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For nine seasons fans tuned in week after week to One Tree Hill and they became not only passionate about the show, but about the characters and their ever evolving relationships. Although Lucas and Peyton were poised to be the show’s central couple right from the beginning, things got interesting when Lucas and Brooke hooked up, and some fans even liked them better together. Instead of two moody and emotional people being together like Peyton and Lucas, Brooke and Lucas seemed to balance each other out more, and while they weren’t meant to be, their relationship was a definite highlight in the show! Here are the 10 most memorable moments between Lucas and Brooke on One Tree Hill from season one to season five, because their moments are just too good to rank!

10. The Car (Season 1, Episode 3)

Like in all relationships, one of Lucas and Brooke’s most important and memorable moments was their first meeting. Fans weren’t introduced to Brooke until episode two and in episode three saw her infamous introduction to Lucas in the backseat of his car. It didn’t take long for viewers to be attracted to Brooke’s sweet, sexy and fun personality, but Lucas wasn’t as easily persuaded! The moment was hilarious and adorable, and of course, extremely awkward as Coach Whitey points out, “Oh, by the way, there’s a half naked girl in the back seat of your car. I just thought you’d like to know.” The moment was just the beginning of an every-changing Brucas relationship/friendship dynamic.

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9. The Date (Season 1, Episode 9)

There are always a few episodes that stand out to fans long after a series ends and One Tree Hill‘s ninth episode “With Arms Outstretched” is one of them! After getting to know Lucas as “brooding” and calm, we finally got to see how Brooke was always able to bring out a different side of him which was obvious when she took him to a bar for their “first date” after she read a book for him if he agreed to do something she wanted. While it was the first time the two got closer, it also revealed how different they really were especially when Lucas went home with an infected tattoo. It was fun to see Lucas loosen up and have some fun while not pining after Peyton when he was with Brooke, even if it meant disappointing Keith.

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8. The Hospital (Season 1, Episode 14)

Over a few episodes, it was easier to see Brooke’s softer and more vulnerable side and season one’s “I Shall Believe” was important because it displayed just how far Brooke had fallen for Lucas. Brooke went all out for Lucas while he was in a coma after surgery following the car accident and had made him a huge collage for when he woke up. The episode also marked the first time Brooke met Lucas’s mother Karen Roe which was extremely important to their relationship because of how close Lucas and his mom were. Although it seemed as if Brooke kept saying the wrong things to Karen, the two had a moment which helped us understand Brooke and just how much she cared for Lucas.

Brooke: “Look I know I talk a lot when I’m nervous, actually I’m pretty gabby all the time. But my stupid quotient kind of goes sky high when I’m flipped out and meeting my boyfriend’s mother in the hospital with all this going on is pretty much off the stress charts for me. But I’m here for you if you need anything.”
Karen: “Thank you.”
Brooke: “And, just so you know. The only thing I really want to see is Lucas laugh again. You know, hear him sing off key and watch him roll his eyes at me when I steal French fries off his plate. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m crazy about your son. And I hope that’s enough for you.”
Karen: “Actually that’s more than enough.”

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7. Pregnancy Scare (Season 1, Episode 19)

Even though the show was supposed to focus on Peyton and Lucas, many fans were upset when Brooke and Lucas had a nasty split after she found out he had been cheating on her with Peyton. Although they were broken up, one of the most memorable moments of their entire relationship occurred in season one when Brooke thought she was pregnant. In “How Can You Be Sure?” it seemed as if history was repeating itself in Tree Hill with the possible pregnancy and it was heartbreaking to see Brooke deal with it after finding out about Lucas’s cheating. Of course, Brooke found out she wasn’t pregnant, but made Lucas believe she was because he asked “how do I even know it’s mine?” causing her to retaliate with “Trust me, it’s yours.”

Lucas: “So you lied to me to punish me? How could you do that?”
Brooke: “How could you cheat on me with my best friend?”
Lucas: “Brooke, I never meant to hurt you.”
Brooke: “That doesn’t really matter, Lucas. ‘Cause in the end it all hurts just the same.”

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6. I’m The Guy For You (Season 3, Episode 2)

Lucas Scott was the king of charming speeches, and even though he ended up with Peyton it seems as though he saved some of his best lines for Brooke. After deciding that he really wanted to be with Brooke, Brooke was more wary about getting involved with him again and said they could date, but with the stipulation that they were non-exclusive, but that didn’t stop Lucas from making it his mission to get her to trust him again. During a beach party put together by Brooke to celebrate the end of the summer, she makes a show of flirting with different guys and that doesn’t stop Lucas from walking right up to them and delivering his “I’m the guy for you, Brooke Davis” line.

Lucas: “I’m the guy for you. I know we’re just part time and that’s cool, do whatever, have your fun. But one of these nights you’re going to realize it. I’m the guy for you, Brooke Davis… you’ll see.”

5. The Letters (Season 3, Episode 9)

Season three threw a lot of obstacles at Brooke and Lucas after she was afraid to give him her heart, and drunkenly slept with Chris Keller after Lucas thought she was falling for him again. In episode nine, “How a Resurrection Really Feels,” the pair finally found their way back together with one of their sweetest moments of all time. Brooke tearfully showed up at Lucas’s house to reveal to him that, although she made it seem like she spent her entire summer having fun with different guys, she was really thinking of him the whole time and wrote him a letter every single day. Their emotional reconciliation seemed so raw and honest and included a fan-favorite moment of Lucas Scott calling Brooke “pretty girl.”

