke…you knew her, you cried with me when she died…and now you use her as a punch line for a joke to hurt me..It hurt. It did. But not anymore because you and me we’re done. You’re right, she’s dead, and as far as I’m concerned so are you.” While it wasn’t a happy Brooke and Peyton moment, it was one of the most emotional and raw and seemed so real for fans who had seen the pair go through so much. Their acting alone was enough to make this one of the most memorable scenes between the two out of the whole series.

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1. Saving Peyton

Peyton and Brooke’s huge fight wouldn’t be nearly as great as it was if it didn’t lead to one of their most amazing moments together. After Peyton decides not to go to Prom and Brooke gets there and realizes she still cares, she is determined to make things better and make Peyton go to prom only to find out Derek had returned and was holding Peyton captive in her own basement. Selfless as always, Brooke rushed right in to save Peyton and just when it seemed Peyton was going to turn on Brooke, they worked together to take Derek down. They literally saved each other’s lives and it erased anything they had said before about their friendship being over, becoming one of the most powerful moments of all in their friendship.

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