General Hospital: Plot Holes Fans May Have Missed

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There is nothing like a good soap opera storyline to really sink your teeth into. While it’s clear some pretty incredible things have happened in the land of General Hospital (GH) over the years, there have also been some over-the-top storylines. With that said, below are some major GH plot holes.

12. The Codicil

Interesting that an extended will would be locked behind a painting that Helena Cassadine had done up to taunt Nikolas with. Even more interesting is the painting was made while she was sick and dying, a token to remind him of how he poisoned his grandmother. So, this is Helena Cassadine, but one has to wonder how she pulled this all off while bedridden and dying? While it has been good to see the downfall of Valentin, the very idea of a codicil hidden behind a painting, and the logistics of organizing it all (and it holding up in court as a viable document), has a ton of plot holes within it.

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11. Bottomless Pit Fall

Speaking of the Cassadines, there are always questions (and plot holes) around any character that comes back to life. While some can be answered easier than others, when Stavros Cassadine passed away in 2003 after falling into a deep and seemingly bottomless pit, most believed he was gone for good. Interestingly enough, 10 years later he returned, only to kidnap Lulu. One has to wonder if it took him well part of that decade to climb out of that hole he fell into to return.

10. Lulu’s Children

It isn’t odd that two different surrogate mothers carried Lulu Spencer’s children? What is a tad out of place is that both Rocco and Charlotte were stolen embryos first and were going to be raised by other women who weren’t Lulu. Britt Westbourne stealing Dante and Lulu’s embryo to conceive Rocco in 2013 is a bit more believable, as she worked at the hospital and in that division. However, the entire story around Charlotte’s conception in 2008 is way out there, especially since she wasn’t married at that point in time or even thinking about having kids. To boot, the very concept that both Lulu had no idea that both kids were coming (when they did) is utterly mindboggling. Only in the land of soaps!

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9. Kevin’s Little Secret

The Kevin/Ryan twin switch storyline in 2018 was undeniably an incredible watch, and one of the best things about GH that year. With that said, how did Kevin keep the fact that his mentally unstable (and unsafe) twin brother Ryan was alive, and from everyone so close to him (including wives, Lucy and Laura), for so many years? Ryan had presumably passed away in 1995, only to resurface in 2018. That’s well over two decades. That is hard to believe.

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8. Robert Becomes D.A.

Fans are still wondering how Robert Scorpio gained the legal credentials to become Port Charles’ newest district attorney. Sure, he has a ton of experience at the WSB and super spying, but who knew that could parlay into a position in law? Not that anyone’s complaining! If this will keep Robert Scorpio on daytime screens in a consistent manner, most GH fans will ignore the fact that Scorpio doesn’t seem to have a legal degree, and things don’t add up.

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7. Ghostly Appearance

Speaking of Robert, Scorpio was thought to have passed on in 1992 after he and Anna were on a boat that exploded, all thanks to Cesar Faison. Sadly, an orphaned Robin would be diagnosed with HIV some years later, where her dad’s ghost came back to help support her with the news and deal with her first boyfriend’s death (Stone). It was a truly emotional scene to see Robert be there for Robin, even in the afterlife. However, when Robert ended up being very much alive in 2006, many longtime GH fans were scratching their heads about Robert’s ghost returning.

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6. Olivia Jerome’s Comeback

In early 2017, Olivia Jerome rocked the land of GH when she returned to Port Charles. Her comeback made for a very interesting storyline, especially since it had been over 25 years since she had passed on. With that said, she didn’t disappear off a cliff back then or pass away in a plane explosion. Julian had shot her and viewers witnessed her passing away in the arms of then-boyfriend Colton Stone. So, how did she come back to the land of the living in 2017?

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5. The Evolution Of Franco

Everything about Franco drastically changed after actor Roger Howarth took on the role in 2013. It’s a natural trend for ‘zeros’ to turn into ‘heroes’ on soaps, but there was no slow evolution when it came to Franco. It turned out a brain tumor was the reason Franco was so angry and had no conscience. Once that was established, it seemed like all his prior transgressions were wiped under the proverbial rug. It turned out that he didn’t sexually assault Sam after all, and he wasn’t behind Michael’s attack in prison. What was even more confusing was the fact that he was Jason’s twin at one point, which made him a Quartermaine, but then later it turned out that he was, in fact, the love child of Heather Webber and Scott Baldwin. How that was all washed away only to resurface once Drew Cain arrived on the scene was sketchy and left GH viewers with a ton of questions.

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4. Jason is ALIVE

People come back after passing on all the time on soap operas, and when Steve Burton left GH in late 2012, fans knew deep down in their hearts that at some point, Jason Morgan would come back, even if the character was recast. This is exactly what happened in 2014 when actor Billy Miller entered the role, and he truly did a wonderful job at the time, sliding into the role of Jason with ease. But, much like any storyline involving characters who come back to the land of living, there were some major plot holes in the story. First off, how did Victor Cassadine even come across Jason to help save him in the first place? Was it a ‘in the right place at the right time’ scenario? Then the entire idea of preserving Jason’s body, and placing him in a cryogenic state is ridiculous. What is it with the Cassadines and being frozen? And what’s up with soap opera villains and their brainwashing mind chips? Plus, when the “real” Jason came back (a.k.a. Steve Burton), fans had more questions.

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3. Jake Is Alive

Speaking of Jason, once he returned to Port Charles, it was revealed that his son with Elizabeth, little Jake, was alive as well. Except Jake died in 2011 because he was hit by his adopted grandfather, Luke Spencer while drinking and driving. The child was declared brain dead almost immediately upon arrival at the hospital and was placed on life support. Not to mention the fact that Jake’s kidneys were later donated to Josslyn Jacks because she happened to be suffering from cancer at that exact moment and needed a kidney transplant. Years later, it turned out that Jake was with the Cassadines all along and that he was indeed alive and that Nelle Benson was the one who secretly gave her kidney to Joss.

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2. Felicia Walks Out On Maxie And Georgie, Twice

In 2003, GH’s good-girl-next-door left her girls (Maxie and Georgie) behind to help take care of her seriously ill grandmother. She left the girls in great hands with Mac, and thanks to soap opera rapid age syndrome (SORAS), the girls were approximately 17 and 14 years of age at the time. She did return about a year later, but then abruptly left again in 2005 to pursue the girls’ bio-dad, Frisco Jones, and live a spy life, saving the world from evil. This was a major plot hole. Felicia was a dedicated mom. While Mac was someone she could trust, it seemed so out of character for her to jeopardize her time with her kids for a man that always seemed to leave her high and dry.

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1. It Was All A Dream – Emily Survives Breast Cancer

Around that same time period, the now-deceased Emily Quartermaine was secretly suffering with breast cancer. Initially, she had asked Nikolas Cassadine to fake a relationship with her so that her then-boyfriend Zander Smith would lose interest in her, and not have to deal with her potential death. But, she ended up falling in love with the Greek prince. Emily ended up telling Zander she was sick, and Nikolas married another woman to help save the Cassadine fortune, despite the fact that they both really loved each other. Emily’s immune system then got comprised in the middle of chemotherapy, and she developed meningitis. On what seemed like her last night on this earth, Emily would end up having a dream where she kissed Nikolas. She then woke up feeling better, and miraculously, the breast cancer left her system on its own accord. Who doesn’t want to believe love can heal all? Doctors and researchers would have some serious questions about the plot holes in this story, though.

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