General Hospital: Unanswered Questions Every Fan Wants To Know

Each and every day, General Hospital (GH) fans tune in to see the romance, adventure, and drama that resides in Port Charles. The show has been on the air for more than 50 years now and while stories have gone into great detail since then, sometimes the way things unravel can leave fans guessing and wanting more. Below are unanswered questions every GH fan wants to know.

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14. A Glimpse Of Noah Scorpio-Drake

In early 2016, Robin and Patrick reunited, got married, and made a fresh start as a family by leaving town. About a year later, Robin would announce to her mom that she was expecting, and in July 2017 little Noah Scorpio-Drake was born! Despite the fact that Emma and Robin have popped in out of Port Charles over the years since Noah has been born, fans have yet to meet the newest member of the GH family. Will we ever get a glimpse of him?

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13. What Happened To Dillon Quartermaine?

One minute he was in Port Charles, and the next … he simply vanished! Writing a character off-canvas can leave many soap opera fans wondering just what happened to them. In the case of Dillon, one can’t help but point out that while he and Kiki may have broken up, why wasn’t he at her funeral in late 2018?

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12. Where Did Dante Go?

Dante returned from a mission in Turkey, and shortly after his arrival in Port Charles, he fleed from the little town due to his post-traumatic stress disorder. He never said goodbye to his dad, his mom, or the rest of his family. Nowadays the detective is back in Port Charles and romancing Sam. But just where did Dante head off to, exactly?

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11. Is Steve Webber Still In Jail?

In 2013, Steve Webber was hauled off by Memphis police during his (almost) wedding to Olivia Falconeri. He was charged with murdering a patient, and no one has really heard about him since. With massive roots in Port Charles, one has to wonder if Steve is still in jail at this point in time or on probation? Has he built a new life in Memphis or somewhere else?

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10. Why Do People Still Live At Wyndemere?

Located on Spoon Island, the Wyndemere mansion has a long history on the show that spans close to 30 years. The question remains: why on earth would anyone live in this creeped-out mansion that has seen so many people perish? While many have occupied the house, from Ned Ashton to Cesar Faison, and many of the Cassadines — multiple people have taken their final breaths in this house, including Katherine Bell, Stefan Cassadine, and Emily Quartermaine – just to name a few. The oddest thing of all was that despite having ex-lovers and family members murdered at Wyndemere, Nikolas Cassadine lived there with his son Spencer for years.

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9. Olivia Jerome Is Alive!?

Olivia Jerome’s return in early 2017 rocked Port Charles and was one of the most interesting storylines on daytime drama during that time. The problem was that she was shot by her brother Julian in 1990 and the demise seemed pretty final. While this is the land of soap operas where anything can happen, many GH fans wonder how Olivia got herself out of that sticky situation to live.

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8. Where Is Katherine Delafield?

Digging into GH’s history vault, we come across a truly beloved character of the late 1980s. Famous pianist Katherine Delafield fell head-over-heels in love Robert Scorpio and the two shared a beautiful romance. Unfortunately, Scorpio couldn’t commit to Katherine the way she had hoped and the lovely lady left town in 1990 with her son King. Neither has been heard from since.

7. Other Cassadines Looming

Just when everyone thinks Port Charles is safe, an unknown Cassadine comes out of the woodwork to cause chaos. Valentin, the illegitimate son of Mikkos, popped up in 2016. There’s also Stavros, who continually comes back from the dead, and Uncle Victor Cassadine who has returned on occasion as well. Speaking of, could Stefan someday return to wreak havoc on GH and the Spencers? With this family, anything is possible!

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6. Is Helena Cassadine Really Gone?

Much like her other Cassadine relatives, Helena has returned from the afterlife before. Perhaps that is why many fans question whether or not she is in fact deceased. It’s also hard to ignore that even though she is gone, she gets mentioned quite a bit on the show and is still active in storylines, beyond the grave. One can’t help but speculate on whether or not she is gone for good. This is the land of soap operas, after all.

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5. Who Is Nathan’s Dad?

Speaking of the Cassadines, while we all know that Victor Cassadine is not Nathan’s father, his paternity storyline has been placed on the back-burner for a while now. Nathan’s biological mom, Liesl Obrecht was desperate to keep Nathan’s paternity hush-hush back in 2014, and while so much has happened with both characters since, fans still wonder who Nathan’s real daddy is Now that Nathan has passed away, fans may never know.

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4. Is Luke Really Gone?

When Tracy Quartermaine returned to Port Charles with the news that Luke had passed away in a bizarre cable car accident in Austria, viewers cocked an eyebrow. Although actor Anthony Geary had seemingly retired from daytime drama, it seemed unusual that GH would permanently finish the character’s life off-screen and out of nowhere. It seems likely that Victor Cassadine is responsible, but Anna hasn’t found any compelling evidence to conclude that Luke in fact perished. No body, no way!

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3. What Ever Happened To Sarah Webber?

Elizabeth and her older sister Sarah bounced into Port Charles in 1997 to live with their grandmother Audrey. Sarah was the good sister, while Elizabeth was introduced as the bad seed of the family. The sisters clashed and while Elizabeth would grow roots in Port Charles, Sarah would leave town in 2002. Despite the fact that she has another half-sister in Hayden, which was discovered this year, it’s interesting how Sarah is never spoken of on GH. Wonder what she thought of her dad’s affair?

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2. Who Was Behind The Drew/Jason Switch?

The good news is that GH fans finally know just who Jason Morgan is and who Drew Cane is. Although, most viewers knew all along the moment Steve Burton showed his face. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get both characters on the show at the same time. Just when Cameron Mathison joined the cast as Drew, Steve Burton was fired from the soap and his character, Jason, was presumed deceased. The casting nightmare has upended fans hopes of finding out who is behind this entire twin debacle.

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1. Just Who Is Drew Cain?

This storyline mirrors a lot of what Days of Our Lives (DOOL) did decades ago with the John Black character. Here’s hoping Drew does get some closure. In one quick identity reveal, poor Drew lost everything he knew was real, with the only constant in his life being sweet little Scout. Just who is Drew Cane? Will audiences ever find out or will GH fans be strung along with each storyline as Cane tries to figure out what he’s done in his past? Only time will tell.

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