Brooke: “There are 82 letters in here, and they’re all addressed to you. I wrote them all this summer. One a day, but I never sent them ’cause I was afraid.”
Brooke: “I was afraid of getting my heart broken again, like before. ‘Cause you hurt me so bad, and I was afraid to be vulnerable. And I was afraid of you and the way that you make me feel. And I know that doesn’t matter now after what I did, but I just thought that you should know. This was how I spent my summer, Luke, wanting you… I’m just too scared to admit it.”
Lucas: “Brooke! I’m sorry! What you did with Chris… it’s okay.”
Brooke: “It’s not. It can’t be. It’s too much to forgive!”
Lucas: “Well, that’s too bad because I forgive you.”
Brooke: “You can’t!”
Lucas: “I just did. So you’re gonna just have to deal with it. I’m the guy for you Brooke Davis, and I know I hurt you last time we’re together, but…”
Brooke: “I love you.”
Lucas: I love you too… pretty girl.”

4. Rain Speech (Season 3, Episode 13)

If this were a ranking of Brucas moments, all fans would agree that this particular one would definitely land at number one. Season three’s “The Wind That Blew My Heart Away” included not only one of the most incredible and memorable Lucas and Brooke moments ever, it was one of the most incredible and memorable One Tree Hill episodes of all time. After the power goes out following a huge storm, Brooke and Lucas get into a fight and Brooke storms out into the rain, but Lucas chases her and delivers his most romantic and amazing speech in the series. It is safe to say that following that moment it was harder than ever for any fan to still root for Lucas and Peyton.

Lucas: “The truth is I care about Peyton.”
Brooke: “Then what is the difference?”
Lucas: “The difference? The difference is I love you, Brooke. I want to be with you, not Peyton.”
Brooke: “But, why? I need to know why?”
Lucas: “Because you kink your eyebrow when you’re trying to be cute.  Because you quote Camus even though I’ve never actually seen you read. Because you miss your parents, but you’ll never, ever admit that. And because I’ve given exactly two of these embarrassing speeches in my life, and they’ve both been with you. I mean, that’s gotta mean something right? And because we’re both gonna get pneumonia, but if you need to hear why I love you, I can go on all night.”
Brooke: “You did pretty good.”

3. Brooke Davis Is Gonna Change The World (Season 4, Episode 21)

While Lucas’s speech in the rain was nothing short of amazing, the pair still weren’t meant to be, but even as friends they had some amazing moments. In the season four finale “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone,” Brooke revealed to Lucas at the senior party that she was afraid of the real world and didn’t think she was ready or capable of moving on from high school. They then shared a heartwarming moment when Lucas had her read out what he wrote about her in his book, proving that even though they weren’t romantically together anymore, he still cared deeply about her and always believed in her greatness.

Brooke: [reads from Lucas’s book] “She was fiercely independent. Brooke Davis. Brilliant, and beautiful, and brave. In 2 years she had grown more than anyone I had ever known. Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday. And I’m not sure she even knows it.”
Lucas: “Your gonna do great, Brooke. The world doesn’t stand a chance.”
Brooke: “Thank you..”

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2. The “Engagement” (Season 5, Episode 5)

Following season four, One Tree Hill jumped four years to the start of season five which meant there were a lot of unanswered questions and many stories fans had missed. After the devastating breakup between Peyton and Lucas, season five’s “I Forgot to Remember to Forget” revealed that Brucas almost happened again. After Peyton refused his proposal, Lucas received a phone call to meet with an editor, Lindsey, in New York and ended up catching up with Brooke while there. After a waitress misunderstood Lucas showing Brooke the ring he wanted to propose to Peyton with, the pair used their new “engagement” to get free drinks all over midtown. At the end of their drunken night, Lucas tried to kiss Brooke and convince her to spend the night, but the episode revealed how Brooke had grown and matured and instead quoted Lucas’s own words to him, “Lucas Scott is going to change the world someday, and he doesn’t even know it yet.” Their part of the episode was fun and entertaining and it was great to see that they could still turn to each other when needed, but also showed just how much they had changed as well. After returning home, Brooke is confronted by her mother who heard rumors that Brooke had become engaged, and when Brooke confirmed it was just a joke her mother said, “Oh. Thank God. You have far too much to lose Brooke,” to which Brooke replied, “And Lucas Scott was the one boy I might have lost it for.”

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1. Baby Angie (Season 5, Episode 18)

Season five saw a lot of ups and downs in Lucas’s love life when it came to Lindsay and Peyton all while Brooke was more concerned with wanting to become a parent, which led to her fostering baby Angie while she received medical care in the States. During this time, Lucas supported Brooke and they even had a family moment falling asleep on Brooke’s couch with the baby, and it got many fans wondering if the relationship was going to spark again. For fans who were rooting for the pair, the hope was heightened when Lucas called someone to meet him at the airport to go to Vegas and get married and at that point it wasn’t clear if he was talking to Brooke, Peyton or Lindsey.

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