General Hospital Couples With The Greatest Chemistry

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As one of the longest-running soap operas still on television today, General Hospital (GH) has a rich history. It also happens to be the daytime home of many a super couple over the years. From the iconic Luke and Laura to CarSon, and Frisco and Felicia, below is an overview of GH couples with the best chemistry.

12. Finn and Hayden

Kicking the list off is a fairly newer super couple on the list, who set Port Charles on fire. Hayden was a character with a dark past, and seemingly shady history, but when she teamed up with Dr. Hamilton Finn, everything changed. She became a little softer, and despite her complicated character, she turned into a fan favorite. A lot of what made Hayden and Hamilton work was that spark they had together, a spark that still ignites today.


11. Nathan and Maxie

When Maxie and Spinelli split up, it took a while for Jones to fall into another super couple relationship; however, once Nathan West strolled into town, the chemistry between these two were undeniable. Sadly, Nathan passed away, but the silver lining around their love story was it did produce a child in the form of little James.

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10. Dante and Lulu

Dante may be a thing of the past in Port Charles, but his romance with Lulu will continue to be remembered by GH fans for many years to come. Their love scenes gave viewers butterflies, and the relationship mixed a little bit of fun, with a ton of chemistry. Can Lulu move on? Her next few boyfriends may never stack up to what she had with Dante.

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9. Frisco and Felicia

Felicia and Mac make an incredible couple; however, the sparks that flew between her and first love Frisco could set a house on fire! The two met and fell in love in the 1980s, they got married, and despite Frisco flying off on WSB adventures for a majority of the time, they did manage to have two daughters together in Maxie and Georgie. Sadly, it would be Frisco’s need for saving the world on spy missions that would be the demise of their super couple status, but it sure was a fun watch while it lasted!

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8. Nikolas and Emily

These two would fall in love as teens, and grow up to realize that they were made for each other. While their relationship did have its fair share of ups and downs, the two had a tremendous amount of chemistry right up until the day Em was killed in 2007. Nikolas never truly got over Emily, and it was the magic between them that kept their relationship going … even from beyond the grave.

7. Jason and Robin

They weren’t each other’s first love, but when Robin and Jason hooked up, it felt like that to many fans. Something about Robin’s good nature, and Jason’s thug-like bad attitude created a stir in GH fans, as they watched these two fall in love. Robin brought out the softer side in Stone Cold’s heart, and while the two would remain life-long friends, there are still many viewers that wish they would just get back together (some day).

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6. Jason and Elizabeth

Many JaSam fans out there might disagree; however, when Elizabeth and Jason got together, it felt like there was a magnetic force between them, and some days when they are currently on screen, it can feel like that still exists to this day. While they might not be “meant to be,” they certainly shared a hot and heavy relationship back in the day, whenever Jason would sneak off to be with Elizabeth at her art studio.

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5. Jagger and Karen

Speaking of “back in the day,” perhaps it was the stunning good looks of the actors that played these two characters (Antonia Sabato Jr., anyone?), or just their “good girl falls for town bad boy” storyline. Regardless, Jagger and Karen had a love story that felt like daytime magic back in the 1990s.

4. Sonny and Brenda

Brenda may have been a tad young for Sonny when they first fell in love, but after some time, GH fans couldn’t get enough of them. It was like mixing Greek tragedy with a spark of soap opera irony, when mobster Sonny would constantly push Brenda away (to protect her from his business), but go rushing back to her in a flash. In fact, their love scenes together almost had GH viewers wondering if their televisions sets would light on fire thanks to the heat between these two!

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3. Sonny and Carly

While Sonny and Brenda were smoking hot together, they were never truly meant to be. Having said that, Carly and Sonny not only have chemistry, but staying power. No matter how much they try to stay apart, they are always pulled back together. Not to mention the countless times they have cheated on other spouses with each other. Look up chemistry in the dictionary, and there may be a picture of CarSon there.

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2. Duke and Anna

Could it be there collective (and attractive) accents? The fact that she was for the law and he was against it? Or maybe that Duke was willing to give up all ties to the mob (countless times), solely based on his love for Anna. Who knows? Who really cares? But these two were like daytime time super couple gold when they were together.

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1. Luke and Laura

You can’t be one of the most iconic super couples of all time and not hit the top of the chemistry list. Luke and Laura are the epitome of what all soap romances should be: a little humor, a little adventure, sprinkle in some flirting, attraction, with a ton of chemistry. They didn’t last forever, but in many GH fans’ hearts, Luke and Laura are the be-all and end-all when it comes to sparks flying and super couples.

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